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AdSense Arbitrage

If you’re reading this article you probably already know a few things or two about AdSense, and you want to learn about AdSense arbitrage.

Well then, continue reading this very long and FREE guide that other people are charging money for this kind of info, and find out step-by-step instructions and details about how to do it the right way.

What is AdSense Arbitrage?

The meaning of AdSense arbitrage is pretty simple. If you’re not yet familiar with how to make money with Google AdSense, all you need to know is that Google will pay you to have their ads on your website and each time someone clicks on an ad you get a portion of the money that Google receives from the advertiser.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

To be more precise you will receive 68% and Google will get 32%. So if an advertiser spends $1 per click, then you will receive $0.68 and Google will get the rest of $0.32.

So as you can see AdSense can be a serious way to make money online, but for that, you need to have a high-quality website and a lot of organic traffic.

But what if you don’t have any organic traffic from SEO? What if you’ve done a lot of SEO and you can’t see any improvements traffic-wise? That means you won’t be able to earn anything with your AdSense site (and pretty much any website that is monetized with whatever method).

So this is where arbitrage comes in and saves the day (for some people).

Basically with AdSense arbitrage, you just simply pay to get traffic to your website and have the people that are visiting your site, clicking on your AdSense ads in a natural way.

The whole idea of AdSense arbitrage is to buy the traffic at a much lower rate than what Google AdSense is paying you.

Here comes the “bad” part:

FAIR WARNING: You will need at least $500 or more in order to try this. You should be prepared and able to afford to lose them all, and possibly your AdSense account if you f*ck things up.

I just have to give this disclaimer in order to keep it real, some people might get disappointed if they invest $100 to lose them all and then ask me what happened, or they might get their AdSense account banned if they’re not careful. (more on this later).

There are thousands of sites out there doing AdSense arbitrage using paid traffic, and they are still working and Google has no problem with them, so you just need to know what to do, learn the rules and don’t try to cheat the system.

How Does AdSense Arbitrage Works

How Does AdSense Arbitrage Works

To give you an example:

When it comes to adsense arbitrage, most people will think in terms of CPC, for example, if AdSense is paying you an average of $0.50 for a click from the US, then all you have to do is buy traffic at a cheap rate, for example, $0.01 per click.

This means that you just need 1 in 50 visitors that you pay for and send to your website to click on an adsense ad on your site in order to break even and if 2 or more people click on an ad, then that means you’re in profit.

But I don’t follow that CPC logic, instead, I focus on RPM meaning revenue per 1000 impressions. So an example of a good AdSense RPM  for me is anything over $20, for US/CA/AU traffic. The higher the RPM is the more you earn.

But it’s not that simple.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

In order to get a high RPM in AdSense, the CTR (click through rate) on your AdSense ads need to be higher than the average, that means you should aim for an adsense CTR of 3-5%.

The CPC also plays an important role here, in general, you want CPCs over $0.3 for Tier 1 countries (United States, Canada, Australia, UK, etc).

Now going with the example of $20 RPM.

In order to be profitable with an AdSense RPM of $20, you will need to buy 1000 clicks for less than $20, that means paying $0.02 per click, and for premium countries like US and Canada, it’s a bit tough to get a CPC that low.

The secret is to make your visitors stay on your site longer and browse more pages than one, and in this way, you get more impressions on your ads from just 1 single visitor.

To do that, you need to split your article into multiple pages, using the “<!–nextpage–>” WordPress shortcode.  More on this later.

More AD impressions = more profit.

Of course not every site, niche, traffic source, CPCs are the same, so that means it’s not going to be $20 RPM for everybody who’s trying to do this, but you can also be profitable with an even lower RPM if you experiment with your ads and buy traffic from cheaper countries.

You can also choose to monetize your site with additional methods such as affiliate offers, and other display and native ads, such as:

  • Taboola
  • RevContent
  • Mgid
  • AdNow
  • Clickbank & CPA offers

If you combine AdSense with 1 or 2 extra networks from above, you will have the chance to earn even more from your paid traffic.

In addition to all of that, I also focus on creating an email list, and a social media presence, and also try to increase organic traffic with SEO tactics, for all the sites that I’m paying for traffic and doing arbitrage.

So in this way, even if I’m paying for traffic, I’m still building an asset over time, and be able to get free traffic from SEO or social media, in addition to my paid traffic.

Is AdSense Arbitrage Allowed?

There are many people out there on the internet talking bullsh*t about AdSense arbitrage and how it’s actually not legal and not allowed by Google.

Guess what? Google never specifically prohibits buying traffic to your website that has AdSense ads all over. In fact, take a look here at their actual policy, you can clearly see that Google says that “you are welcome to buy traffic” to your website, it’s just that you are responsible for the traffic you’re buying and if it’s bot and fake traffic or giving you ton of invalid clicks on your ads, then yeah prepare to have your account suspended.

So yes, it’s not against AdSense rules to buy traffic to your website.

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That doesn’t mean that Google accepts MFA (made for AdSense) websites, and also they clearly don’t want you to send bot and fake traffic to your site and to their ads.

If you’re planning to create an MFA (made for adsense) website, then be prepared to get your AdSense application rejected or your account suspended.

Basically, MFAs are those sites that are clearly poorly made, not of high quality, they don’t offer anything to the user, and they are just plastered with ads all over.

That’s the wrong way to approach things when it comes to AdSense in general, not only arbitrage.

You see, Google wants you to have an actual high-quality website, that provides real information and helps to your readers and users, they want you to have amazing content, not auto-blogs, or crappy rewritten articles by some dude on Fiverr for $5.

In addition to that, your site should look like it’s a serious business. Have all the necessary legal pages (Privacy policy, terms of use, about us, contact, disclaimers, etc) on your site.

You should also add social media pages, create an email list, add that email sign-up to your sidebar, etc. Promote other things too, maybe have your own “SHOP” page, where you sell print on demand products like T-shirts about your niche (for example if you’re in the pets niche, you can have Cats and Dogs t-shirts etc).

Basically like I said, you want to have a high-quality website, now, of course, you don’t really need to have a shop on your site, but that’s just an idea, to not always rely on AdSense, you can also add some affiliate products later on the road.

But the most important aspect of your website should always be the content.

Without great content, your website will not be good enough for AdSense, and you might get your application rejected.

Make sure to always have a good solid length for all your articles (minimum 500-700 words), and don’t include anything that’s been copy/pasted from other sites. Always use royalty free images from sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

After you have at least 30 unique articles (each a minimum of 500-800 words), you can safely submit your site for review to join the AdSense program. Of course this is not really Google’s rule,  but in general, you want to be on the safe side, and not try to join with a crappy website that has only 5 articles.


Having a high-quality website is not enough, in order to do AdSense Arbitrage you will need traffic (and we’ll talk about that later in this guide).

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

The traffic that you purchase is again very important, it can make or break your profits, and it can also get your AdSense account suspended. So you want to be very careful about what kind of traffic you’re buying. As I’ve told you before, and even Google themselves is saying that you can buy traffic to your AdSense site, it’s just that you need to be careful where you’re buying it from, and to make sure it’s not bot or fake traffic.

If you manage to combine those two pieces together (high-quality website + high-quality traffic), you should have no problems with Google, and they won’t really suspend your account unless you do something stupid.

What Niche to Choose

To be honest with you, the niche itself doesn’t matter to me when it comes to adsense arbitrage. Sure I can create a website all about mortgage and have clicks ranging from $0.5-$3 or so, but that’s not my focus when doing arbitrage.

My focus is on traffic and the volume of people that are interested in my articles and website. So in order to successfully do AdSense arbitrage, you need to buy traffic as I’ve said before numerous times.

Since I’m buying traffic from various ad networks, and most of the times it’s not really targeted traffic, I want my ads to appeal to a large group of people in order to get more visitors to my site.

So while a niche with high adsense CPC is nice, my main goal is to have a lot of people on my site daily. You can’t do that with sites and articles about insurance or lawyers, mesothelioma, etc… even if those niches have a very high AdSense CPC.

Basically, you should think of broad terms and niches. You want your website and articles to reach and interest as many people as possible whether it’s paid traffic or free organic SEO traffic.

Example of good adsense arbitrage niches:

  • Viral news & Stories
  • Celebrity News
  • Travel
  • Humor
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Pets & Animals
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cars

These are all great niches that have a lot of interest and people searching and clicking on stories and articles to read for multiple minutes at a time.

It’s also important to know that these days, especially with AdSense, the actual niche CPC isn’t that important, because most of the times you will have ads on your site that are retargeting ads from advertisers who are looking to advertise to people that already visited their website and now they want to get them back and make them a customer.

And that means that even if your niche is all about pets and animals, you might still have ads from Insurance or health sites, different online shops that people visited in the past, etc, and that’s why the niche CPC isn’t exactly my focus, because the CPC always fluctuates.

Bottom line: Stick to niches that can be of interest to many people, this way you can buy a lot of traffic to your site, and increase AdSense earnings.

Check out my article on How To Find Your Niche

Creating The Website

I’ve talked a bit before about the importance of having a high-quality website for AdSense especially if you want to do arbitrage.

I won’t repeat myself again, but just keep in mind that your content matters, the site design and layout matters, legal pages, social media presence, etc…

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

Since there is a lot to talk about and explain how to create a website, you can check out my two other articles about this:

Since I’m talking strictly about AdSense arbitrage in this particular guide, I don’t want to make this post even longer by explaining to you again how to create a website etc, you should probably already know how to do that if you want to get started with Arbitrage.

The only thing that I would do differently from my website creation guide is to swap the Bluehost shared hosting service and get a cheap VPS from Vultr.

You will be buying (hopefully) hundreds if not thousands of clicks per day, and with that kind of volume you need a stronger hosting server, that’s why even though Bluehost is great for sites with a few thousand a clicks per month, setting up your AdSense arbitrage site on a cheap VPS from Vultr (Get $50 Free in Hosting Credit) is even better, especially since you’re paying for traffic, and you don’t want 25% of your paid visitors to see a 503 error that the website/server is down.

AdSense Arbitrage Website Layout

Before you get started doing arbitrage with AdSense you should first create a blog. Check out my guide to see how to do it easily.

What you want to do with your arbitrage website is to create a good mix between content and adsense ads but not overdoing it. We all know that Google removed the rule of 3 ads per page, and people went nuts and added a ton of adsense ads to their website thinking that will make them earn more.

The problem with that is that Google will still show blank spaces instead of ads if their algorithm “senses” that your number of ads is way higher than the actual content of your site.

So in order to keep Google and your users happy, my suggestion is to keep your AdSense ads at a minimum and never add more than 3-5 ads on a page.

I only have about 3-4 AdSense ads on my arbitrage articles, the rest are native ads and my own affiliate offers or services, sprinkle in some social media pages, and email newsletter sign-up boxes, and yeah, it doesn’t look too bad.

I also make sure to have enough content in between these ads, I generally have all my arbitrage articles over 1000 words in length.

Now here’s the secret: You want to paginate your articles. 

Remember earlier how I’ve explained to you that a simple way to get more impressions on your ad is to split the article into multiple pages?

Basically, all you need to do is add this WordPress quick tag “<!–nextpage–>” in between a few of your paragraphs in order to split the article into multiple pages.

In this way,  a regular 1000+ words single page article actually becomes 5 or more pages (depending on the length of the article).

Every time you use the “<!–nextpage–>” WordPress will automatically create a page after the tag was used containing the rest of the content from where it was split, the more time you use this tag, the more pages WordPress will create from an article.

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You should then see on your post page something like this (depending on the theme you’re using):

This is one of the secrets that adsense arbitrage website owners are using in order to make more profits.

Without this, the whole arbitrage method is a bit too risky, because good quality traffic from the top tier countries is expensive, and since you want to have a good profit margin, you want in a way to use 1 user multiple times in order to increase the overall ad impressions.

So basically if you pay $0.05 for a US click, and you have an article that’s paginated 5 times, that visitor will more than likely browse all the 5 pages if he or she is interested enough in what you’ve written.

This means that just 1 visitor is now seeing all your ads 5 times more, and with a higher ad impression count, they also get to see more ads, which means that you get more chances to get a click in AdSense if they see an ad that they are interested in.

But you should only paginate just a few articles that you plan to do arbitrage on, the majority of your articles should still have a regular single page format.

I’ve created this graphic to show you how your arbitrage article layout should look like:

AdSense Arbitrage Website
I’ve added my “” logo a few times because I have too many people stealing my graphics…so don’t mind that 🙂

Of course, this layout isn’t set in stone, and you should try and experiment every time, for example, you can use different ad formats, move them around, add more or fewer ads, you can also use native ads under your article to increase revenue or you can add your own related posts.

But this is more or less the setup that I’m using for my arbitrage sites.

I’m not going to add another image like that for the mobile format because it will make this blog post too long, but basically, it’s the same as above, except that instead of 728x90px ads that are showing on desktop I swap them out with 300×250 ads using the Ad Inserter plugin.

Keep in mind a few key things here:

The most important thing to keep in mind is regarding the Ads and their position on your website.

You want to have at least 20px of padding (top and bottom) between your ads and any other element on your website (text, images, videos, page navigation etc). Just keep them at a nice distance from anything else, you can do this by setting up simple CSS rules inside Ad Inserter or your AdSense theme.

For example say you have the 728×90 adsense ad that is appearing after the blog post’s article. You should wrap the whole ad code inside a div with an ID and then target that ID inside your CSS to manually set up padding.

<div id="topad_728_undertitle">

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Your AdSense Code Here


Then in your theme’s CSS or customizer, add this piece of CSS code
#topad_728_undertitle {
padding-top: 20px;
padding-bottom: 20px;

This is very helpful to keep in mind when you’re dealing with ads that are close to your post pagination (Next Page) button. There were some problems in the past with Google not showing ads anymore if the ads were too close to the navigation button, some people had their adsense arrows removed, others had their account suspended.

I only had the arrows from the ads (nessie arrows) removed, they came back after about 48 hours after I’ve implemented this fix, and had padding and the “Advertisement” text put above the ads.

So yeah be careful with the placement of the ads.

Don't Align Adsense Ads with Images

You also don’t want to have ads showing up immediately after an image or aligning with them. As per Google’s rules.

Also, make sure that the ads don’t push down the content below the fold, also from Google’s rules, especially on mobile.

adsense pushing content below fold

Make sure to study their rules carefully before you begin.

Now next to other important things to keep in mind:

Notice the “Next page” button, that appears when I’m using the “<!–nextpage–>” tag? that’s the post pagination.

Depending on the WordPress theme that you will be using, your article pagination links will either show up as 1, 2, 3, 4, or “Previous – Next Page”.

I’ve manually edited my CSS for the themes I’m using to have that big Next Page button.

If your theme doesn’t have a way to display post pagination you can use a pagination plugin.

Another thing to keep in mind is the way I’ve split the post into paragraphs and added an ad into the middle of the content, again I’ve used the ad inserter plugin to automatically do that for every article.

In my tests, this ad in the middle of the content is one of the best earners for me, but it might not work for you, so make sure to test it yourself.

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.

I’m just sharing from my experience, so you can choose to either insert the middle ad or you can add another ad inside your sidebar or at the end of the page between the Native Ads / Related Posts and footer.

You should experiment with ad formats, colors, positions, all the time. If some things work for me and other marketers, that doesn’t mean it will work the same for you.

