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This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through these links I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I personally hand-test everything that I promote, and I only link to services and products that I like.
cheap website traffic

I don’t know about you, but I have an obsession with finding cheap website traffic that converts amazingly.

I mean, I sure, also run ad campaigns with a much higher CPC than the one that you see in the title of this post, (on some platforms like Outbrain, Twitter, and Pinterest) and they are all amazing and giving me a positive ROI, so I included them in this list too.

But sometimes I really like to create a campaign and promote it with clicks that cost anywhere between $0.001 and $0.05 and see if I can make an offer convert with that kind of paid website traffic.

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There is a weird satisfaction that I get when I see that I can make money even if I don’t pay a fortune for clicks or don’t have to spend time doing SEO.

When I started many years ago, my main concern was finding good quality and affordable website traffic, and I failed many times.

I could’ve created and designed a killer landing page, have an amazing logo, or great copywriting, but it was all pointless because I had no good quality traffic that came to my websites.

I tried many scam services that promised to send me legit traffic (and never did). So I got burned… a lot, and then I learned how to do SEO and build proper online businesses or at the very least, get smart with the ways I pay for traffic.

But, before we go any further, you might consider having your website ready to send traffic first, because that will really help you out when doing traffic campaigns with some of these cheap website traffic sources.

Because some of them might not like you direct linking to an offer, instead it’s recommended to have your own website or landing page where you could send your traffic first, and then from there redirect them to your offers.

Plus this also increases your conversions and can then lower your cost of traffic even more. My tutorial: How To Create A Website will show you how to do it in just 15 minutes.

Why Low-Cost Traffic

You Don’t Have a High Budget

no money for ads

Obviously, if you’re reading this article you’re interested in increasing the traffic to your website or your affiliate campaigns. You can achieve that through many methods, free or paid.

But let’s say you have no idea how to do SEO or have no time to wait until it takes effect.

So your other option is to simply just pay for website traffic, and while there are many ad networks and websites out there claiming to send you good quality traffic at a cheap price, in reality, there are only a few of them who actually deliver what they say.

No Time To Wait For SEO

no time for seo

Like I’ve mentioned above, if waiting for SEO is not your thing, and all the other free traffic methods have failed you (such as social media, forum posting, youtube marketing, etc).. then you should try paying for website traffic.

Yes, it will not always convert as well as a visitor coming directly from Google if you do proper SEO, but it can still work and you will be able to at least test your website or offer before starting to actually do heavy SEO on the website.

Almost all the cheap website traffic sources I mention below will start sending you traffic in about 24 hours since you submit your campaign (you will have to wait for your ads to be reviewed so that’s why it will take a bit longer).

Isn’t All Cheap Website Traffic Bad?

Yes and No…

I’ve tried and tested many many paid advertising networks over the years and most of them were indeed crap, and I only lost my money in trying them out, but there are some cheap website traffic sources that I found to have good traffic with low CPC (cost per click) that worked for me and I was able to get sales and leads from them.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

So I’ve figured that maybe you guys will be interested in knowing some of these low-cost website traffic sources that I use, so if you’re looking to promote affiliate offers or your own websites and you’re on a budget, you should try out the following sources.

But first…

bot traffic
Always be on the lookout for bot traffic.

Here are some tips on how to prevent paying for bad traffic:

  • In general, stay away from websites that will promise to send you 100000 visitors for $10.
  • Don’t buy traffic from Fiverr gigs, 99% of the time they are fake bot traffic
  • Don’t pay for an email blasting service (You pay $100 a month to be able to spam thousands of emails)
  • Always read reviews about the company or service you want to buy your traffic from
  • Stay away from PTC and traffic exchange websites.

These are some good tips that you should follow if you want to minimize the chances of buying bad or fake traffic.

Even the legit traffic sources have some sort of bad traffic (you’ll read about that in a minute), but the key to that is to do proper tracking and block the bad websites/id’s/keywords that don’t convert.

Ok, so, let’s see my go-to places to get quality and cheap website traffic at a low price, these sources are still popular in 2022.