Just because it matters that much, I will repeat myself, again, and again, please make sure your content is top-notch and of high quality, nothing copied from other sites, no copyrighted images, etc.

Keep the AdSense ads number low, under 5 would be my recommendation, even though Google removed the 3 ads per page limit.

Adsense Arbitrage Themes

Here are a few themes that I like, which are perfect for adsense overall, and very good themes when it comes to website speed and SEO optimization.

In no particular order:

You might notice that all of these are paid themes, and maybe you’re wondering why I haven’t included any free themes here. Well it’s simple, free themes aren’t always great, they have fewer features than premium themes, are not as good looking or optimized and also some of them are too basic.

I also don’t use free themes all that much so in honesty, I wouldn’t know which ones are good to recommend or not.

Most adsense arbitrage websites are using a WordPress theme from the above list, but you can also try your luck with some free themes that you can find in the WordPress repository, you just might need to work a lot to make them do what the premium themes are offering, and some people are not comfortable with that or don’t know-how.

Whatever you chose though, never and I repeat NEVER, use nulled and free premium themes that you find on sketchy download websites. All of them are filled with viruses and scripts to gain access to your back-end WordPress area, install malware on your site, and banners and all kind of bad stuff.

If you can’t afford a premium theme, never risk your whole business and possibly even your AdSense account by using a nulled theme. Just get a free theme and try your best to customize it to look good and to serve its purpose for an AdSense arbitrage website and overall layout like I’ve explained before.

WordPress plugins

You don’t need that many plugins in order to do arbitrage, but here are a few that I would recommend, especially the ones for inserting ads into your site if your theme doesn’t come with that option:

Of course, these are not all required, they are just some of the plugins that I always use on all my sites, each of them has their importance, for example the Ad Inserter helps you to easily add your AdSense ads at the top, middle, bottom of your article and pretty much anywhere else on your website, the Yoast SEO helps with…SEO, the Supercache makes your site load faster, etc…

You can install more of them (I would say you shouldn’t install more than 15), depending on what you need from your website.

At the end of the day your goal is to have a website that loads super fast, looks good and is secure, that also has ads nicely positioned around and inside your content, and plugins will help you to achieve that with ease.

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AdSense Arbitrage Traffic

AdSense Arbitrage Traffic
An overview of the traffic for one of my websites where I’m doing AdSense arbitrage. Having over 500 visitors in any given time on your website is very hard for a regular shared server to handle, that’s why I recommend you to get a VPS from Vultr if you want to do this. Also, I blurred my site and pages for those sneaky guys trying to copy my stuff 😉

Well, you’ve arrived at one of the most important aspects of AdSense Arbitrage, the traffic.

Traffic is important because well… without traffic, there wouldn’t be any arbitrage and you won’t be able to earn any money.

Now since you’ve chosen to do arbitrage, that means you want to pay for traffic a little bit and earn more in AdSense.

You also want to only buy quality traffic to your website, traffic that Google doesn’t mind, and doesn’t put your AdSense account at risk too much.

One of my popular blog posts that’s number 1 in Google for a lot of time now is all about Cheap Website TrafficAlmost all the traffic sources I’ve talked about in that post also work for arbitrage.

I won’t go into too much detail here since I’ve already done that in my traffic article, but I will share some of those and some new ones here in this article as well, in particular, the ones that work well with arbitrage.

Native Advertising Networks:

  • Taboola – (Minimum CPC $0.01 but expect to pay much more)
  • RevContent – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • Outbrain – (Minimum CPC $0.03, but expect to pay much more, skip this one if you’re a beginner)
  • MGID – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • AdNow – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • AdsKeeper – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • Spoutable – (Minimum CPC $0.02)
  • EngageYa – (Minimum CPC $0.05)
  • Earnify – (Minimum CPC $0.01)
  • Yahoo Gemini – (Minimum CPC $0.05)

Push Notification Networks:


That’s about pretty much it, I’ve personally tried almost all of these ad networks with the exception of EngageYa because they are kinda new to the game.

Adnow Traffic & Campaigns
Some arbitrage campaigns from my Adnow account.

I had success with some, with others I failed… who knows why, maybe because their network of publishers and websites weren’t right for the type of sites I have, maybe some of my articles sucked and some of them sent me a lot more bot traffic that I would have wanted.

That’s another thing that’s important to mention: Almost all of them have a hint of bot/fake traffic. It’s not their fault, it’s mostly just new publishers that have joined their networks and then they use software to click on their own ads, and well that fake traffic will be sent to your site as well.

Did a few tests on Revcontent this month. Now before you go crazy about the CPC being so low (in fact it was even lower than $0.01 sometimes), keep in mind I just did these tests in countries that were all Tier 3. Mixed success, some bot traffic some good traffic… but since it was tier 3 countries traffic, the AdSense earnings were pretty poor, making it harder to optimize them. I did get a few winners though.

I gotta say that overall the most bot traffic I got was from RevContent and AdNow. But… I still spent thousands with both of them in the end, after I manually created blacklists, white lists, and banned the publisher IDs that were sending me crap traffic, I started to see a big improvement in my stats, not only for adsense arbitrage but also for promoting general CPA and affiliate offers.

For some reason even though Yahoo Gemini is owned of course by Yahoo, and they have mostly just their network of sites owned by them where your ads will appear, I still had a feeling that the traffic was in some way not legit, I mean I could see them on the site but the CTR for my adsense ads were very very bad, almost bot-like. This was like 2 years or so ago, I haven’t touched them since, they might have improved.

I’ve also tried sending some push traffic to a few of my websites, it worked well, in fact, I’m still doing AdSense arbitrage with push traffic, especially since there’s a very low chance for bot traffic (I would say close to 0),  you just have to get creative with the targeting and don’t just focus on US traffic.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.
propellerads traffic arbitrage
Almost all of the campaigns you see here are for my arbitrage websites. You just have to get creative in order to have low costs and high profits. That’s why I have over 500+ campaigns/tests in PropellerAds lol. I even have 2 accounts with them, 1 for arbitrage the other for affiliate offers and stuff.

Push traffic is completely different than native traffic though, people won’t stay as long on your website and browse your article, in fact, I would say that 80% of them never move past the 1st page of an article, the bounce rate is quite high as well. 85% or so, compared to 40-60% from native.

It is what it is, it’s a new advertising format and you have to adapt. I still get a nice positive ROI from push and that’s why I keep on doing it.

Taboola and especially Outbrain can get really expensive, if I’m not mistaken some of Outbrain’s suggested bids are like $0.8-$1 for USA traffic, that’s simply insane. Even though their minimum CPC is $0.01 or $0.03, these two networks are the most used and the competition is big especially for US traffic, that’s why I don’t touch them anymore… it’s just too much of a hassle for me, plus arbitrage is not my only source of earning an income online so I don’t focus too much on it these days.

You could still try them, specially Taboola, I see that marketers are still able to get clicks from $0.01 to $0.05 from the US, and that’s good. The secret with these two networks is to try and test different countries, and not just target the US.

The main key though is to track everything and immediately ban bad publisher IDs that are not converting for you (meaning their users are not clicking on your AdSense ads).

You can track them by simply using Google Analytics (link it to your AdSense account), and use UTM tags in your URL that you will be using for each of these ad networks.

Every network in here will give you some kind of tracking token that you can use inside your UTM link, to have their publisher IDs show up in your Analytics.

This ID sent me 41 visitors only 26 of them where unique, 0 seconds time spent on site, 0 pages browsed, 100% bounce, this means it’s either bot traffic or not converting. You simply take this ID and put it into a black list or exclude it from your campaign at your traffic network source.

Once you get the publisher IDs showing up in Analytics, you can quickly see if they have made you any money in AdSense if you have your Google Analytics and AdSense accounts linked together.

After that simply copy the bad IDs that never converted, create a list, and then depending on what network you have used to buy the traffic from, either manually block the bad publisher IDs or upload a text file containing all of them.

You will see your campaigns improve significantly after that.

The bad part is that some times there are new bad publishers showing up sending you bot traffic again, that you haven’t seen or blocked before, and you might lose some money until you catch them and ban them again.

It’s a game of cat and mouse, you need to be constantly on the lookout for these sorts of things.

Of course not every network will have the same amount of bot traffic, but some if not most of them have… so be careful not to waste all your money for nothing.

About 2-3 years ago, first time I have tried RevContent, I had created some campaigns, waited 7-10 days to have them approved, suddenly they were approved without me even knowing (I haven’t received an email from them telling me that my campaigns are now live). I lost $200 in a few hours in bot traffic from anime websites lol.

From that day on, I always made sure that no matter what network I’m using, I will set my campaign to be “Paused” or “Not run” when my campaigns are getting approved by their reviewing team. This way I can be actually present when it happens, and I can control the flow of the traffic a bit and manually monitor the situation.

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If I see something fishy, I immediately block the IDs, pause the campaigns, wait a bit for the bad IDs to get registered into their system and then resume the campaigns.

It’s kind of hard work I guess, and you have to constantly monitor your campaigns carefully, but this is what you have to do if you want to be successful with AdSense arbitrage and not lose all your money.

Using Native Ads Alongside AdSense Ads

Ok, so like I’ve talked before, in the website layout part… you can also add to your website along with your AdSense ads, some native ads from some of these ad networks that are around.

Something like this:

Example of Native Ads On an Arbitrage Website
Note the ads that are appearing. Yup, you’ve guessed it, they are doing adsense arbitrage and those are some of the ads that are running right now on the RevContent network.

Basically, you can try and join most of the networks I’ve talked about above, but as a publisher this time and not an advertiser. Taboola and Outbrain are very hard to get in, so don’t even try if you don’t have a website that has over 10 million page views per month.

You could try and join (very easy), Mgid, Revcontent, AdNow, Earnify. Some of these networks might approve your website to join as a publisher and after that, you can add their native ad widgets to your website at the end of the article, in your sidebar or as an exit pop-up.

It’s not against Google’s rules to have more ad networks than AdSense on your website so that’s good.

However, you do have to make sure that you don’t have more ads (including AdSense ads and native ads) than your actual content.

Using these native ads alongside AdSense can increase your profits drastically. For example on one of my arbitrage websites, all the money that I invest into various paid traffic networks, I usually get it right back just from the native ads that I have on the site. All the AdSense clicks that I’m getting after that it’s pure profit, so that’s nice.

Keep in mind that all of these native advertising networks will pay waaaay less than Google AdSense does for a click. I’m talking about $0.01 – $0.10 per click even for US traffic. Sometimes it can be more but usually, it’s about $0.05-$0.1 for US traffic and $0.01-$0.05 for other countries.

If your website gets approved as a publisher in one of these networks, you should try a few days and see if your native ads are earning enough for the traffic that you’re getting or if they are hurting your adsense earnings overall and lose money.

I personally just have a 3×2 row of native ads after my article, and some in my sidebar if there’s enough room and if I have more content than ads on a page.

The AdSense Arbitrage Flow & Recap

By flow, I mean… the whole process that is involved in creating an adsense arbitrage website and starting to run paid traffic to your articles, and optimizing them.

I will keep this short since this guide is already over 8000 words long, and I’m sure you’re bored by now and that you have better things to do.

But for those of you who need to better understand how you should do this, I will put here a quick recap and overview of my flow when I’m doing AdSense arbitrage.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.
  1. Create a high-quality WordPress website (Use a Premium theme if you got the money)
  2. Add legal pages such as About us, privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimers, contact page
  3. Write EPIC content or outsource it from someone who knows how to write
  4. I would say about 25-30 articles with at least 500 words each
  5. The articles that you will use for arbitrage needs to be longer than 500 words in order to split them properly into multiple pages (go for 2000+ words)
  6. Chill for a few weeks/months, let the posts get properly indexed by Google (Use Yoast SEO plugin and learn about SEO too)
  7. Create social media pages and link them on your website
  8. Boost a few articles every now and then on Facebook for like $5-$10, just so you could get the ball rolling with SEO and get some people and activity going on your site.
  9. Apply to the Google AdSense program. Even if you already have an AdSense account, every website you will add will have to be reviewed again.
  10. If Google approves your site, you should manually create different ad sets for both desktop and mobile display for your website and add them on your site with the help of a plugin like Ad Inserter.
  11. Add Analytics to your site and link it with your AdSense account.
  12. Don’t use Google’s Auto ads, create them by yourself and add them to your site, and try to follow my website layout as the graphic I’ve shown you earlier.
  13. Now you’re ready to start buying traffic. Register with a few of the traffic networks that I’ve talked above, and see how they work and what their minimum deposits are, ask them questions, create a fake campaign to see how their ad setup looks like and how much it can cost etc..
  14. You can use this super awesome native ad spy tool and get to see what other advertisers are promoting and basically what content they use on what countries, see their website, the websites that their ads appear, etc. If you see ads that ran for like 30+ days, that means they are profitable and you should probably inspect and see what they are doing and with what network etc.Native Spy Tool
  15. Create different campaigns inside your traffic platform for every piece of arbitrage article that you have on your website, some articles/content performs better than others in terms of the amount of volume and clicks you will be able to buy from these ad networks. If nobody is interested in an article your CTR will be very low and you won’t receive enough traffic in order to make this work.
  16. Every time you create a new campaign inside one of these traffic platforms you should use UTM tags inside your link that you’re advertising, for example,{publisher_id token}&utm_campaign=campaign_name. (You can do this manually or swap everything with the tokens from your traffic platform, for example, {widget_id}, {campaign_id}, etc… NOTICE: these are example tokens, every ad network has different ones, and they are usually displayed when you’re creating the campaign, if you don’t see something similar to this, browse their Help page or contact support)
  17. If your campaigns have been approved by the reviewing team (usually it takes 24-48 hours with most networks), you will have to fund your advertising account, and your ads will start running
  18. Carefully monitor your traffic, with the help of Google Analytics check out Real Time and also dig down deep into the past days of traffic history etc.
  19. If you have linked your analytics account with your AdSense account you will be able to easily see which publisher or widget IDs are performing well and which of them are not or are simply bot traffic (Usually if you see an ID that has sent you 200 visitors and all of them have 100% bounce, it means it’s fake bot traffic and you should immediately add them to your blacklist inside your campaign’s settings at the traffic platform you bought that traffic from.
  20. Constantly look out for bad traffic IDs, and check out if the campaigns and your revenue is starting to improve. If you don’t see any improvement, try creating more campaigns.
  21. Create campaigns separately for desktop and mobile, don’t have them all together. Desktop traffic usually converts better with adsense arbitrage but it’s more expensive to buy.
  22. Don’t just try the US, also experiment with other countries where the traffic is much cheaper to buy, think Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Israel, Sweden etc.
  23. Also try some tier 2 – tier 3 countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Jamaica, Philliphines, etc. but be careful to always check the traffic quality and also start your campaigns for these countries with the minimum bid possible. Run them for a short time if you don’t have enough money to burn and test.
  24. Experiment with your ad positions and format, the graphic from above where I showed you how a typical arbitrage page looks, isn’t an exact science, simply changing a 728x90px banner to a 300×250 can possibly earn you more money (or less, that happens too). Try changing the positions too, for example, above the title or under the title, after the 1st paragraph, etc…
  25. When you have a campaign that’s profitable it’s time to go ahead and try to optimize it, even more, create a different set of ads for the same article, and try and get as much traffic as cheap as possible from that same ad network using the blacklists that you’ve got by now. Or simply try running a campaign just on a white list (meaning only target the IDs that made you money in AdSense)
  26. What works on one native platform doesn’t mean that it will work on another one, if you swap ad networks, expect to start everything from 0 again.
  27. If you don’t have enough money to spend every day ($50-$100), chill for a while and wait to receive your first AdSense payment in order to be able to fund your campaigns again, after 2-3 months, you will have enough money to never have to wait for a payment and just invest daily all the time.
  28. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket, you can always make mistakes and lose your AdSense account, or not make enough money with Adsense, add other ads to your site such as native ads, affiliate offers, create an email list etc.
  29. If you’ve made it this far and you’ve been successful for a few months now, you can start to invest more into extra content, testing different ad networks, creating new websites etc.
  30. Totally optional: Once you have made enough money to play around and also have a few lists of good or bad publisher IDs, you can use those lists and try to promote other things inside that ad network, and try to diversify and not rely only on AdSense. You can try promoting some affiliate and CPA offers, again use the super awesome native ad spy tool, and see what other marketers are promoting. Learn more about CPA affiliate marketing.

Damn, this recap/flow thing was not as short as I’ve expected, I hope I didn’t forget anything haha.

In Conclusion

AdSense arbitrage can be a great way to make money online, but it is a bit of a hard job and it’s definitely not for everyone, especially if you don’t have a few hundred dollars that you can afford to lose.

It is certainly way harder than affiliate marketing in my opinion, simply because of the risks involved, both financially and with getting your AdSense account suspended.

As I said before, it is not illegal or against Google’s rules, for you to buy traffic to your AdSense website.

It’s just that you need to be careful with all the things that are involved, including your website, your content, your AdSense ad placements on the website, the ad networks you’re buying traffic from, filtering bot traffic etc.

Remember the warning that I gave you at the beginning of this article, you might lose all your money and even worse your AdSense account.

Even though I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now, and know multiple persons and online marketers that are earning even millions per year with this method, that doesn’t mean things can’t change in the future or Google won’t suspend your account if you’re not careful and don’t follow their rules.

This is not about making a quick buck, and scamming Google for a paycheck, if you’re looking for that, well find another blog to read or try doing something else.

You want to build quality websites that become assets that can earn you money for a few years to come. You want this paid traffic to transform not only into AdSense money but into long-time readers, subscribers, followers, and also build organic traffic.

Even though you can theoretically start out with $100-$200, in most cases you need more than that, I would say $500-$1000+. I don’t want to scare you or anything like that, it’s just the way that it is.

You need money to burn basically on these traffic networks, in order to find out which articles of yours are getting enough clicks from the traffic you’re buying, which articles are earning you more money, filtering bot traffic, etc.

You will  more than likely encounter some bot traffic, and you will have to immediately block it, so you’re losing money on that, while trying to build a blacklist or a white list that leaves you with only good and profitable publisher/websites IDs from the traffic networks (this applies to pretty much all the networks that I’ve talked before, especially all the native ones). It’s just the way it is.

If you only have $100 that you want to invest and to make money online, AdSense arbitrage is not for you, and I mean this in the most sincere way possible. If you have just $100 you should try and create an adsense website and get traffic to it from search engines free, invest a couple of that money in articles or even a few little $5-$10 boosts for traffic from Facebook.

This whole post took me a few days to edit and publish so a video course will take me even more, especially with how many things I’m doing at the moment. But if you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be notified if I do decide to actually make a more in-depth video course about this.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t include any screenshots from my AdSense account with my earnings or a case study… well guess what:

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.

Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, in this guide, you should always follow Google’s rules and guidelines if you don’t want to risk your account getting banned. If you are unlucky and break the rules and get your account banned, then here are 22 best google AdSense alternatives that you can use.

If you read the AdSense terms and conditions carefully, you will notice that Google specifically prohibits publishers to share any information about their AdSense account performance.

So I’m not going to risk my account just to show you a screenshot with some earnings that can be easily faked anyway, other people and bloggers are fine with risking their account, and to show you that info, I’m not one of those people, I value my account too much, and you should too.

I don’t gain anything from sharing that info with you anyway and you don’t either, every picture can be manipulated to showcase a bigger amount so I just don’t do that at all.

If you want proof that people are making money with AdSense arbitrage just do some research and check out a few sites using Anstrex the native ad spy tool and see how many of these sites are out there… the more time someone has had an ad up and running, the more it means that they are making a profit and that the whole thing works. Sure, it might not work for you, and I don’t guarantee that it will, but it is possible.

If you wanted to try AdSense Arbitrage, I hope this “little” guide helped you out. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment down below and I’ll do my best to try and reply to you as fast as I can.

P.S: I constantly try and update my articles, so if I feel like I forgot something don’t worry it will be here eventually when I realize it.


Recommended Tools that you can use in your process:

Vultr VPS – Get $100 in hosting credit for free, regular shared hosting doesn’t cut it for arbitrage, you will be sending a ton of traffic.

Anstrex – The Super awesome native ad spy tool – use this to see what’s hot and what others are promoting and having success with.

SociallyViral – Great WordPress Premium theme for arbitrage.


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  1. Thanks for this content stephen
    1-can you tell me how to get low cpc on facebook ads
    2-from your experience what is a good cpc (0.xx or 0.0x) that the campaign should start with that can be lower after 3 days.

    1. Hi there,

      1. That’s not an exact science, usually it depends on your targeting, so either non competitive GEO’s or less high demand niches, or both.
      2. I’m guessing the CPC prices have changed in the past few years on Facebook as well and I’ll be honest with you I haven’t done Facebook PPC in years so no idea. I usually go with anything under $0.1 for other networks.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Hi stephen
    thank you for this awesome content
    can i ask you a question
    do you thing doing arbitrage using google adx will have good results
    i see a lot of people using it on youtube there no limit of ad serving and pay per impression model.
    what are your advices for someone want try adx.

    1. It should make you more money theoretically since with ADX you get more than AdSense ads, and there’s extra bidding involved. So yeah. But I haven’t done arbitrage in a while and it depends of course on traffic sources etc. No idea how they do it with YouTube, I’ve never done YouTube marketing haha.

      Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks for sharing this detailed guide

    my question is that I have a “Top 10 Foods” Post about 1000 words, so how should I paginate it.

    Should I paginate it into 10 pages of 100 words with each page containing 1 food, or should I break it into 5 pages of 200 words with 1 page showing 2 foods.

    Also let me know about ads placement and how much ads should I use if I break into 10 pages of 100 words and same also tell me ads placement and amount of ads for 5 pages of 200 words.

    Once again thank you for this awesome guide

    1. Hi,

      I usually do it like 1 food per 1 page. But it depends if you want more ads on one page (to not lose traffic if they don’t go to 2nd page) then you should do 2-3 foods per page in that case. In any case you should try both and see which has best results. Of course this also depends on your traffic sources as well.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Hi stephen I hope you are doing well
    Very good written article thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I think you know that adsense is moving to cpm model in 2024, what you think this will affect arbitrage business model or not?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jazmen,

      Yeah I’ve read about the AdSense move, in my opinion it would probably be less revenue, depends on what type of CPM they will have compared to other CPM ad networks, but we can’t know for sure yet. I think it will be lower though, but we’ll see.


  5. nice article, i read every word for three timies, i’m just start my adsense arbitrage, i found i need setup conversion track in traffic platform like taboola or outbrain, but the key point is: how can i catch google ads click event? i search many method, someone use google tag someone write some javascript to track it? do you have some good method to do it?

    1. It used to be simple with previous Universal Analytics, now it’s a bit more complicated with the new GA4 Analytics, but you can link Analytics and Adsense accounts and if you setup your URL correctly (the one you use to promote your link on taboola) you can see the clicks/data/results in GA4 Analytics. Use UTM tags such as utm_medium=stuff&utm_source=stuff&utm_content={taboolaMacro} etc.

      Hope this helps,

  6. Hello sir, how are you doing?

    I have 2-3 Questions please

    1. Do we have to target specific audience/specific group/specific interests when buying traffic from Facebook or any other sources?

    2. Do we have to target only news feed in Facebook or we can use other targeting options like stories, reels or videos in Facebook?

    Thank You

    1. Hi, doing good, thanks for asking.

      1. It depends, if you want a broad reach to get more views/clicks then you don’t need to target or go too narrow with the interests, so for example if your blog post is about Cutest Golden Retriever Photos, don’t target only people who are interested in Golden Retrievers, instead target those interested in Dogs. (Hope this makes sense)
      2. That’s tough to answer, basically everything works, it depends on your ROI, niche, and a bunch of other things, so as always you have to try and test it out and see what works for you. It’s true though that originally you will get the most bang for your buck from the news feed, but that’s not always the case, so you need to test it out, as stories/reels can be cheaper these days to target.

      Hope this helps, cheers,

  7. Wow that was a long but good read. Thank you Stephen!
    What do you think about focusing on earnings per 1,000 visitors as a mean to monetize a website, instead of AdSense? Yes I’ve read that these display networks pay way less than Google. Still, with Ezoic for example, I think they pay for displaying ads, not for clicking on them, so you won’t have to worry about clicks.

    1. Thanks for reading and enjoying it Pete. Yeah it’s a bit long, but then again others have paid courses that have less info than this haha.

      Anyway, you can try that but from my experience the profit is a bit less, but I haven’t tested it in a few years, so thinks have changed, specially with lower RPM rates across the industry (covid, then the war, etc).

      The guys I’ve seen doing it successfully run it with AdThrive, but maybe you can get profitable with Ezoic as well. Still you have to read their terms and see if they allow paid traffic.


  8. If I write an article that’s 2,500 words, how many pages do you suggest I should split it into?

    If I should split it into 4 pages, it would be 625 words per page.

    Is that enough words for a single page? Or do I have to make the words per page a bit longer?

    Also, when doing keyword research for Arbitrage, should I focus on high CPC, low KD or high search volume?

    1. Hi there, you can split it even more, you can easily make 5-6-7 pages… I’ve seen people running 100-200 words per page. But you gotta test and see how well it works for you and also not have too many ads if you choose to go with fewer words per page but more pages in general.

      The CPC/KD doesn’t really matter for arbitrage, because arbitrage means you pay for traffic, so you don’t care about low KD, you just need to create interesting/popular articles and headlines that grab clicks from the ad networks. CPC doesn’t always translate into more $ also, especially since a ton of ads are based on a user’s interest and browser history these days, but in general of course higher CPC means more chances to get more $. But bounce rate, time spent on site, etc, also play an important role in your RPM. Hope this helps. Cheers and good luck.

      1. Thank you so much!

        Also, there’s a misconception that it’s not advisable to run ads to a post.

        Instead it’s advised to run ads to a category which contain related posts so that users can select the ones they’re interested in.

        Is this a way to reduce bounce rate or how?

        What’s your say on that?

    1. Not much I Can do, it depends on your niche/site you need to test a lot yourself and see a winning combination, or copy other sites in your niche and see how they are placing their ads.

    1. You can still do arbitrage using Ezoic, but I don’t think it will perform the same as they pay for CPM rather than clicks, so your revenue might be different. Still, you can try it for a while and see how it works. In my experience, I have earned less on Ezoic vs Adsense when doing arbitrage. If you have free SEO traffic then Ezoic is better. Hope this helps.

  9. Thanks for sharing this detailed and helpful article Stephen, I really enjoyed reading it!

    My AdSense RPM is very low $1-$3 and the same for my page CTR, the highest number I got after testing different placement and ad units is around 2% even if I’m publishing only high quality and original content.

    Despite all the testing I did, I don’t find any way to increase my metrics.

    For traffic source I use mainly free traffic like Pinterest and SEO, also I’m targeting mainly tier 2 countries (France, Belgium…).

    Do you think is it normal as I’m not targeting tier 1 countries?

    1. Yeah that’s normal, I had terrible RPM even from western countries such as France, Belgium, Spain, Italy etc… so I never target those when doing paid ads arbitrage. But i you’re doing SEO, and other free traffic sources such as pinterest then you have nothing to worry, its still free money 🙂

  10. My question is there’s some companies that gives an offer(articles) to promote it in Facebook and native and gives a revshare of 80% and they take 20%.
    Do you have experience with them?

  11. Hi!! First of all I wanted to thank you for the complete and sincere guide. I don’t speak English so I apologize if there are mistakes in my message. My question is: This method can be applied to youtube? That is, buy traffic but it is directed to a YouTube video monetized with Adsense and not to a website. I have a very good RPM on my videos and I really think this method could work. But what you mention scares me, losing my AdSense account, I want quality traffic and I would also be willing to monitor it, I also have money to invest. But I can’t find anyone who talks about arbitrage for youtube videos. Do you think that using this method could be safe for youtube and adsense? Thanks again!!

    1. Hi María,

      I haven’t touched YouTube in a serious way in all these years, so honestly, I have no idea. The reason why you haven’t probably found anyone to talk about YouTube arbitrage is because I don’t think it’s a viable option (at least not in my opinion).

      It’s still using AdSense, yes, but the RPM is garbage from what I heard and it’s totally different than RPM of a website. Since it’s also calculated with the average view time in mind, so I’m not really sure how arbitrage with YouTube might work. You can try yes, but again it’s the same risk as if you were to do it with a regular website.

      You should probably not risk it as it might not be worth it if your RPMs are too low anyway.

      I hope this helps a bit.


    2. Of course, you can. But the thing is, once you enter into this traffic buying bussiness YouTube will automatically stop your channel’s organic reach & consequently channel’s organic growth. There are examples of many big channels with millions of subs & used to get fantastic views in comparison to their subscribers’ numbers, but when they took the path of bringing in paid traffic, hoping they will grow even bigger and mightier, but tanked gradually. YouTube simply froze these channels. Despite having multimillion subs to their channels, they are now only able to get few thousands to few lacks of views for every upload they make ( keep in mind before organically they used to get views in millions for every upload). Now if they need views, they got to spend money on adds.

      Still if you want to take this path, your videos must & should be on promoting some kind of affiliate product/program and you should make a channel which is specifically built for this paid traffic model. then definitely you will witness some good ROI. And whatever I explained here is about buying traffic through google ads. Let me clear you, buying traffic outside of google ( fb and other native ads) for views and their effect, the way they work I have no idea.

  12. Hi Stephen,
    My name is Gustavo and I’m Brazilian. First I would like to thank you for the great content of immeasurable value that you post completely for free here.
    I’ve been in this world of digital marketing for almost 2 years, selling infoproducts, affiliate marketing and dropshipping, but with no expected success. Looking in Russian forums about Native Ads content, I found some articles about Arbitrage and I had never heard about it in Brazil, and later spying on ads on taboola I saw a lot of ads for Arbitrage in Adsense. I did some research and came across your blog! I am completely impacted by the business model and would like some advice from your experience, if I can be profitable advertising in Brazil modeling foreign sites that do arbitrage?

    1. Hi Gustavo,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      In general no, Brazil isn’t really that profitable to do arbitrage in, simply because the CPC you get in AdSense is too low. Now if you’re using an ad network that pays more than AdSense such as Mediavine or Adthrive, then yeah, it might be possible, but it’s also harder to get accepted into those networks.