16 Recommended Cheap Website Traffic Sources

1. Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)


By the way, for a couple of years now, Bing Ads has become Microsoft Advertising. (I still call it Bing Ads though lol).

No idea why that happened, but since Microsoft actually owns Bing and a bunch of other services and websites, I guess they chose to rename Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising, because they wanted to include more options for advertisers.

Similar to Google and Google Ads, Bing also has its own advertising platform for its search engine listings via their Microsoft Advertising platform.

They don’t have the same volume as Google, so they can’t send you thousands a click a day for every industry, but they still have some good numbers especially if you chose to run your ads on their search partners too like Yahoo and AOL.

The Windows operating system is still the most used one in the world, and it comes with its own browser Internet Explorer (or the newest version: Edge) preinstalled.

And they have their own MSN and Bing Search pre-configured as the homepage and as the default search engine. So if you’re worried that nobody is using Bing search, well think again.

One of my campaigns that I ran on BingAds, managed to get an average CPC of $0.04 targeting: US, CA, UK, AU, Singapore

The average CPC can range between $0.05 and $1, depends on all the different categories.

But you can also get lucky and pay about $0.01-$0.03 per click. It’s a bit trickier these days but it can still be done.

So if you want to get clicks as low as $0.01 you should:

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.
  • Target other countries than the US (think about Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, France, Spain, etc..)
  • Create an awesome landing page that has a good quality score. Aim to get at least an 8/10 quality score. This helps to lower your CPC.
  • Go to SemRush and spy on your competitors and see what keywords and ads they are running and copy them all.
  • Do split tests between different ads and try to change the ad titles and text description
  • You can also use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest and Ahrefs to check out more keywords to add to your campaign.

Now keep in mind this is not something that’s an exact science and of course you might have different results, but in general, if you follow some of these steps you should be able to lower your CPC enough, maybe not exactly $0.01 per click but you can easily achieve something like $0.03 – $0.06.

I’ve put BingAds in the first place because it’s a high-quality ad network with very little bad traffic (if any at all) and they also have good CPC prices.

My craziest record with Bing Ads was 1 sale from just 2 clicks (I paid $0.10 for 2 clicks, ended up selling a product for $40, not that bad, but I did my set up correctly and I was targeting France instead of the US, where there isn’t that much of a competition).

~Disclaimer: sure, it was an insane thing to happen and I don’t guarantee that you will have the same results, but it did happen so I’m trying to make my point that Bing Ads are a good cheap website traffic source, even if you won’t get the same results like the above, that’s super rare to happen even for me~

Of course, I got a little lucky with 1 sale from 2 paid clicks, but still, that only proves that Bing is on par or with Google Ads sometimes and that their paid website traffic also converts really well.

Bing Ads Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit for Bing Ads, you pay after 30 days, but you can also prepay your account with $50 for example.
  • Minimum CPC: $0.01

2. RevContent

RevContent is a native advertising network, where your ads can be placed on some of the top websites in the world such as, PCWorld, Newsweek, Metro, Inquisitr,, etc.

The website traffic you can buy on RevContent can be cheap at $0.01 per click or can be a bit on the expensive side: $0.10 – $0.30 CPC. It all depends on what your targeting is, such as GEO, placements, category, device, etc.

Here are some examples of volume and cost for some campaigns that I ran in the past on RevContent:

As you can see, I had a test campaign running for just $0.05 per click, and that’s US traffic on Desktop, (the most expensive combination).

cheap website traffic

Another campaign that I had running for a longer period of time, the average CPC was a bit higher at $0.08 but it was still worth it for me because I had a great return on investment and I wanted to bid a bit higher to buy more traffic.

This was also for the US traffic desktop only.

Did a mobile campaign test in a European country and was able to get a CPC of $0.02.

It was only a 1-day test campaign which didn’t bring me too many conversions so I had to cut it, but nevertheless, the website traffic volume and the cost were good.