      You can make it work even if you’re using AdSense, but you will have to really find cheap traffic sources, otherwise, it’s going to be tough to make a positive ROI.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Yeah, if you manage to create some interesting ads that would get clicks (so that you can get enough visitors interested in coming to your site), also depends on what CPC you’re going to get in the music niche. I haven’t done anything related to music so can’t possibly tell you, but can try doing a few small tests though 🙂

      Good luck,

    1. Well, raising AdSense CPC is not that easy because there are a lot of factors involved in the process. For example, it could be due to the niche, the geographic location of your users, time spent on site, and a few other things. But mostly though it’s up to the location of your users and the niche of your site. Users from top GEOs such as the US, AU, CA, and UK will have a higher CPC than users from other countries. So you should try and get more of those users to your site.


  13. Hi stephen
    You’re one of the honest people I have ever known.
    Can you tell me how can I make an article full page but when the user scroll down goes to next pages with next or back buttons.


  14. Hi stephen
    Thank you for the awesome content.
    I found some supercheap keywords in Google ads (0.02) desktop traffic I want to know if it’s Okey to use Google ads and adsense (arbitrage) in the same time.
    If it’s risky, could I use ezoic?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Imran,

      I’ve seen some people doing arbitrage using Google Ads so I think it is possible. For example and is doing arbitrage with Google Ads, but they monetize with Adthrive or other higher paying network and not AdSense. So you can try I guess.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi,

        I see is using a strange ad strategy. On mobile they only have an ad at the bottom of their articles and I think their main money maker is the popup of “suggested articles” that appears once you try to go back on both mobile and desktop. I have never see this before, usually, arbitrage websites are just swamped with ads.
        Q: What could you comment on that? Do you think that pop-up might be the sole money maker for them?

        Q: Could you list more websites that do arbitrage? I find analyzing them proves very beneficial.

        Q: To add, does arbitrage still work in 2023? Has it become progressively harder to make money out of it since you first wrote this article? I follow your blog since its very beginning and I am looking to come back to arbitrage if it still works. I have Adthrive access, so I have so homes.

        Cheers mate,

        1. Hi RK,

          I haven’t done any arbitrage in 2023 as I’m busy with building some new awesome projects but if the clicks are still low, I guess it’s still possible. Anyway looking at the livestly site, it seems that they are using 3 ads in post + the sticky bottom ad, so 4 in total. You probably have blocked some of their ad scripts and couldn’t load the post ads.

          To find more arbitrage sites you just have to check and click on ads on native ads usually the ones that are successful are still buying ads all the time. That’s what I do, oh and I used to also use a tool like Anstrex as well.

  15. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the world. It’s insightful and helpful.

    I would like to ask you a few specific questions:

    1. What is your experience with GAM and Adx? Have you noticed an increase in performance in Tier1 countries once you start using Adx? Or across all countries?
    Any cases where AdSense outperforms AdX, in Tier3 countries for example?

    2. How accurate is UTM tracking vs custom channel based on your experience?
    Have you noticed any discrepancies (aka AdSense revenue in GA) by using UTM tracking?

    Thank you for your time and help,

    1. Hi Greg,

      1. Yes usually you should see an increase in revenue if using Adx or an ad management company that uses GAM with Adx such as Mediavine, Adthrive, etc. I don’t think AdSense outperforms AdX in any country tbh, but who knows, it depends on many factors.

      2. No tracking is 100% accurate, for arbitrage I have no problem using just UTM, since I don’t need a ton of data to check, plus usually it’s easy to cross-reference back with the ad network. AdSense revenue in GA is not always accurate also, regardless if using UTM, but I’ve seen that it kinda gets accurate after a while, for example the revenue for today won’t be accurate (in Analaytics), for a couple of days maybe, after a while it will be pretty similar to the revenue you see in your AdSense account, at least that’s my case.

      Hope this helps a bit, cheers.

  16. HI Stephen and thank you for the great high value content
    i read you last reply about ezoic and i have an idea, i want you to give me your opinion
    i think if ezoic pay cpm i could create an article with 5000 words break it to 20 or more pages and put in each page 3 ads then the visitors will see more ads and we get more money for example from 1K visitors we code generate more thank 30 k impressions
    i saw some websites doing this.
    thanks bro

    1. Hi Alita,

      Yes, that’s a great idea and in fact, it’s recommended as you can see above in this guide. Splitting articles into multiple pages is a surefire way to guarantee you get more revenue from the same traffic.


  17. Hi stephen I hope you are doing well well.
    Thank you for the awesome content.
    Do you think ezoic will work well with traffic arbitrage.

    1. Hi Mustafa,

      From my small arbitrage tests with Ezoic: No. It didn’t work that great for me, wasn’t even breaking even. It was probably the wrong niche or something or the fact that they focus more on CPM than CPC or a factor of both. Still, you might want to test it out for a bit, but be prepared to lose some money at first if you go that route.


  18. Hi there, first of all I would like to thank you for your effort for making this amazing post. It might clear up some doubts for me. Is it still possible to do adsense arbitrage in 2022? Is it worth investing?

    If possible what are the paid traffic sites you would recommend.

    If not, what other ways to make money online do you recommend?

    thank you very much friend.

    1. It’s a bit harder to make arbitrage work in 2022, since ad clicks have risen a bit. But nevertheless, it’s still possible, especially with some of the push networks. Heck I’ve even seen people doing it with Microsoft Ads and Google ads, so yeah you just need to be creative and test.

      Other than adsense arbitrage you have a ton of other ways to 👉 make money online.

      Good luck,

  19. It was a really great read, Stephen!
    Do ad networks like Adthrive, Mediavine, or Ezoic accept sites in 2022 that primarily drive traffic through paid ads (push notifications, native ads, or popunders)? Do they allow traffic arbitrage? Do you have any experience with that?
    Do these kinds of paid traffic count or show in Google anlytics? If so, how do they appear on the Google analytics page?

    1. Hi Rahul,

      It depends, they can either show up as referral or display traffic, depends if you set up UTM tags and campaign settings to send traffic details back to your analytics. No idea about Adthrive and Mediavine but last time I checked Ezoic did not have a problem with that.


      1. You are the best, honest and true teacher for me. I will never forget yours helpful articles which opens my mind. I would like to ask you one favor. Could you share blocked list & IDs from above native networks please ?

        1. Hi Rio,

          It doesn’t really work like that because what works for some advertisers might not work for others, it depends on niches and ads and CTR and many things. It’s best you test things for yourself and create your own lists with what you think are the best requirements for your site.


          1. What’s the best pop traffic source mate ?
            99% of traffic providers had 99% bounced rate traffic and wish I can find good traffic prover for pop-up traffic. Do you have any recommendation please ?

          2. I mostly dealt with and They had some ok traffic but you need to block tons of website IDs if you want to get some good results. I had good conversions from both. Still, I haven’t tested those services in a while, so they might suck now… Also don’t use pop for arbitrage sites, that’s just a recipe for disaster 🙂

  20. This is one good article I’ve read about AdSense arbitrage kudos. but sometimes I usually see people saying sending a direct traffic to your site may result to getting banned by AdSense, some say it’s better to have a landing page to direct your traffic before getting to your contents while using arbitrage. is that correct?

  21. Hi, after reading this article, I acted immediately. Using propellerads traffic.
    Push options:
    1. Block In-Page Push
    2. Block Brokers Traffic
    3. Block Target users based on their activity level: Medium and Low.
    Run for about seven days. I got an email notification that I was restricted due to invalid traffic.. I don’t know where the problem is.
    Analytics average session duration and bounce rate. I don’t use extreme blocking and try to tolerate the accumulation of more data.
    I think my question is mainly a few points:
    1. The traffic channel is single, my native traffic accounts for less than 0.5%, and 99% of the traffic comes from propellerads push traffic
    2. As you said, push has no robots. The main difference comes from users who like to click on push and users who don’t like to click on push. When there are too many users who don’t like to click on push, they enter your page by mistake and generate invalid traffic. Of course they are real users.
    3. 100% of push traffic comes from mobile devices
    4. The mobile terminal is prone to wrong clicks. This is also one of the reasons for the generation of invalid traffic.
    5. Push traffic users do not like to read articles. The average session duration is less than Native traffic.
    6. Most websites are still using push. So .push is not the real cause of invalid traffic..
    7. Tier 4 countries seem to be more prone to false clicks? My psychological effect?
    8. The current largest traffic comes from the fourth-level countries..
    I have the ability to solve bot traffic, but I can’t judge if I block bot traffic, and block 90%-100% bounce rate, and continue to run push traffic can completely avoid the problem of invalid traffic.
    9. Whether it is really necessary to block the underperforming Zone ID, average session duration and bounce rate in time, my approach may be more inclined to accumulate more data before blocking it.
    10. A certain Zone ID brings huge traffic, and its average session duration and bounce rate are in a medium state. If you analyze it carefully, it can be judged that there are many push users from this Zone ID. The bounce rate is very high. But it is a pity. It is only Unique Zone ID, can’t block it. Can’t make segmentation.
    11. Some visitors click multiple times in a row. Based on the screen size of the mobile terminal, the habit of finger touch. The mobile terminal error click rate is very high. How to avoid multiple clicks.

    1. Hi Yoli,

      Sorry to hear about that, but yeah it can happen as I said in the article as well. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure how Google handles this traffic and what counts as invalid clicks in their eyes. Recently I had one of my websites click bombed to death (about $50-$60) in invalid traffic in just a few hours, but luckily Google didn’t suspend the account and only deducted the invalid clicks from the payment at the end of the month.

      The only good thing in your case is that you’ve only been restricted and not suspended so I guess if you stop the traffic the account will return back to “normal” status? Maybe, I don’t know. I don’t particularly think it’s about tier 4 GEOs or mobile devices, I think it’s about the traffic quality more so than the rest, I’ve encountered some bot and low-quality traffic on Propeller as well recently (but not doing Arbitrage, but CPA), so I’m going to keep an eye on them and see how they perform in 2022. You could try to run desktop push traffic only, but you will struggle for traffic as the inventory for desktop is significantly lower compared to mobile.

      By the way, I’m just curious if you don’t mind, how much revenue did you generate in invalid traffic clicks? I wonder if there’s a limit or something since I got over $50 and nothing happened.


      1. Yes. Traffic has been stopped, waiting for the account to return to normal.
        I run push more than 20+ countries. And it is profitable. taboola is also successful, but based on pc, there is very little traffic.
        I try to analyze:
        1. One ip address is clicked multiple times, and the query IP is the normal mobile IP. Maybe it is just based on the operator’s reason. The IP is shared by multiple users?
        2. I will try to put more distance between the advertisement position and the content to avoid wrong clicks. And reduce the number of advertisements
        3. I will enable more techniques I know to stop junk traffic.
        But my experience tells me that the biggest problem may be that traffic is not diversified. Push accounts for 99%, and google doesn’t like social traffic fb. I used to put ads on fb, but adsense is still restricted. I think google prefers referrals traffic, such as Native ads. If the traffic with referrals accounts for more than 60%, the remaining traffic is push, and social fb is relatively good. Mobile traffic is the most dangerous. It is easy to generate wrong clicks. If you The traffic is not very good. There is no solution at present. I would like to know what percentage of your psuh mobile traffic?
        So.. this is a very headache. From 2019. Adsense started to be very sensitive. Account restrictions happen frequently. But restrictions don’t mean the situation is bad. It just thinks the traffic you bring google doesn’t like. It wants you Diversification. If the traffic is really bad, the account gets suspended

        1. Hi Yoli,

          Yes maybe you’re right and Google wants diversification, however, I also think that you should aim to run ads from networks that pay more than Google that might not have too much problems with mobile traffic. Thinking about Ezoic, adthrive, mediavine, etc.

          At the moment I don’t run any push ads to adsense arbitrage campaigns, because I don’t have the time to manage it at the moment (in the process of writing and finishing a book for NetHustler audience), but when I ran it in the past I’ve run it 99% of traffic or more, on tier 3 GEOs and had no problems. But traffic quality has changed it seems and push isn’t that good anymore especially with Google’s Chrome update against push subscribe notifications.

          P.S: Try having 30px of space padding between ads and content, see if that might help.

  22. With this AdSense abitrage I just create an ad with Facebook and direct link to my website that has a high quality content with ads that’s all?

    And sure Google won’t block my site for paid Facebook traffic to my site?

    Is that so… I have a site that has ads and wanna increase traffic.

    Get back to me please

    1. Hi,

      Yes that’s correct, you can do all of that. Google shouldn’t in theory ban your account if you buy traffic from Facebook, as they say in their rules and terms you can buy traffic but ultimately you are responsible if someone decides to click bomb your adsense account that can ultimately get your account suspended. So it’s a risk that you will have to take if you want to do arbitrage.


  23. Thank you Stephan for the rich content …
    I have a question please
    Recently i see google AdSense make it a little harder than before cause of “ad serving limited”
    What is your advice for people who just want to begin. is the multiple ads account is a right choice ?

    1. Hi there,

      Honestly I would suggest those who get hit with “Ad serving limited” policy issue or any other issue in general with AdSense, to work towards fixing the problem that has caused that in the first place. Google usually lets you know why your ads have been limited. Mostly it’s because of invalid traffic, so the first option would be to stop whatever traffic you’re sending and switch to something else. Another reason might be because they are reviewing your traffic, or content again. But in the end, no one but Google ultimately knows why your ads are limited.

      Hope this helps,

      1. Hi Stephen, first of all I want to say thanks for creating this informative article. I really got value from it.
        My question is what countries are advisable to target for Abitrage especially for someone in the biography niche.

        1. Hi James,

          To be honest every country can work, even in the biography niche, but you will have to target “local” people in your bios if you want better CTR on your ads. Not that many people in Brazil care about a celebrity from India and vice-versa.

          Good luck,

  24. Thanks for sharing this detailled and helpful article Stephen, I really enjoyed reading it!

    My Adsense RPM is very low $1-$3 and the same for my page CTR, the highest number I got after testing different placement and ad units is around 2% even if I’m publishing only high quality and original content.

    Despite all the testing I did, I don’t find any way to increase my metrics.

    For traffic source I use mainly free traffic like Pinterest and SEO, also I’m targeting mainly tier 2 countries (France, belgium…).

    Do you think is it normal as I’m not targeting tier 1 countries?

    1. Good morning sir
      Thank you for this amazing post. Sir do you know how to run youtube channel ad to get more views and subscribers.
      I will be waiting for your reply sir.F

      1. Hi there, I don’t do YouTube, so not used to the best methods, but I’m guessing it’s like regular SEO game, so just post a ton of new videos on a regular schedule, and make them informative and unique.

    1. Both are good, it depends on your niche more. For financial niche for example I’d choose AdSense over Ezoic for arbitrage. But you should definitely test them both, as you might see different results.

  25. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you very much for this very complete article on Adsense Arbitrage.
    Not having enough money, I did some research on sites that can offer quality traffic at low cost. I found 2 sites: Popcash and adf .ly (I only had $25 to start my tests). After a few days of testing, Popcash seemed to be the best solution, so I continued with Popcash.

    I installed Cloudflare and activated the robot protection on my site. I also installed an anti bot wordpress plugin (black hole) and I filter the traffic coming from Popcash via the IDs I can find on google analytics as you showed on this article. With this technique, I manage to generate a little more than 4x what I invest to get the traffic via Popcash.

    My first question : is Cloudflare really efficient to block the traffic coming from the bots ?

    My second question: do you know a wordpress plugin that can be effective enough to prevent bots from accessing my site?

    My last question: Have you already tried Adsense with Popcash? If yes what were your results?

    I told my friends about this technique and they also tried it and guess what? They have profits up to 25x what they invested. However, I’m a little scared, because it’s really too good to be true!

    In the meantime, I’ve already created another Adsense account in case this one was closed by Google, and I’m continuing my tests.

    Thanks for your answers.

    1. Hi Yannick,

      You guys are brave for trying arbitrage with pop traffic. I never tried it because I knew the quality of traffic was not as good as native/push traffic. So I really don’t know what to say. Impressed that you have turned a profit, but yes, unfortunately you will always have to live with the fear of Google potentially suspending your account if they think you are sending too much invalid traffic to their ads.

      Because I have never tried using pop ads for arbitrage, I can’t really answer truthfully to your questions. But I will try my best:

      1. This depends on the level and settings of your Cloudflare account, you can set it to be more aggressive or more lenient, it’s up to you to decide which route you want to go. In general cloudflare is used more for DDoS attacks and as a CDN rather than a bot filtration method, but it can work for bots I guess if you set it up to be challenging for visitors.

      2. Again, since I don’t deal with too much bot traffic on my arbitrage sites I don’t really care or use any of those plugins, so I wouldn’t know what to suggest here. In general I let Google deduct money at the end of the month for traffic that they think it’s invalid, and that’s pretty much it.

      3. No, haven’t tried arbitrage with popcash or popads or any other pop format, simply because I see it as too risky for me. Glad to hear that you guys tried it out and made it work though, although you should be super careful and create white lists after a while and only send traffic that’s as clean as possible to your AdSense sites.

      But yeah, since I don’t want to be in your shoes and live “scared” of Google banning my accounts, I don’t think I Will try this any time soon haha.

      Good luck,

      1. Thank you for taking time to reply Stephen.

        The experience is really too risky so I have decided to stop and try with Push Traffic. I will test MegaPush as you suggested or any other legit push traffic. I only have 50$ for the trial so I am a little limited with options. Will let you know how it goes.

  26. Hi, I’m Raymond from the Dominican Republic. I would like you to confirm if you have any courses. Thank you so much for this information.

    1. Both are good options. Ezoic usually pays more than AdSense and has PayPal option only with $20 minimum, so for many, Ezoic would be the better option. Depends on the site and niche though, so try it out, Ezoic lifted their 10k visitors limit.


  27. Hi Stephen,

    I started again working on Adsense arbitrage with Taboola and after testing +40 articles in several niches I still didn’t find any article with good profit that I can scale. I used few ways to find winning article and I’m targeting mainly tier 1 countries and I promote English content as well.

    But, could you suggest me other ways or ideas to find articles to test on Taboola?

    Also, when I spy on websites showing on native ads widgets I see that they’re using some advanced or premium ad networks beside Adsense. Is that explains why they’re making profit?

    When people talk about finding winning article online they make it seems a very easy process but I found that’s not the case.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Malek,

      That’s unfortunate. I think these days it’s more about the GEO/CPC/Website Experience (Time spent on site, average pageviews, etc), rather than the article itself. Meaning that the niche/article shouldn’t be as important anymore. Try optimizing other things first and try out tier 2 and 3 countries as well, see how that works out.

      Yes, other sites are probably using Ezoic, Adthrive or Mediavine, in addition to that, it all depends on how their site is setup also and how much time the users spend on site.

      Hope this helps. I’m working on my arbitrage course right now, so stay tuned, a lot of info in that one.


  28. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for always making tis awesome resource up to date for us. I have been waiting for your indepth course for more than 2 years now. Can I get an early preview. 😉. When exactly pls 🙏

    1. Hi Rotimi,

      Yes, I know, I’ve been quite busy… moved between 2 countries and had barely any time to work on NetHustler until this year. I’m working on it though and will let you know when it’s done. Hopefully around summertime.


  29. What an awesome and full of information jumbo article you have written stephen…good job…. i bookmarked your site for coming affiliate kind of article… i want to learn more about affiliate marketing and CPA marketing from you… would you like to please help me?

  30. Thank you so much. One of the most comprehensive guides on adsense arbitrage in 2021. Course material for free so no one has an excuse.

    1. You’re welcome, glad you liked it.

      Yeah, it was kind of a silly move to put this for free 2 years ago, but heck… as long as I’m helping people make money, I’m happy. Many have actually created courses after this guide that are now selling on Udemy and other sites lol.

      No worries though, my in-depth course is coming soon.


  31. amazing post man , would u share with us some of tier 2 and 3 countries from push traffic that still pays well on adsesne.

    1. There’s more to North America than U.S and Canada, just a hint 😉 Also, some Asian countries are good too. But I pretty much get good ROI on almost “all” countries. Keyword is “almost”, most of the time I break even with some GEOs.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      It could work but maybe the CPCs and RPMs would be too low to make a profit. From my experience gaming niche has a bit too low CPCs, but you could still try it a few times and see how it goes.

      You can make a profit from any niche with arbitrage as long as you buy the traffic at a lower price.

      Good luck,

  32. Hi Stephen,

    I keep reading this article again and again!

    I want to ask you if Push traffic is good only when targeting an English speaking audience (USA, UK…) or can also do well with other languages like French, Spanish…

    In addition to Adsense Arbitrage, is it a good traffic source to use for building an email list for affiliate marketing?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Malek,

      Yes, you can do push traffic for other languages. The language doesn’t matter.

      What does matter is the CPC and the overall price you pay for the traffic in relation to the profit you get from Adsense. Focus more on the niche and overall website experience.

      Yes, push traffic works for everything including building an email list.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for your reply. I’ll move to push traffic in the meantime since I’m facing a lot of issues with Taboola related to the spend.

        Do you have any idea about how could we get a good spend of our budget even with a low CPC in Taboola?

        1. Not knowing your whole situation, it’s hard to recommend something, plus I haven’t used Taboola in a while myself.

          My advice would be to focus on improving the on-site experience: more time spent on site, different GEOS, more page views , change ad positions, etc.


  33. Can you tell me a bit more about your experience in buying traffic from Propeller Ads. I asked about buying traffic from them in Reddit and they say , I will get banned. Propeller Ads Has a Very Small CPC Rate for sites like India which is also my target country. I Wonder whether their Push Ads are prone to Bot Traffic or not ? Can You Please tell me a Bit More? I Searched the web and saw only a single article that clearly explains about this! so I’m sure you can help Me.. Thanks!

    1. I’ve used and still use PropellerAds for CPA, Adsense arbitrage, and more… it works for me. But like any traffic source, there are good and bad things about it. In general you always want to create a white list and a blacklist on every ad network that you use, in order to filter good traffic from bad or bot traffic.

      In general push traffic is hard to fake so it’s mostly real traffic at least from my experience. I’m not saying it’s 100% clean and impossible to fake and send bot traffic, but the chances are kinda slim at least nowadays. Try and test it for yourself though it’s only a 100$ minimum deposit. But don’t send it directly to AdSense pages, try it out with some CPA or affiliate products first, and after you see some conversions, create whitelists with the site IDs that sent you conversions and then use that whitelist for AdSense arbitrage. Hope this makes sense for you.

      Good luck,

  34. Hi bro,

    1- Adsense ads limit

    I am struggling with AdSense Ads limit. Do you have any suggestion on how I could address this issue? Maybe some tricks on how to avoid adsense ads limit ? and some efficient solution on how to resolve it affects my account?

    2- AdSense CPC!

    Are there any hacks you use in order to increase your adsense cpc? Other than making good content and having a low bounce rate?

    Thanks for the value.

    1. You shouldn’t have any adsense ads limit since Google removed those like a year ago. But you should have enough content to support the number of ads you can have on your page. So basically have more content and less ads. Also sometimes you make more money with lesser ads, so try that out as well.

      2. no hacks to increase CPC. The CPC varies on many factors, most importantly the location of your users, time spent on site and the niche.

      Hope this helps.


        1. Ah I see,

          Well I have no idea then other than to stop the traffic that you are getting right now? Where do you buy your traffic from that Google says it’s invalid?

          The answer to me seems pretty simple, stop sending bad traffic that Google doesn’t want and maybe switch up the networks (if you’re buying traffic), if the traffic is from SEO and Google thinks it’s invalid, then I’m afraid I’m lost with that, since it makes no sense in a way.

          I hope you get this issue resolved tho, it sucks I know. My advice, take out adsense ads from your website until you find the problem with your traffic.


  35. Thanks a lot Stephen for making this website. It really helped me a lot to get an idea on adsense arbitrage and start some campaigns.
    The problem I’m having is very a low CTR and CPC in google adsense no matter what I do, I change ads placement and articles but still the same problem, currently I’m using only Taboola as a source of traffic. I’m planning to test other networks, I blocked bad publishers in Taboola too, another thing I noticed is the adsense clicks number in Analytics is way bigger than the one in Adsense even though I have click fraud protection(ex: today I had 116 clicks in Analytics vs 14 in Adsense). I just can’t figure it out.

    1. Hi Moe,

      It also depends on the type of article, device, and of course the location of the users. Maybe try other network if Taboola isn’t working out for you?

      About the click fraud, I wouldn’t worry too much, AdSense already deducted those from your account I think if you only see 14 real clicks inside AdSense. But then again I’m not 100% sure also.

      Good luck, and keep on testing, I suggest going for tier 1 countries at first. Also, you can use an ad spy tool to see some popular arbitrage articles that are popular (which means they are making money for the advertiser).


  36. Thank you Stephen, I have benefited from this article , My site has been accepted into the Adsense program And I did some campaigns on Facebook Unfortunately, there is always a loss and I have a small capital
    Can you give me your email to take from you only one consultation? Maybe I am doing something wrong. Thank you. I appreciate your efforts.

    1. Hi Mehdi, I’m glad that this article helped you out, and that your site got approved by AdSense (that’s great news).

      Even though you did not make a profit using Facebook ads, don’t get discouraged, these things happen, especially at first. That’s why I said at the end of the article you need at least a couple hundred dollars to be able to lose and spend on traffic to see what works and what doesn’t.

      Unfortunately, I don’t do consultations or mentoring, but my advice to you would be to keep on testing, and try to test other networks other than Facebook too, such as native ads and push notification ads on networks such as Taboola, Revcontent, PropellerAds, and MegaPush.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi, Stephen, I’m really glad…

        I’ve almost paid for a course to learn ads arbitrage, but this great content has saved me.

        Sir, my niche is scholarship, and I don’t understand how to do arbitrage with other ads networks, I only know about arbitrage with Facebook ads, my question is doing arbitrage(buying traffic) from one source, is it okay? Will my AdSense account be safe?

        1. It should be ok depending on the quality of the traffic. However I can’t guarantee that your account will be safe, no one can. So it’s best to proceed with caution and only if you’re sure you are ok with risking your account.

  37. Hi Stephen,

    Above you mentioned that you edited CSS of for formatting “Next Page” button, I am unable to find any online resource to do that, can you explain me how to do that?

    1. Hi Akshay,

      You need a pagination function in your theme, or you need to install a pagination plugin like: if your theme doesn’t support post pagination by default.

      You then edit the CSS of that theme’s or plugin’s, so that you can make the buttons look exactly as you want, or you could leave it how it is by default, up to you.


  38. Hallo Stephen,
    Google adsense rejected my website. You told me before about affiliate as alternative. My questions are:
    1- Which affiliate network do you recommend for a German website, Amazon or other?
    2- How expensive can the product maximum be so that we can sell it well without Email Marketing and without selling Chanel?
    3- Should the affiliate product be related to the article?
    4- how many Affiliate ads can we put on one page?
    Thanks very much for your answer.

    1. Hi Yusuf,

      Sorry to hear that your website did not get approved in AdSense, that sucks.

      1. Anything that has German products and services will work, so yeah Amazon, Clickbank (has a few german products also),
      2. It depends of the product and the niche really and also what type of traffic you have… In general, you should stay below 100 Euros, maybe even 50. But the commissions will be lower, especially if you work with Amazon/ if you promote Clickbank offers then you should get about 75% of the product’s sale price as a commission (on average ofc).
      3. Yes, always. There are only a few exceptions to this, for example, if you have a big general website, but even then you should target niche-specific products for the articles you have.
      4. You don’t need to follow’s Google’s AdSense rule now that you did not get approved, so you can put as many as you want really. However I wouldn’t go over 5. It also depends on how long your content is.

      Check out my recent article to see 22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives.
      Good luck,

  39. Great content thanks a lot. But how can I go through with setup for vultr, and do they offer domain name registration?

    1. Hi Dan,

      At the moment I don’t have a Vultr guide, I will set up in the near future. You can either use their WordPress 1 click install option or use a service like Serverpilot, Centminmod or easyengine to manage it yourself.

      As far as I know, Vultr doesn’t offer domain name registrations, so you will have to use something like Namecheap to do that.


      1. Hey Stephen,

        Thanks for the mention of ServerPilot in your comments. Are you aware of our Referral Program? Also, have a look at our new product HostLaunch

        Let me know if you’d like any more info or want to chat with anyone on the team.

        ~Less Bits

  40. Hi, The article is very very useful. Would you permit me to translate it into Arabic and post it on my website?

    1. Hi AAby, I’m happy that you asked first. Many don’t even bother and straight-up copy/paste it.

      Unfortunately, the answer will have to be No, simply because I’ve put a lot of work into this article that I offer for free where others are asking money for something that’s not even as informative. It will also impact SEO negatively for both of us (Google has ways of finding out copied content even if it’s translated…)

      You could have a small excerpt/intro translated of a few words and with a link back to this article for your users to read more if you want.

      Thanks for understanding,

  41. Hallo Stephen,
    Ok Thanks for your Answer,
    do you think, i will get a problem wenn i apply for Google Adsense with my healt niche? even i make disclaimers in the footer ?
    do you have the same experience withe adsense?

    1. To be honest, I have no idea, I don’t generally do health stuff with AdSense because I earn way more by promoting affiliate products and CPA offers.

      With that said, as long as you have a decent number of unique articles on your site, with disclaimers, and everything looking nice, you probably won’t have any issues.

      The problem is though, that nobody knows for sure, I don’t know what content you have on your site, and what works for me or for others might not be the same for everyone else.

      I have a few general articles on my adsense sites related to health like: Can you swallow gum, Foods to avoid that raises blood pressure, etc… and never had a problem. But those are only a few posts on a very large arbitrage site that I have like I said I don’t do health with AdSense usually, because the earnings are not that great.

      It all depends on your site, content, uniqueness of articles, topic of the articles, if you try to “scam” and scare people, without any scientific facts or studies, etc.

      Google is also really weird with approving sites, and they can even deny a legit website that has almost no issues at all, but then they find something specific about your site that they think is not good, and will ban or not approve you.

      Make sure though to have the absolute best version of your site with a lot of unique content and at least 30+ articles before you do. Also pages like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, About, Contact, + Disclaimers, etc.

      If they don’t approve you, then I guess you could try monetizing with affiliate products.
      Anyway, good luck, hope they approve your site (if you decide to apply).

  42. Hi Stephen,
    thanks for your nice article.

    I have a problem, I was trying to get traffic from Taboola for health niche, Taboola refuses that, Reason “No license,” My item does not contain any illegal content or product. I’m angry, Facebook does the same. Where can I buy traffic for my niche? I see many pages buying traffic for a healthy niche and tabbola makes no problem. Why only with me. My website is professional and has very good unqiue content. I am now afraid when I sign up for Google Adsense that Goolge will reject my page for the same reason?
    I ask for your help.