So as you can see you can get a lot of cheap website traffic from RevContent at reasonable prices, it all depends on what country you’re targeting, what device, what category or website placements you chose, etc.

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Note: Revcontent has a bit of a problem with bot traffic especially if you target the US. Many publishers are using some sort of software to automate clicks on their ads to increase their revenue.

Of course, this is bad and it can chew a large part of your budget if you’re not careful. So make sure that you do proper tracking by using good tracking software like RedTrack.

You need to track from what websites and widgets the clicks are coming from, and block them immediately if you think they are bot traffic for example if you see a 100% bounce rate or less than 1 second spent on site.

Yes, it sucks, and I have no idea when Revcontent will fix this and get rid of all the bad publishers, it’s been like this for 2 years or so since I’m testing this platform.

But once you create a list of bad website IDs or a whitelist (a list that has only the good IDs that you want to target) then Revcontent is really a great way to get cheap website traffic that converts.

Revcontent Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Recommended Minimum CPC: $0.03 (depending on the device and country targeted)

3. Google Ads

Google Ads

Yes, Google Ads made it to this list of cheap website traffic sources. You’re shocked, I know. There are thousands of articles, videos, and forum posts on the internet talking about the high CPCs of Google Ads, so why are they on this list?

Well… for starters, while they do certainly have $1+ CPCs for popular keywords and industries and more importantly for various countries like the U.S., there are some ways that you can get traffic from Google Ads for a much cheaper price.

Did you know that you can advertise on Google Ads but not necessarily on their search engine where the competition and thus the clicks are higher?

How about if I were to tell you that you can (in theory) get CPCs for as low as $0.01 (but more realistically $0.05) from Google Ads?

You see… Google Ads has many platforms and options for advertisers to create and run campaigns on.

Sure, their most popular one is their search engine listings, where you can bid on keywords and get to have your website at the top in just a few hours (or minutes, depending on the ad moderation time and CPC of course).

But Google Ads consists of many other platforms and formats like YouTube Ads, Gmail Ads, Google Display Network, and Apps.

For example, you could still run even to this day, banner and native ads on the massive Google Display Network, at the minimum CPC of $0.01.

Sure their minimum CPCs of $0.01 is not the same as $0.001 or even $0.0001 CPC or CPVs, but we’re talking about different inventory, ad formats, and quality of paid website traffic here.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.

Also keep in mind that on this list of cheap website traffic sources I also have other big ad networks like Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Taboola who all have a minimum CPC of $0.01.

Google Ads Display Campaign
Just some estimated number of clicks with the minimum  CPC of $0.01 on the Google Ads Display Network. Targeted location: United States. Sure you might not get that much, because it’s just an estimate, but hey, it’s possible πŸ™‚

So, theoretically, you can get CPCs as low as $0.01 from Google Ads too, provided that you think a bit outside the box and are willing to test a lot. And I’ve done it a few times actually. Check out my Google Ads Tips to optimize your campaigns.

As you can probably realize by now, while some people might get scared that their budget is not high enough to run campaigns on Google Ads.

The truth is that it is actually possible for anyone out there even with a $50 budget to get started and potentially even see some results.

On their Methodology page, Google explains how on average, every business that spends $1 to advertise with Google Ads, makes back $8 in profits.

That’s a pretty bold statement to have and to be honest, I can’t even argue with that, I’ve seen some extraordinary results myself, similar to the one that I shared about Microsoft Advertising. Only on a more constant basis, and not just “that one lucky time”.

The key is to test a lot, have great landing pages and services or products to promote, and not be afraid of thinking outside the box.

Don’t just think of the US or Canada or other big countries like that, you should also think about countries like Kazakstan, Romania, Ecuador for example.

The users from those countries also spend money, and they buy a lot from the internet.

Most of my sales that I’ve done on Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads came from lesser advertised countries.

This allowed me to pay way less than I would normally pay for a click from the US and the volume is also great to scale up.

So why go with Google Ads over Microsoft Advertising for example? Well, you can use both actually, even at the same time, but let me answer this question with one simple word: SCALABILITY.