    1. Hi Yusuf,

      That sucks to hear… I checked out Taboola’s policies and reasons for rejections and well you can check it out in depth for yourself to see more details here:

      Basically, within the health niche, you need to have many disclaimers in the footer, saying stuff like, don’t take this advice serious, this info is for information purposes only, always contact a doctor or your physician before trying to attempt this, etc..

      Some of the more known networks like Taboola will have these rejections if your site doesn’t comply with their policy. Spy on other sites and what they are doing and what disclaimers they have in the footer, etc.

      Also depending on your site content, it might be too serious, and some of that advice can only be given by doctors and medical professionals. And if you’re not a licensed doctor and you don’t show that you are one on your website, you will get penalized by Google and others.

      So it really depends on the content, not just only about the niche. Health niche is very big and broad.

      Keep that in mind next time you try to submit a campaign.
      Until then you can try push and networks like MGID, PropellerAds, Megapush, AdNow, etc.

      Good luck,

    1. Hi,

      The links you sent me don’t work gives me 404 error. But the function you described it’s more likely a WordPress plugin that randomizes a next post. I’m not sure though.


        1. Both of the links send you to the same article and none of them has next/previous page buttons.

          The things in the URL are just UTM tags used by the website owner/marketer to track their stats when advertising the post via ad networks, by using the ad networks macros such as: {feed_id}, {campaign_id}, {widget_id}, {site_id}, etc…

          The only way the same article will behave differently is if the owner created 2 identical posts on their website and one with a next/prev button used for arbitrage (hidden from search engines and regular visitors) and a 2nd one identical but without the buttons that’s available to everyone.

          There was also a WordPress plugin I forgot the name, or a theme function I don’t know for sure, that could transform the article from normal to slides by adding a #postslider=1 or 0 to the URL if I recall correctly, but yeah I’m not sure about the name it was a long time ago haha.

          1. this is cloaking script work only with people who click on promoting article , but if you copied and past you will find the article simple without next back botton

      1. Hello Stephen
        Thank you for your golden information
        I want to ask you about the ads placment for mobile with latest update from google (320*50 open rather than narrow )
        To increase CTR in adsense

        1. So your question is how to increase CTR?

          Well, there are many ways to do that, the first thing would be to try different placements for your ads on your site. So try changing the positions use a plugin like ad inserter for WordPress, to inject your ads into various different positions throughout your blog.

          The other options would be to work on your traffic and on your website so that the visitors spend more time on-site with less bounce rate and more chances of clicking on an ad. Because many times it’s more about the quality of the traffic than the ads themselves.

          Hope this helps,

  43. Hi Stephen,

    first thanx for your high-quality content. Recently I have created a new website ( FOOD & LIFESTYLE ) but my CPC still low. I tested taboola desktop united States only.

    CPC 0.17 $
    CTR 2.06%
    Page RPM 12.64 $

    Number of Sessions per User
    Pages / Session
    Avg. Session Duration
    Bounce Rate

    Any Suggestions?

    Thank You

    1. Hi there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, I have been a bit busy lately.

      To be honest, the niche isn’t really that good-paying (unless you have some health-related posts categorized under lifestyle), but still, there are a couple of things that you can change and see if you can improve.

      For starters, your visitors spend too little time on your site and they browse too few pages it seems. You want average pages/sessions higher than 2, and duration higher than 2 minutes. The bounce rate is also high, ideally should be in the 50-70% range.

      Do you use paginated content on the posts you’re advertising? Meaning Page 1 of 10? If so, do you have a good stylized button with something like: “Next Page” or “click to read more”? Try to add that if not.

      The ads location is also a big deal, so try to change things around if you didn’t already.

      Also did you track your taboola traffic with UTM links to see exactly how the traffic performs inside your analytics? That way you can block bad publisher IDs, for example maybe there’s a site sending you 1000s of clicks that only stay for 5 seconds on the website in that case you want to block it immediately.

      Sometimes though…. it’s a hit and miss with some articles, people might not be that interested in them to browse further and check out all the other pages of the article, so you gotta get more creative with the articles in the future.

      Hope these few tips help,
      Good luck

  44. Hello Stephen,

    What an article!!! Thank you so much…

    So nice of you! Love you man!

    I think this alone is worth than a $999 course.

    May God bless you!

    1. Hi Avinash,

      Glad you liked it, I actually wanted to make it into a video course a few years back but never had the time…. maybe in the future though who knows haha.

      All the best,

  45. Hello Stephen
    Great article, i’ve read it many times.
    Do you use any tracking software with this business model ?
    like Voluum or Redtrack ??
    if not, do you think it’s possible ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Abdel,

      I don’t use a tracker other than Google Analytics, because analytics has adsense integrated into it and you can clearly see what is making you money, with an external tracker that’s a bit more difficult to achieve (if possible at all). I only use special trackers when I do affiliate marketing, CPA, and other stuff like that, that’s not related to Adsense.


  46. I just have a doubt brother ! Let’s assume you are advertising in france so do you use french language campaign or what? Or you just stick to english irrespective of targeted countries?

    Waiting for your positive reply.
    Thank you

  47. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for sharing most valuable information with us. Im doing adsense arbitrage from few months. I’ve spent almost 1000 dollars but I get back only 800 from my investment, I lost 20%. My website niche viral content. My targeted geo’s are India and USA. I used Mgid for indian traffic and RevContent for USA traffic. Still I need to learn few things from you sir,

    1. Which device traffic is better for doing Adsense arbitrage.
    2. Can you explain, how to optimise a campaign in native ad platforms(because I started with $0.08 cpc on revcontent when I reduce the cpc $0.04 or below).
    3. I’ll track my campaign performance in google analytics but I cant find website ID’s in analytics, I’m using campaign URL builder to create links and kindly find below url.. is it right or wrong.
    or should I create separate urls for every publisher ID’s that to track their performance.

  48. Hi,

    Great info. Thanks.

    Have you noticed overall RPM decrease after working hours are over. Let’s say RPM drop after 5-6p.m.?

    Sometimea it seems that RPM is time sensitive.


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Yeah, that can happen, for me, it’s also changing by the day, for example, morning Sundays have a lower RPM for me than Monday or Tuesday.

      So it’s something natural since advertisers pay more to have their ads shown when more users are online at certain hours or doing certain activities, for example browsing the internet during work hours, because usually when people get home from work, they get busy with their family, dinner, having fun, going out, etc… so there are fewer opportunities for them to buy something or sign up for something online at that time.

      Hope this helps,

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for the reply. I capitalized quite some in the summer 2018 via FB ads and US traffic, I guess hit the right spot at the right time.

        I’m still trying to repeat the success ever since, but it just seems impossible to get at least worthy ROI. Maybe, I am off of what is hot right now and what is working.

        Do you do any coaching/ consultation calls? I’d love to have a chat and see what’s really going on with arbitrage these days.


  49. Hi Stephen,

    Great article!
    I got a questions hope to have further communication with you:
    You mentioned you tried many traffic sources, do you use any bot filter tool before redirecting the traffic to your site.

    Thanks very much!

    1. Hi Fred,

      Sometimes I use trackers, but most of the times I just use the UTM links for Google Analytics only, so I can see the site/publisher/zone IDs that way…and simply block them in the traffic source, the ones with very high bounce rate or the ones that don’t click on AdSense ads after too many clicks, or the ones with 0 time spent on site.

      But no I don’t use anything else other than that, any non-converting or non-performing ID will then get added to a blacklist to the traffic source and I won’t get the same traffic again.


  50. Very good your article.
    can you tell me which themes default to pagination the forward and back button and how to edit css to put the big button

  51. hi there thanks for this article
    I have a question on my website I generate from facebook ads 798 impressions on my blog website and I have just one click
    I don’t have what I do can you help me, please

    my placement is
    top ad bellow the title 336 280
    after the post content, i have two ads one above the next and back buttons 336 280 and bellow the next and back buttons 728 90

    the problem is I don’t make any clicks just one click from 798 impressions

    1. Hi Bilal,

      That could be due to a number of reasons, so it’s unlikely I can give you a specific answer, maybe try a different article/niche and a different GEO/targeting on Facebook. Also, Facebook users don’t really click on ads too much as far as I’ve experienced, so probably that’s another reason.

      Also, 798 impressions is a too low number to really get any idea what’s going on and what went wrong. So I suggest you keep switching things up like GEO/targeting/niche and try again.

  52. I am very happy to have found your blog
    i have questions please
    1-on my site adsense advertising site is like this one
    content> Adsense ad> Shares button> Next / back button
    did this cause a problem with my adsense account
    possibly my Adsense got banned ??
    2-what do you think about link ad unit
    according to my test I see that this ad he has a CTR high but CPC is very small .
    do you recommend me to delete this ads link??

    1. Hi,

      I’m glad that you like my content, to answer your questions:

      1. That setup is more than likely OK, however, if you see a high CTR on your ad (for example higher than 10%) you might get mistake clicks from people that are trying to click on your social links instead, so they miss click on your adsense ad instead.

      Other than that I see no problem with it, also make sure to have 20px padding-top and bottom for your adsense ads, to have some space between elements.

      2. Yes I have on one site 1 link ad unit, the CTR is high but the CPC is low because ad link units are different than normal ads, people need to click on your ad and then they see a bunch of other results/ads, and click again in order to go to an advertisers site, so that’s why the CPC is lower, also many advertisers simply ignore this ad function and so there isn’t a lot of competition that can raise the CPC for link ad units.

      Hope this helps
      Good luck,

      1. 1-Do you recommend me to removing this ad link?
        2- CTR: is 3.5% you think if I delete the Shares button
        content> Adsense ad> Next / back button
        instead of
        content> Adsense ad> Shares button> Next / back button
        will increase CTR, therefore, will increase my income
        and always the question of maybe my Adsense will be banned ??
        because the ad is directly before Next / back button juste an empty text line .
        3-and if I add this sentence before ad /////click the next button to continue reading

        1. 1. No not really, if it works well and it doesn’t have a crazy high CTR that should alarm you, then you can leave it be.
          2. I don’t know, it’s up to you, I don’t work at Google, and I can’t guarantee your account wont get banned, so I can’t realy advise you on this one… my opinion would be to leave it like it is right now, even if you have a lower CTR, at least this way you can protect your account more.
          3. That might seem misleading to Google and might get you banned if you directly put “Click next” etc, and then have an adsense ad under it, people will click the adsense ad by mistake instead of the button. What you can do is have Content > NEXT button > Adsense ad under the next bottom if you want to be safer. and add – ADVERTISEMENT – before the ad.

          Good luck,

  53. It is well written and very useful, and frankly I do not know how and from where I arrived on this page, I must admit that you wrote everything honestly and in detail, thank you very much for this post.

    My question is how do I get Free traffic ?
    Thank you

  54. Hi Stephen,

    How if using new domain / new account for adsense arbitrage? if buy paid traffic on first time then traffic for new site is not normal, i mean, from zero to high impression on one day.. if the campaign is not profit then we need pause the paid traffic and the final traffic stats is back to zero.. on normal site the traffic will increase day by day. how about it? is can make the adsense banned because invalid activity?


    1. Hi Aris,

      You’re right, that’s why you can start buying a lower amount of visits before you can scale it up. For example send traffic worth about $5-$10 a day, preferably at first from sources like Facebook, before you can mix in other sources like push or native.

      You can get your AdSense banned due to many reasons, including ad positioning, your content, the way users interact with the site, bots, etc… so traffic is not the only reason why one can get their AdSense banned.

      I also had days, weeks and even months where I didn’t promote a site, and they received 0 traffic and then started pushing traffic again, and nothing happened, other than Google taking away some money at the end of the moment for invalid clicks.

      BUT please keep this in mind: what works for me might not work for others, and I’m not in any way guaranteeing that your Google AdSense account will not get suspended for any reasons.


  55. Hey, Stephen.
    I truly appreciate for your awesome articles of using the high quality and safe traffic for adsense. You’re amazing. You know I spend almost 5-6 hours per day daily to search on Google how I can meet the guy who writes the articles of driving safe traffic 100% to my adsense. Fortunately today, I found your site that you write very more detail info of google adsense arbitrage.

    I run niche game + adsense on bingads and google ads BUT I lose money on it and get not many clicks. I WILL follow your instructions and hopefully I get profits for my adsense.

    I have questions:
    1. What push ads are you using for your Google Adsense now?
    2. Have you ever tried mobidea push ads?
    3. Do you have tutorials of creating campaigns with google adsense arbitrage?

    Thank you so much for these great articles,

    1. Hi Sokha,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my articles, now to your questions:

      1. I use a bunch of push networks actually, (testing new ones a lot) but mainly I use PropellerAds for Arbitrage and MegaPush for CPA offers these days.
      2. Have not tried Mobidea yet. I only knew about them being a CPA network, guess will have to check them out again.
      3. I don’t have any specific network tutorials for Arbitrage, because I figure it’s pretty much straight forward, but this guide should give you an idea of what to do, testing ad networks and creating campaigns and testing out different niches will always have mixed results for everybody, but I might do some in the future.

      Best of luck,

  56. Hi steph
    i have cpc 1.30$ usa but suddenlly it going down 0.01$ traffic facebook
    can you tell me why ?
    thank you

    1. Hi Tony,

      Unfortunately I have no idea, it could be for a lot of reasons, time of day, time of week, type of ads served, time spent on site, etc… Or maybe you have violations, in that case check your Policy center or Status (inside AdSense dashboard you will have on the right side in the menu some links called like that where you can check if you have any violations etc)

      You can also try to test another article/niche, or change the Facebook GEO or even the traffic network to see if it’s because of Facebook and not because Of Google.

      Good luck,

  57. hi stephen
    thank you so much for sharing with us these priceless informations.
    my question please how much money do i need to start adsense arbitrage with a strategy spending it .

    1. There is no really a minimum, it just depends on the minimum deposit of the ad network you chose to work with, for example $100 in most cases. But to be honest with you, you kinda want to have at least $500 that you can afford to LOSE, in case things don’t go the way you wanted.

  58. Hi Stephen,

    I read your article several times, and let me tell you that it’s a nice and well detailed piece of content. Thanks, for sharing it

    I’m actually running a viral website and I’m getting traffic mainly from free traffic and actually I’m thinking about starting Facebook ads.

    However, I’ll be glad if you can share with me your experience about testing and scaling campaigns using Fb ads when it come to adsense arbitrage like:

    – What is the budget you set for every article you test to stay safe and not waste money?

    – What is the budget you give for each adset (interest) and how many days you let it running before making any conclusion (even now facebook is working with CBO )?

    – Which kind of ROI you look for before you start scaling?


    1. Hi Malek,

      I don’t run facebook ads for arbitrage these days, so I really don’t know what to tell you about that. However, basically I start out slow for each article I give it about $10-$30 to see if it can become profitable, and usually, I get to know the answer even before the ad budget is spent.

      ROI wise, well the simple answer is that if you invest $1 and make back $1.1, you’re profitable and you’re good to go, now is the time to try and see if you can cut costs even further and try to increase the CTR both on your ads that you’re buying (thus reducing the costs of traffic acquisition) and also increase the AdSense CTR so that you can earn more. You also want to carefully monitor the traffic and block ineffective ad targeting strategies, in order to further increase your ROI.

  59. Hi
    i really liked your website
    i have a question
    why always robot facebook disapprove my ad in health , i’m using just simple natural cure i’m not talking about sensitive subject
    do you have an advice ?

    1. Hi Amine,

      Most of the times Facebook will give you a reason as for why your ads have been disapproved, so make sure to check them out.

      In general, though, running health-related ads on Facebook these days has become very tricky and many publishers are having a hard time with that, so I suggest maybe try advertising something else (outside of the health niche).

      When you’re creating ads for facebook you don’t want to make their users feel bad for example you can’t talk about things like Here’s how to lose 10kg of fat, because some of the users will feel offended, so Facebook will simply not allow ads of that nature.

      Make sure whatever ads you create are not trying to suggest that a person has faults and that they should feel bad about their condition, and try to speak on it in a much general tone.

  60. thank you for all the informations you gived us
    i have only one question
    how to find articles, and what exactly should I do if I have to copy articles from other sites ?

    1. Hi Reda,

      Well, you can either go search for websites that are advertising now and doing adsense arbitrage and get inspired from those articles and rewriting them for your own (never copy the articles from any other site, you want unique content only on your site).

      You can find sites that are doing arbitrage with a spy tool for example Anstrex, or you could go on the big sites that you find on the internet like Forbes, Cnn, etc… and look for native ad widgets and see what things are other people advertising, some of them will be arbitrage sites.

      You can then either rewrite the articles yourself or hire some people on Fiverr to write articles for you.

      Hope this helps,

  61. Great article!

    Do you have any advice for this method using apps with AdMob instead of websites with AdSense? I understand it would be difficult to scale impressions within apps, but I am wondering if there’s something I’m missing.


    1. Hi Mark,

      I’m afraid I don’t really have any advice on that kind of traffic, at least not for arbitrage. I’ve tried it a few years ago for some CPA offers but it’s been a while and I certainly never tested it on AdSense arbitrage. So I really don’t know.

      Good luck though, and let me know if you do indeed do it, what kind of results you have.

  62. First thanks for this information and I have a one question
    Do you swear by the article before or after send my website for Google Adsense?

    1. Hi Bilal,

      I will be honest with you, I can’t really do that and promise that you will get approved following my advice on this article.

      Like I mentioned many times in the article, you do have the risk of having your Google AdSense account either not approved or suspended, so NO, I don’t promise that you will get your site approved in Google AdSense or if it won’t get suspended in the future.

      I’ve just laid out some tips and tactics, as to what you need to do in order to have a higher chance to get approved, however nothing is 100% sure, as not even Google is telling us everything you need to have on your site in order to get approved.

      Hope you do get approved though, good luck.

  63. Hello,
    I’m trying getting into arbitrage. The problem I’m facing is that I have a really low RPM on Adsense (someday is 0,07, other days is 0,02) and I don’t know what to do. The traffic is from facebook ads so I don’t think it’s botted or low quality (each person visits on average 24 pages!). With just $1 RPM I would get few $ profit everyday, but with 0,07 I’m not even breakeven. I also tried to change banner positions, remove some ads, etc as you suggested, but nothing seems to work. What should I do?

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Well, for me Facebook wasn’t that much profitable with Arbitrage anyways, but I’m suspecting it’s about the niche and articles of your website and also the countries you’re targeting having very low CPC in AdSense.

      Maybe try to change the niche of the articles and target other countries? Also you could try some other traffic methods instead of Facebook since they might convert better.

      Good luck,

  64. The most complete and informative article I have find about adsense arbitrage … Thank you so much

      1. Thanks Stephen,
        But my question is can at the beggining use at list 25-30 articles in different niches for testing, then I focus on niches that give me a good revinue ??

        1. Yeah you can do that if you setup the site kinda like a magazine with multiple categories like animals, travel, celebrities, finance, sports etc… there are many arbitrage sites like this.

          Good luck,

          1. You need to create better-landing pages and better ads so that you can increase your engagement and get better CTR and then the CPC will slowly go down… I don’t do arbitrage on Facebook anymore, but yeah, try to laser target your ads to get better engagement and CTR.

  65. Hi again Stephane,
    You said you blurred your content, I’m interested to know how or how to protect it from copying and scrapping.
    Just 2 or 3 days after that my ads are running I found that many websites copied my pure content without any modification.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Abdou,

      I think you misunderstood the situation 🙂 I only blurred the image that I used in this article in order to not have other people copying my article ideas etc… I didn’t blur the actual arbitrage website and articles… it’s almost impossible anyway… if you find someone has copied your content just send them an email asking them to take it down if not you submit a DMCA notice or simply talk with their hosting provider… I had that happen to me with this nethustler blog, I’ve talked directly with their hosting provider and gave them proof and they forced the person to take down the article in 24 hours or their account would be suspended. So try that 🙂

  66. Nice article and very detailled as well.

    I have a question about Ad placement Policy and particulary about aligning images with ads that I don’t understand. Is that mean that it is not allowed to place ads before or after the featured image?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Good question, altough I can’t be 100% sure, as only Google knows the real answer, (check their rules for more indepth info), I think that you are ok to use ads before the featured image at least.

      I have my first ad to appear inbetween the post title and featured image, so the ad appears before the featured image only, but I do have the ” – Advertisement -” warning before it, just for precaution. So I think you will be fine if you do that.

      It’s more tricky if you use the ad straight after the image, that’s a no no in my mind (and they even say so themselves). Also use some padding between the ad and the title and featured image something like 20px.

      All the best,

      1. Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for your reply. That’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m placing the first ad inbetween the title and the featured image but even after reading their policy about aligning images with ads I’m still not sure if it is only related to placing ads after images or also before and if it concerns also featured images or only images inside the article.

        I just try to be as safe as I can in terms of Adsense policy.

        However, what do you think about having a text like “Read more in the next page” before the last ad unit and, is that safe?

        1. Hi Mark,

          Here’s an idea, you can have the post ad title > the adsense ad > short paragraph about what the post is about > featured image. This also works well and I believe it should be on the safe side…

          About the read more part, that’s also what I’m doing on some of my sites/articles, however, I’m not sure if it’s OK to do it, so far so good for me though… I imagine it’s a bit misleading for users if they see the “read more on next page” and then the AdSense banner shows up tipically with their arrow inside, could be a bit missleading for the user I guess… But I also have an “Advertisement” text before all my ads anyway just to be sure… so do this at your own risk (the read more before the adsense ad part).

          Hope this helps,

          1. Hi Stephen,

            Thanks, that’s a good idea! Now that I’m thinking, I’ve found another way. What about adding shares buttons, it would be something like that :

            Post ad title > the adsense ad > Shares button > featured image

            Let me know what do you think?


          2. Hi Mark,

            Yes that could work, however you might get high CTR / invalid clicks if some people would like to click on Share and by mistake hit the click on the AdSense ad, also even if that doesn’t happen overall it would hurt your earnings potential I guess… You can try it for 1-2 weeks with that setup and without and see if you have any increase/decrease in CTR/RPM and revenue overall.

            Best regards,

          3. Hi Stephen,

            I forgot to ask you about what is the best placement of shares button to don’t affect your adsense CTR and overall earning?

            I see in the template you shared above that the shares buttons are in the left side of the layout, so what about mobile?


          4. Hi Mark,

            I would chose between these 2 options:

            1. Have the share buttons from the left side to float at the bottom of the screen on mobile (fixed position like anchor ads)
            2. Disable share buttons on the few posts that I’m doing arbitrage (I do this sometimes when I want to be sure that all clicks go to AdSense and not other external things like Social Media)


      2. Hi Stephen,

        Yeah, I do agree with you, I’ll keep this setup running for a few days and see if it does work.

        I’ve found it the easy way as I don’t need to go after every single post and edit it if I want to add a small paragraph like you mentionned.

        I want also to add that I’m using the same thing with my paginated posts in the end of article.

        Adsense ad > Shares button > Next/back button.

        I get usually with that last setup a CTR in the last ad unit around 4-5% but always a lower CPC.

  67. Hey Man, I am from India ans Doing Arbitrage from last 1.5 Years but last month my Adsense got banned having $6k Finalized earnings may its because of the high CTR i was getting around 15-20%. All my traffic was from India. My question is how much CTR is safe for Adsense Arbitrage Method? and how much Bounce Rate do u prefer in Analytics? Can’t we simply run arbitrage method on a 2-3 Pages php script website ?

    1. The 15-20% CTR is indeed very high and might seem suspicious to Google, but I don’t think that’s the cause for your account being banned, it’s likely other things like probably not unique content, ads too close to navigation and other items on the site, the quality of traffic, etc.

      I prefer anything around 5-10% CTR, it’s usually around 4-7% though.

      2-3 page websites don’t do well on Adsense, and probably you won’t even be approved, since you need at least 20+ unique articles or so…


  68. Hi Stephen
    I’m really liked your post, I have just started adsense arbitrage , niche golden retriever a made fb ads but i noticed the ctr is very low and i cant find articles about golden retriever , how can you advise me ? changing the niche or what . really apreciate your help

    1. Hi Endo,

      To be honest with you that’s not really a good niche for arbitrage because it’s such a small niche and so few people might actually be interested in golden retrievers. A general dog site for all breeds and with all the tips and things should be much better for arbitrage since you can write about more things.

      So yeah in your case I would change the niche if I wanted to do only arbitrage with the site. Most arbitrage sites these days are in health, entertainment, celebrities, travel, etc… so think big niches were a lot of people are interested in what you might want to write about.

      Good luck,

  69. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for sharing this insightful article!

    When you say you’re getting $20-$30 RPM on mobile, do you mean all of your revenue combined? Or Adsense only? I’ll make the assumption you’re around 5 pages per visit on mobile which means that at $20-$30 RPM your revenue per visit is anywhere from $0.10 – $0.15 – do I have that right? That is very impressive. I’m sure the push traffic has much lower pages per visit as you said, but I think 5 PVV is a good number for mobile from top tier native ad networks in my experience.

    Personally I am struggling to stay around the $10 RPM mark with Adsense and native ads. For me that means I’m floating closely between losing and making money and can’t seem to get over the hump.

    Do you have any other recommendations? I will say that I have mostly done tier 1 countries at this point – US, UK, Canada, Australia. I always held back from targeting foreign countries with articles that aren’t in their native language.

    Thanks again, any tips you could offer would be great.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Indeed $20-$30 RPM is on the high side especially when doing arbitrage, but to be honest these days I’m lower than that simply because I do push notification traffic more, I would say about 70% of my traffic I send is push vs 30% native now.

      Push traffic is way different than native traffic, it’s not even the point that it’s mobile, because for example even native mobile traffic performs better than push mobile traffic. So because of the amount of push traffic from tier 2-3-4 countries on a daily basis to all my sites, the RPM for me these days is $8-$10 or so, but… that’s still very profitable because in order to get my money back from push traffic I need about $4-$5 RPM and anything above that is profit.

      I don’t even think I get 5PVV, it’s more between 2-3 or something like that, but at the end of the day I’m still doubling or tripling my money.

      If I’m sending strictly Desktop USA native traffic from white lists (meaning I specifically target the sites and IDs on where to show my ads), then yeah I get $25-$30. But to get to that high point you need to invest a little, specially since you will be burning a lot of money until you get to create white lists and blacklists of good and bad performing sites that send you that traffic.

      But yeah if you want to try push, just know that the RPMs will be much much lower, because with push they don’t really expect to receive a message and with native ads they choose by themselves if they want to click on an ad or not, so yeah that plays a huge role in how the traffic behaves on your site.

      I would say you should definitely try some tier 2 and 3 countries, even with English as your article language.

      Fun tip: Take a look at this list of the english speaking population around the world, and you will realize that you can actually advertise on many countries and have your articles in English, most of these have a high number of English speaking population.

      Good luck,

  70. Hi Stephen
    Quite a Great article you have here. Am actually having an issue with revcontent i really want to run some campaigns with them but they keep declining my MasterCard and advice will be appreciated

    1. Hi Joe,

      Yeah I had that problem too in the past, I just opened up a support ticket, or left them a message on their online chat, and they fixed the issue for me.

      Good luck,

  71. Wow! Very thorough, you offer quite an education here…consider me signed up for more!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge..and for backing up your statements with FACTS. In an ocean of misinformation, it is refreshing.
    I am getting ready to launch my first “commerce in content” site and while it is still a work in progress, I’m hopeful I can make it successful because I am at least on the correct path content-wise.

  72. Hey Stephen,

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been reading about Adsense Arbitrage alot these days and I have read this article at least 3 times and all the comments/replies before finally writing this comment.

    I am very close to the Endgame in my Adsense journey right now and kind of need this to work since SEO isn’t responding at the moment.

    I am thinking of trying Push for now since I have a very small budget, I have narrowed the networks from your list I want to try to three.

    Mega Push
    Propeller Ads
    Mgid Push

    Which do you recommend to go for among these three? Also with a tracking link like below, all I need to do is swap out the “rop_MyExampleArticle_USA1” right? And the rest stays the same?{zoneid}&utm_content={campaignid}

    Thanks, man.

    1. Hi Babs,

      I would go with PropellerAds, they have more ad formats, but a bit more pricier than megapush. For example Propellers minimum CPC is $0.005 and in MegaPush is $0.001-$0.002 for some countries, so it’s up to you really.

      The URL format is correct, you need to swap out that example text from the source, but also the {zoneid} and {campaignid} tracking macros will be different in another network, this url example with those macros are for PropellerAds only, for megapush you would swap {zoneid} with {feedid} and {campaignid} with {campaign_id}.

      Good luck,

  73. Thanks for sharing this detailled and helpful article Stephen, I really enjoyed reading it!

    My Adsense RPM is very low $1-$3 and the same for my page CTR, the highest number I got after testing different placement and ad units is around 2% even if I’m publishing only high quality and original content.

    Despite all the testing I did, I don’t find any way to increase my metrics.

    For traffic source I use mainly free traffic like Pinterest and SEO, also I’m targeting mainly tier 2 countries (France, belgium…).

    Do you think is it normal as I’m not targeting tier 1 countries?

    1. Hi Sandrine,

      While Belgium and France are tier 1 countries their CPC is kinda low, like $0.1-$0.15, at least in my experience, and that can make your RPM low indeed. Also, the traffic matters and the way you set up your articles/website layout with the ads, and whether or not the articles are paginated.

      I still think the reason is the countries, they don’t give you a high enough CPC… but since you’re doing free traffic it shouldn’t matter that much since you don’t lose any money on traffic. Maybe try Pinterest in other countries, if your site is in French, try targeting the French-speaking part of Canada, the CPC is much higher for Canada.

      Good luck,

      1. Thanks for your reply!

        You’re totally correct about the CPC and that can be one of the causes to have lower RPM.

        But, I think I can still increase my RPM if I can get higher CTR, as I said earlier after all the testing of ad placement, the best Page CTR I got is 2%.

        While some folks say that they have a CTR above 5%, I didn’t find anyway to increase it in my case.

        So yes, my articles are paginated and most of my traffic is from mobile.

        Also, I would to mention that I’m using the Focusblog Thrive themes. Do you think it can be the cause of a lower CTR?

        For the layout I’m using two Ad units 336×280 one below the title and one above next/back, the same for desktop and that’s what worked the best for me.

        1. Ah well, depends on what things you tried to increase the CTR.

          You could experiment more with the ads, for example, to add more units, place some after the first or second paragraph and before the title…

          The focusblog theme should be ok, it depends on how you’ve set it up though, since I can’t see your website I can’t really comment on that.