Nothing compares to the scalability potential you get when running campaigns on Google Ads.

Sure Microsoft Advertising is good and converts and everything, but the same applies for Google Ads, with the bonus of having more volume and inventory.

I found myself oftentimes not being able to properly scale my campaigns with Microsoft Advertising.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

That’s because not that many people outside the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan use the Bing search engine. So if you want to target users from other countries, well… tough luck.

Google still dominates the search engine market, and also via their AdSense program they also dominate the display ads market.

Want to hear the number of websites out there that uses AdSense to monetize their website?

Over 39,000,000 websites are using AdSense in 2022. That’s a staggering number, and I’m sure their publisher base is growing every day.

Here are a couple of ways on how you can get affordable website traffic using Google Ads:

  • Try YouTube Ads (CPC can be very cheap with minimum bids of $0.01-$0.05 on YouTube)
  • Gmail Ads
  • Try banner and native ads
  • Start with a small budget
  • Advertise in countries other than the U.S (and get a lower CPC…usually)
  • Try search engine ads too, but do it smartly and don’t bid outside your comfort zone
  • Optimize and do A/B tests on all your ads to get a higher CTR
  • Have a high-quality landing page (and get a high landing page score, this will help you get a lower CPC)
  • Constantly monitor your campaigns and see how they are performing
  • Don’t go broad too fast, and use negative keywords
  • Manually select placements

Some affiliate marketers will complain that they don’t use Google Ads because Google doesn’t like affiliate marketing on their network.

Let me tell you, that’s not true… at all.

What Google doesn’t like is you promoting shady offers and products, direct linking to the affiliate website, not offering any value at all for the user, or using your website as a “bridge” between you, the user, and the affiliate offer.

affiliate marketing with google ads
Affiliate marketing websites with campaigns on Google Ads (February 1st, 2021)

So if you want to do affiliate marketing with Google Ads, then I suggest you study carefully their official guidelines first.

Google Ads minimum budget: ZERO. That’s right, you don’t need to deposit anything to get started, you will pay at the end of the month (by then maybe you have already made some sales to cover your budget.

Google Ads minimum CPC: $0.01, but you have to get creative in order to get clicks this cheap (see my tips from above).

Google Ads payment methods: You can have manual payments, automatic payments, and monthly invoicing based on the country you have on your profile. All can be done via a Bank account or credit/debit card.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a big social network website (currently the 25th most visited website in the world and 6th social network).

But before you get too happy about Reddit, you should know that’s one of the most “Brutal” social networks in existence.

Why is that?

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Well, the users also known as “Redditors” are a bit too much to handle for some people, they are either trolling, judgemental, talk crap, or are brutally honest about you or your service and this can make your marketing campaign on Reddit worthless.

Of course, not every redditor is like that, most of them are in fact nice.

But you should always be careful about how you try and advertise your website because they can smell the BS quick and the whole campaign could backfire on you if they start leaving you nasty comments.

So it’s probably best to advertise something interesting and helpful to the subreddit that you chose to subscribe to.

Ok, I didn’t mean to scare you…

Let’s look at the good points:

Reddit is the 3rd most visited site in the US, it has over 330 million average monthly active users and more than 140k active communities (also known as subreddits).

Also, Reddit is a great place to hold awesome and productive conversations with people that have the same interests as you.

This makes Reddit traffic that much better since most of its users are super interested and very targeted in all niches.

For example, if you want to talk with entrepreneurs and other online marketers you could join subreddits like r/Entrepreneur or r/DigitalMarketing.

You can get traffic from Reddit for free too, but first, you need to build up your profile with a positive karma score and join conversations post helpful guides, articles, etc, since most subreddits require you to have a certain karma score to post links.

So the next best thing is to pay for it, Reddit Ads are very cheap, and not that many marketers are using them. This is weird since they have such a good price for super laser targeted website traffic.

To start advertising simply go to Reddit Ads and log-in (if you already have a Reddit account) or register if you don’t have an account, and then just click on create a campaign and the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory.

The price for your ads depends on what country and subreddit you chose to advertise to, as you can see from the image below.

If I wanted to promote a NetHustler article on some internet marketing-related subreddits in the US, I will only have to pay between $0.5 – $1 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.
cheap website traffic

After that, you submit your campaign it will have to be reviewed and approved first, so you will need to wait up to 24hours for your promotion to go live.

Reddit is an amazing way of getting quality cheap website traffic, but you must be careful of what things you’re promoting as again, Reddit users can smell through the BS and if they sense something that you’re posting is shady or looks like a scam, they will let you and other redditors know about it.

Reddit Ads Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: $5 (last time I checked…)
  • Minimum CPM: $0.50

5. is another content recommendation network, where you can buy native ads that appear on some of the biggest websites on the internet.

Just like Revcontent, also has a huge volume of traffic that can be bought for pennies.

There is a trick, however, will give you a different pricing range for your campaign depending on what type of website or landing page you’re promoting.

paid website traffic
CPC prices for promoting Noncommercial content (such as an article, guide, tutorial, etc)

As you can see, depending on what type of content you want to promote you will have a different CPC bid.

So if you were to create a campaign for a blog article or a guide on something, that doesn’t really promote a product or service inside the article, then you can use the Noncommercial content type inside and get clicks for as low as $0.01 on mobile, up to a minimum $0.05 on desktop.

You can have banners around your article, just nothing inside the article that specifically promotes something. (Adsense ads etc are ok).

Now if you wanted to promote an affiliate product, your own service, or if you wanted to build an email list and gather subscribers via a squeeze page, you will have to choose the “Advertorials or Advertisements” content type, depending on what you’re promoting.

cheap website traffic
CPC for promoting Advertorials or Advertisement Content. (Landing pages to affiliate products, services, email signup, etc)

These are clearly more expensive to advertise, and you will have to pay at least $0.06 per click on mobile, and it can go up to $0.30 on desktop.

You should also keep in mind that with these native ad networks (, revcontent, etc), to get a lower CPC you need to have a good CTR (click-through rate) on your ads.

The higher the CTR the lower the CPC will go. So you need to test many ad titles and images to find the best-performing ones.

cheap traffic sources

As you can see from some of my campaigns that I did in the past on, I was able to reach a $0.01 CPC on some of them but usually, I had something between $0.02-$0.05 because I was mainly advertising on desktop US.

Note: If you target non-commercial, mobile-only, and other countries than the US, then you will get a lot of quality cheap clicks at a $0.01 CPC.

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This affordable website traffic is very good and it converts.

When you have those lists, it will be much easier to profit from Content.Ad (and also Revcontent), simply by blocking the bad IDs that are bots or not converting, or by only running traffic on a select group of websites that you know they convert.

You will get all these IDs and data if you use tracking software. Tracking is very important when paying for website traffic (any kind of traffic not only

Otherwise,e without any tracking, you will spend money on ads without knowing what converts and what doesn’t and you will lose a lot of time and money by not doing it properly.

Get a tracking software like RedTrack (14-day free trial) that will register all the data about your visitors to know what converts and what doesn’t.

This way you will be ahead of the game. Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  •  Minimum CPC: $0.015 on mobile / $0.05 on Desktop

6. PopAds

PopAds Traffic

Popads is a pop-under and pop-up traffic source where you will have to pay on a CPM basis, so, for example, you can pay $5 for 1000 impressions that will be $0.005 per view.

Most of the time though, you will pay much less than that, as you will see from one of my campaigns below.

Yes, popunders and popups are annoying to users, and yes there is a lot of bot traffic involved (well not a lot, but a good amount).

You will have to do proper tracking again, but it could be all worth it since the traffic is so cheap, and contrary to what many people believe popups and popunders still work and they do convert.

Some people even have a 4-5% conversion rate (we’ll call these people unicorns since they are so rare, nobody actually knows if they exist or not)

To advertise on PopAds is simple, you need to go and open an account with them here, You don’t need a high budget to get started, and you can fund your account even with $10.