          Also try and change the color scheme of the ads, for example from blue to red, etc. Try to get at least 3 ads on the page, it seems you have 2.

          Another important CPC factor is the article itself, for example the keywords and what things you’re talking about.

          And lastly, some countries really do have lower CTR than others… so there’s nothing you can do about that but to try and target other countries.

          Hope this helps,

          1. I’m actually experimenting with the color scheme.

            However, I recently added native ad widget below my articles and placing 3 ads seems like having more ads than content in paginated pages.

            For CPC, somedays goes up and others goes down, that’s why I think I should focus more on increasing my CTR.

            Thanks for the advice,

  74. Hi Stephan,

    It took you 5 days to write this article and took me 2 hours to read it 🙂 its very well written and very informative, honestly I don’t know how and from where I landed on this page, I must admit that you have written everything honestly and in details, so a big THANK YOU for this post.

    Now, like everyone else, I do have a few basic questions 🙂 if you don’t mind replying. My background is that I started Adsense back in 2004 until 2011, and Google banned my account but infact I didn’t do anything wrong, the only thing I did was I put Adsense on my one page website and the viral traffic from Facebook (at that time facebook had glitches and everyone was making money from CPA + AdscendMedia + CPALead), so my Adsense made around $10K in 2 days 🙂 but at AdscendMedia it made me over $12K. Since then, I didn’t use Adsense anymore, its been years now, but after reading your post, it convinced me to start testing my luck again..

    Most recently, infact in last 2 weeks, I had to buy a lot of traffic for the company I work form and we spent around $25k on Adowrds 🙁 to get that traffic, but I had to add another source of traffic so tried PropellerAds (infact my company already spent around $30K already with them – but someone who was managing was fired 🙂 so I had to start from scratch, I only spent around $300 but got some traffic, targeting only Desktop users.

    Sorry the comment is as long as you article, so here is my question. In PropellerAds, I saw that we have to upload an Image of 492×328, so when you start a campaign are you creating unique Ad images for each article ? and then push traffic to that specific article or the main website ? like or

    I have a few more questions, but I am afraid I don’t want to ask publicly, can I send you email ? I would appreciate if you agree.. thanks

    1. Hi Alee,

      I’m glad you read and liked my rather long article.

      To keep this short: Yes, I use different images 492×328 (I usually use 720×480, to make sure they appear nice on every resolution).

      I use different images for the same articles, and I rotate them around every few days, keeping the ones with high ctr around, and then change little things inside the image or a combination of ad title/description + changed image icon (192×192) and also the big image 492×328. I never let a campaign/article sit around for too much with the same image because over time the CTR will go down.

      I send traffic directly to my article page, of course, using UTM tags inside the URL, so something like{zoneid}&utm_content={campaignid}. Then I see all of the good info in my analytics account.

      You can use the contact page to send me a private email (will probably respond tomorrow though).


  75. Hi Stephen,

    Can you please explain the method how to show table of contents in an article the way you have showed it.

    Let me know it.

  76. What rmp you get for tier 1 traffic?I’m new to arbitrage so i don’t expert have profit but atleast don’t lost money.Do you suggest any traffic network that for newbie?

    1. Over $20-30 RPM for tier 1, but it depends on the article, niche and also the network and traffic method that is used.

      Almost all of the networks are suited for newbies, pretty much all of them have like $100 minimum deposits, the problem is that you will need to be careful and track your links/campaigns in order to quickly make a list of bad traffic IDs and good traffic IDs (depending on the network used, these have different names for example: Publisher ID, Site ID, widget ID, etc).

      You can try Taboola for native and PropellerAds for push notifications if you want.


  77. i read this amazing articles.
    i just started my website,
    1. can you check my website? i wrote it in comment form
    2.where i can get cheap quality writer,
    3. im new to proppeler i spent around $30 and i see in analytics i received 1700 visitors, in propeller dashboard stats i received 5700 clicks. what causing the discrepancy? i earned 5$ in adsense, such a loss
    thanks for answer

    1. You need to have unique articles, I see that you have some that are copied from other sites, this can put your AdSense account in danger.

      You could try Fiverr, if you don’t have a lot of $ to spend on writers, and get articles for as low as $5.

      It depends what kind of campaign you have created in Propeller, I have the same problems…some clicks I see, some I Don’t see. For example, their native ads clicks, also don’t show up properly in my analytics… but I do more push traffic with them which is showing up better in analytics.

      You have to keep in mind tho, that with almost every traffic service you will see some discrepancies between the traffic service and analytics, meaning that you won’t get to see all the clicks in analytics… someone can’t even see all clicks that they bought from Google AdWords in Google Analytics, so yeah it can happen.

      The reason for your monetary loss can be blamed on many things: too high costs in Propeller, copied and non unique articles, maybe the articles are not paying a lot because the keywords are not worth much (for example someone in the health niche or financial niche might make more from AdSense compared to your fashion niche). The GEOs, ad setup, ad campaigns, type of article, the way you set up your website, can all be important when it’s time to figure out what went wrong.

      So as I said many times in the article, you will have to lose money until you figure out the right way to do it for you, and this is not for everyone. Not to mention that you can also put your AdSense account at risk, especially since you have copied articles from other sites which is, of course, against Google Policy.

      But you can also be happy that at least you’ve seen some results, even though you’ve made a loss, you can only try and improve from now on. It would have been much worse if you didn’t make the $5 at all anyway. Now you can try and improve your site, your articles, the ad campaigns, GEOs, etc… there’s a lot of things that can be changed that can make your site profitable or unprofitable.

      Good luck,

  78. Thanks for reply Stephen,

    ¿Do you recommend to use landing page for every campaign? i usually just run the offers directly

    ¿What if the offer is a Dating SOI 1.5$, and still getting bad zone/widget/website ID, how much you could wait to spent before you blacklist the id?

    Sometime, the traffic bots can clicks your offer in the landing page ¿what do you recommend to avoid it?

    Sorry for that all questions and thanks.

    1. Hi Josue,

      Yes, I recommend landing pages for every campaign. 95% of the time it just converts and works better with a landing page. It depends on how much you pay for traffic and what traffic source you use like I said I usually close them after 100 clicks or a bit more if it’s still under the payout limit (price wise).

      About the bots clicking on the landing page, I dunno, to be honest, I don’t think you can avoid that, what you can do is just blacklist the IDs that clicked through your landing page but never made a conversion. It depends on you, on how fast you want to blacklist them and your budget. If you have a tighter budget then yeah, ban them faster like at 50 clicks or so.

      Also, try to look for better payout offers, dating is a very competitive niche, and depending on what country you’re choosing to advertise and what network, it can be pretty tough to make it profitable from a $1.5 payout.

      Hope this helps,

  79. Thanks for sharing this Stephen.

    This question is about CPA/affiliate offers ¿how do you know what websiteID/zoneID to block, i mean, like how much do you wait to spent before you block it? I usually wait the websiteID/zoneID spent 2$ before i block it, but i think i am wasting money.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Josue,

      Well, sometimes it depends on how much the CPA offer pays you… but if you clearly see that a zone/widget/website ID is not converting like it has 0seconds time on site, or has no click through rate from your landing page to your CPA offer, then yeah I close it in like 100 clicks.


  80. hi stephen please i’m a newbie i have been looking for a legit website to purchase traffic from to my blog and that i can earn from the traffic i previously bought some from fiverr but all were bots please can you suggest a network where i can buy traffic from at a cheap rate and that i can get a nice ROI?

    1. Hi Michael,

      I don’t know what your goals are regarding traffic (sales, leads, arbitrage, etc)… so all I can do is to recommend you to read my other article: cheap website traffic, and see more in-depth details about traffic sources.

      Also, all the traffic networks I’ve talked in this article are very good and not at all like Fiverr fake traffic, but some or most of them do still have some bot traffic involved so you need to be careful and filter that out.


  81. Hi Stephen again,

    Just wanted to know about something is that whenever you drive traffic for adsense site from push notification then do you go for desktop or mobile.

    I have only tried for desktop traffic so that maybe the reason that my balance gets reversed. Also if you have not tried desktop traffic then I would love you to try desktop traffic and then let me know how it went. I am sure that my balance gets reversed because of that.

    As you said that something is wrong with my site. I really don’t think so that is the case because as I said that I get traffic from pinterest and it goes really well. I never had any problem with that. As you know that almost 90% of pinterest traffic is mobile. Also which push notification traffic service you use the most while doing adsense arbitrage. Is it megapush or propeller.

    Does your balance gets reversed live. Not at the end of the month while releasing a payment when google deducts the money for invalid clicks. I mean you send the traffic and made some money and after an hour or two, You see that the adsense money has reduced. Have you had that sorts of case.

    Last but not the least can we use automatic size responsive ad after title instead of ( 728*90 ). Is it against the policies. What happens is that it will show ( 300*250 ) in mobile and ( 728*90 ) in desktop automatically.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Yes, I tried and still do both desktop and mobile campaigns.

      I use PropellerAds more because I’ve known about them and used them for a few years now and I like a few things more in Propeller than in Megapush, for example, they have more advertising options, such as: native, interstitial ads, popups, you can choose between CPM and CPC, push etc, where with Megapush you only get the push traffic to choose from. I should do a PropellerAds review and guide in the near future too.

      You have to understand that when I mean your site is wrong, I mean that it’s wrong for push. Have you read this arbitrage article entirely? I’ve mentioned a few times the importance of paginating your articles when you’re doing arbitrage. Meaning that a single article page now becomes multiple pages with a “Next / Previous” button. Without this, arbitrage is really hard to do and to profit from. Every successful adsense arbitrage site nowadays is using this tactic, and I’ve seen that you have no articles like this on your website. That’s what I meant when I said that your site is set up wrong.

      Again to repeat so that you better understand this: Paginated articles are the reason why adsense arbitrage works successfully even in 2019, you don’t have any articles like that from what I’ve seen on your website.

      Yes, I had balance reversed live in front of my eyes for example from $26 I will refresh a bit later and see $22 or so. I haven’t really checked to see if they were desktop or mobile clicks because well… when you refresh the adsense page you don’t expect the next thing you see to be less money than before, so you never properly check that, maybe I should from now on. And yeah it still happens to me even to this day.

      I have 90% of my traffic from mobile devices, so maybe you should try only a mobile campaign. But again, don’t do it on India, Brazil, Mexico, US.

      Yes, you can use responsive ads, it’s not against their policies, in fact, Google prefers that you use responsive ads because they are easier to use. The reason why I switch them “manually” with the help of a plugin is that sometimes they are showing other ad sizes on desktop, and for me personally that is worse in terms of profit.

  82. Wonderful article, As usually!
    Whenever I think about this article about 80% of which I using, but the sources of visitors, I use Facebook only. I want to ask you on PropellerAds.
    Such as if you have an ad campaign on PropellerAds and use UTM tags and a campaign that is displayed on many sites, how do we know a site that sends us fake visitors from among those sites?

    Thank you Stephen.

    1. Hi Adam,

      I’m glad you liked the new article.

      To answer your question: Yes, I am using PropellerAds for many things, CPA, affiliate offers and AdSense Arbitrage. Depending on what kind of traffic you buy from them there are different tokens that Propeller gives you (you can see them under the field where you have to enter your URL). For example for push traffic, the token is {zoneid}, if you have {zoneid} added to your UTM tags like:{zoneid}, you will see those IDs into your analytics. Each zone id represents a publisher site or an app, etc.

      So since each zone id that you will get traffic from is unique (keep in mind you can’t actually know the real address of the publisher’s website, only the ID), what you do is you look through your analytics like I’ve mentioned in the post, and if you see a zone ID that sent you 200-300 visitors, and all have 100% bounce rate, 0 seconds spent on site, 0 clicks in adsense etc, than that means it’s probably bot or fake or not converting traffic source so you then take that ID and add it to your Propeller Campaign and exclude it.

      Look at this picture from my analytics…you see the ID in the red box? it sent me 41 visitors only 26 where unique, and all of them had 100% bounce, 0 seconds time on site, 0 pages browsed, and from just that I know that it’s bot or not converting traffic so I then take that ID and exclude it from my campaigns at the traffic source (this works for every ad network that you’re working with, if you do the UTM tags tracking correctly)


      Does this makes sense or did I make it more confusing for you? Let me know haha.


          1. The first one.

            For example this is my PropellerAds UTM tracking links for my arbitrage campaigns with them:


            Of course, this only works with PropellerAds tokens, if you’re working with RevContet, MegaPush etc, the UTM link formula stays the same but you just change the tokens inside with what the ad network provides you.

            As you can see, I manually add the campaign name manually to the source after the ad network, (even though I also add the {campainid} at the end), because I work with so many networks it’s easier for me to do it like this. You can just use Propeller there, and {campaignid} at utm_content will show you the ID number of the campaign you will see inside Propeller, so it’s kinda the same, it just depends how you like it… I use them both since I work with 5+ networks it’s easier for me like this.


  83. Forgot something,

    I targeted India as I mentioned and published some viral articles that is going viral in India but as I mentioned that I got 15 clicks on adsense ad and after an hour it was only 5 clicks. I targeted desktop traffic. I am just not getting understanding why google is considering an invalid clicks. I don’t know if it has something to do specifically with megapush traffic.

    Just let me know your thoughts anyway.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I checked your website, and it seems you don’t have any paginated articles? That’s a huge reason why you didn’t earn enough money. You need to try one article that is split into multiple pages like I’ve explained above, also take a look at the graphic with how the article page should look like, that will give you an idea what I’m talking about.

      The invalid clicks in Google can mean a lot of things, they either clicked on them by mistake, or they clicked on them too fast, or they immediately hit the back button once they clicked an ad…etc. There are many reasons why that happens and unfortunately, I don’t know all the answers, it’s not really about MegaPush, it’s about your website and how the users interact with it and your ads, that is giving you invalid clicks.

      If the MegaPush traffic was bad/bot/fake etc, you wouldn’t even get invalid clicks anyway, since they would act like bots and not do anything on the site, but since they are clicking on the AdSense ads, I’m guessing that the problem is with your site and ad positions like I’ve said.

      Never tried Froggy Ads, so I have no idea what to tell you about them. Do you still have money left in MegaPush? You could try other countries once you have your article page layout in a similar way to what I’ve explained.


  84. Hi Stephen,

    Finally the article is being published. Very happy with that.

    I had to know have you ever considered using Froggy ads. Just let me know if it is worth trying.

    I am thinking to try it again but the balance gets reversed as I told and google thinks that the traffic is invalid. What should I do. It has to do with traffic I guess because I am getting pinterest traffic as well on my blog and I never get my balance reversed with pinterest traffic.


    1. Hi stephen thank you for the awesome content.
      My question is there’s some companies that gives an offer(articles) to promote it in Facebook and native and gives a revshare of 80% and they take 20%.
      Do you have experience with them?

        1. Hi stephen I hope you are doing well
          Thank you for the great content
          I have an article that is working very well for me in a native ads platform, I can get mobile us/uk traffic for 0.01/0.02 real human engaged traffic that reads 10 pages or more.
          I have limited ads on adsense that’s why I want to try ezoic.
          From your experience Do you think it will be profitable with this cpc?

          1. Hi there,

            In theory, yeah you should see a profit. But then again, RPMs are kinda low this time of year so dunno how it’s going atm on Ezoic. You could try it for a day or so without loosing too much $. Also, that’s a great price for US/UK traffic, especially these days.


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