After you have your account all set up and funded, you can go ahead and create a campaign.

I will have to write a more in-depth guide on Popads in the future since there are so many features that you can play with, but for now, here’s what you need to know:

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.
PopAds Settings

URL: Create a good-looking pop-up landing page, you could use just a simple image or a nicely designed LP, and add the URL here.

Quality: you should leave it on “All websites”. You will get more website traffic and quicker, to faster optimize the campaign.

Plus most of the time is not really worth it to pay extra just for the top 10% of websites.

Max Bid: here you need to use the “Smart Bid” option and enter the maximum bid you’re willing to pay for a view, so for example if you enter $0.005 here, you will pay $5 per 1000 impressions.

You can go lower or higher depending on your campaign settings (GEO, Device, Categories, how fast you want the traffic, etc)

popads bidding
Popads bidding example: $0.002 cost per view will come out as $2 CPM ($2 per 1000 impressions) pretty good…

Throttling: Disabled

Categories: Choose Adult only if you promote an adult offer, otherwise go with the General option.

Website Targeting: Disabled (for now)

After your campaign is live, and you get some visitors to your link, provided that you’re using a tracking tool like RedTrack, you will be able to see the IDs of the websites that are sending you the traffic.

website traffic

When you are finished with setting up all the things for the campaign, click on the Summary tab, here you will see how many impressions you will be able to receive per day with the settings and the bid that you chose.

So if you want a higher impression count you will have to bid a bit more, but if you have a lower budget you can lower your bid and get fewer impressions per day.

Play around with the bid and the campaign settings until you are happy with the summary outcome, and then click on the Create Campaign button and wait for the review.

For me, I like to go big and have more impressions and I bid slightly higher to be able to optimize my campaigns faster.

After the campaign is approved you will start receiving traffic to your link. After you get a good amount of visits (at least 5k) you could then start optimizing your campaign.

You can do that by excluding the bad website IDs or targeting only the websites that make you money or have good quality traffic with a low bounce rate etc.

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.
paid website traffic
In one of my tests campaign that I ran on Spain, as you can see I was able to get a $0.0014 cost per view, which was pretty good…for a tier 1 country. But this was after I optimized the campaign and removed the bot traffic, so that’s why I have fewer impressions count.

So if there is an ID that does not convert you can then go ahead and use the “Exclude Websites” option and add the IDs you want to block.

You’ve probably realized by now that I’m talking about RedTrack a lot in this article, and you might think that I’m doing all of this just for a quick buck.

Yes, I will get paid a commission if you sign-up via my affiliate link (They have a 14-day free trial though), but tracking is essential when it comes to buying cheap website traffic.

I simply recommend RedTrack because it’s very easy to use for beginners and also much cheaper compared to the other tracking tools around.

I could very easily recommend you Voluum or FunnelFlux which are also very good tracking solutions, but they are a bit more complicated to use and also more expensive (all of them start with a basic plan of $99 per month).

But you can actually use whichever tracker you want.

For beginners, I think RedTrack is awesome and also cheaper, so that’s why I keep on recommending it (if it was crap, it wouldn’t be mentioned on my blog).

Tracking is important, it doesn’t matter what tracking software you use to do it, as long as you do it so that you don’t lose money and get no data in return.

Data is important to have in order to optimize your campaigns and cut down your costs.

So that’s really the thing with PopAds, you need to test campaigns, track and optimize to get it to be profitable, and get quality cheap website traffic.

It can be hard at first and you might need to spend a couple of bucks, but it can be worth it.

Popads Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  •  Minimum CPV (cost per view): $0.00015 (yes that’s 4 zeros, but of course depends on the GEO)
  • Sign up with Popads

7. Facebook Ads

website traffic sources

Ok, I’ll be honest with you, I have a love and hate relationship with Facebook Ads, and I don’t really like advertising on Facebook that much, simply because I think other sources convert better.

I mean Facebook is a social network, people hang on it to watch videos of cats and some pictures of their friend’s newborn baby, they aren’t in the mood to buy or subscribe to things.

That doesn’t mean I don’t use it from time to time…or that it doesn’t work… Facebook is still great if you want to start out and you don’t have a big budget since you can get started without even depositing any funds and just create a campaign with $5 per day or so.

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.


A few years ago it wasn’t that difficult to get $0.01 clicks from Facebook ads in the US.

Nowadays things are different. There are way more marketers and advertisers using FB ads and also Facebook has done many changes to their ads platform, so it isn’t as easy or as common anymore to get $0.01 clicks.

But not impossible…

If you want to get penny clicks from Facebook you need to have engaging and captivating ads that users will share, like, and comment on and also a high CTR (click-through rate).

Facebook Ad Types

The type of ad you chose to set up is also important. For example, a boosted post on your Facebook page will have a much lower CPC than if you were to do a “Website Traffic” ad.

That’s because Facebook will obviously want its users to remain on their website instead of going to an external one. So clicks to your website will almost always be more expensive than something like a post share or page like.

Video ads are another beast altogether. In general (for me at least) I find it way easier to get video ad views for just $0.01/view.

Of course, video ads don’t have the same CTR as the other type of ads, but the benefit is that you can get that post to go viral much easier since a video is more engaging than a normal ad and you will get free traffic after a while if enough people share it.

In addition to the different ad types, the target audience that you will have to set up during the ad creation process also plays an important role in lowering or raising your CPC.

facebook ads targeting

If you do retargeting and you have a custom audience based on your website traffic, the CPC will usually be much lower.

So as you can see, there are still some ways to get cheap website traffic from Facebook ads. Now I don’t know if it will convert well for you (for me it’s hit or miss), somedays you might have great results, and some days not so much.

Regardless Facebook Ads is still a good platform to try out and their great advantage is the insane targeting possibilities and also the fact that you can start with $5.

Facebook Ads Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit, you pay after your account reaches the threshold amount.
  • Minimum CPC: Can get as low as $0.01 if you optimize your ads correctly and you’re not in a competitive GEO


Mgid is another native advertising network, similar to RevContent and

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.

The best part about them is that the minimum deposit is low: $100 and that they are more lenient towards what campaigns you can run and what you have on your landing pages or in your ad settings.

For example, you can run a bit more “riskier” ads on MGID, that you wouldn’t be allowed on other native ad networks like Revcontent.

You could also run offers in some categories that some ad networks won’t allow you to advertise, such as Dating and Adult offers, supplements, etc.

Of course, they have rules too, so don’t expect that you could run some crazy offer or landing page, but in general, they approve campaigns riskier than the other networks.

You might be wondering if they have good and cheap website traffic and if they can provide results… well as you could already see in this article I’ve only talked about companies that I personally tested and worked with.

So yes Mgid has good traffic and they convert well (highly recommended you use a tracker to track the bad websites / ID’s that send you traffic that doesn’t convert. You could try: FunnelFlux tracker)

cheap website traffic

As you could see from the image above, I’ve spent $2350 with Mgid on this account, which of course means that I had some great results, otherwise I would’ve stopped at like $200 – $300.

I tested some random health products that I never promoted before in 2 random countries (France & Romania) and I had no idea what to expect.

To my surprise, they’ve both made me money and they were both very profitable.

The first campaign in France made 105 sales and the second one for Romania, I got 56 sales. Not that bad considering that they both paid almost double the conversion costs.

I  had to optimize the campaigns a bit and block some bad website IDs and test a couple of different ads, but all in all, it was a smooth process, and managed to get both campaigns on a positive ROI.

The other campaigns that you see with 0 conversions, were used to promote some content on my blogs, so no conversions to be shown there since I had nothing to sell.

I just wanted to increase my social media and boost my number of shares on some blog articles and that worked out nicely.

In the end, Mgid is another company that I recommend.

Mgid Extra Info:

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Minimum CPC: $0.01 (depending on the country, it can go up)

Their minimum accepted CPC varies depending on the country you are targeting.

For example, if you want USA and Canada traffic you need to bid a least $0.035 for UK and Australia at least $0.045.

For Europe between $0.015 and $0.2 and other GEO’s around the world, the minimum bid is $0.01.

9. MegaPush is a new ad network that is based on push notification advertising. Push notifications are those messages that you receive on your phone from various apps and websites that you are using.

For example, you receive push notifications every time you receive a message on Facebook or from your bank account informing you about a recent transaction, etc.

Even though it’s a new Ad format, push notification advertising is growing at an incredible speed, and more and more companies are now using this traffic model to bring clients and leads to their services and websites.

Advantages of Push Traffic: It’s almost always bot-free, depending on the network that you chose to work with.

Being a very new ad format, there aren’t any bots out there that can simulate a user subscribing to a website’s notifications.

So advertisers are taking advantage of this since that means there are fewer ways to lose money.

Another great advantage of push traffic is that your message will appear directly and instantly on the user’s device, which means maximum visibility and a very high CTR (click-through rate) when compared to the more traditional banner ads.

Ok, so now where do you go to find good quality push notification traffic?

Simple answer:

cheap push traffic
1.2 means: $0.012 not $1.2 and 0.3 Means $0.003 etc. It’s confusing at first, but don’t worry you will get the hang of it eventually.

They have a very good and large inventory and at very affordable prices.

They use a CPC pricing model (meaning you pay each time someone clicks on your push ad). Their lowest CPC is $0.001.

Yes, that’s right a tenth of a cent. Can you imagine the possibilities with such affordable website traffic?

Running Native Ads? Spy on Your Competition & Create Winning Campaigns with Anstrex

The only “issue” is the weird way in how they are displaying the cost. they just display everything in cents, so 0.1 becomes a tenth of a cent which is $0.001.

Now, don’t get fooled by that high number when you see it.

For example, if you see something like Germany – 5.9 it doesn’t mean you will pay $5.9 per click it means you will pay $0.059.

So 2.1 becomes $0.021, 0.6 becomes $0.006, and 0.1 becomes $0.001.

cheap website traffic
Some countries have a CPC as low as $0.001

The CPC in depends on the country you’re targeting. Some countries have a minimum of 2 ($0.02) per click, while others have a minimum of 0.1 ($0.001) per click.

Usually, even the high-tier countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.. only have a minimum bid of $0.02 which is still extra cheap.

But if you have offers that convert well in other countries then you will be able to get a ton of cheap website traffic.

For example, India starts at $0.003, Brazil starts at $0.002, Panama and a few others at $0.001, etc. so there are plenty of opportunities to make a nice profit.

paid website traffic
Mexico Minimum CPC: $0.002 but if you bid $0.003 you get access to more traffic

I’ve had multiple successful campaigns on and I’m still using it to this day… here’s an example of some of my campaigns from a few days ago:

affordable website traffic

Now obviously I can’t show you exactly what offers and campaigns I’m running, (I will create a separate blog post for that in the future), but as you can see I’m getting clicks as low as $0.002, sure I could’ve bid $0.001 on some of them but I wanted access to more traffic and faster. In other more competitive countries as you can see I bid anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03.

And yeah like I’ve said I made money with them, and I still run traffic every day through them for various CPA and affiliate offers as well as some of my other blogs. So I really recommend you give them a try.

Check out my latest blog post for my MegaPush Review.

MegaPush Extra Info:

10. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is another great advertising company. Although I only use it for their Push Notification traffic, they also have a few other options such as CPM, Banners, Interstitials, etc. However like I said I only play with their Push traffic.

It works the same way works, the only thing different is that they have a slightly higher minimum CPC for push notification traffic which is $0.005, and in some countries, you really need to bid a bit higher like at least $0.01.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.

I don’t care about their other ad formats, I only tried their interstitial banner a few times, it worked ok but I only broke even, and I had to block too many bad zones to bring in a bit of money.

Their push traffic, however, is very good.

cheap website traffic source

As you can see I bought 623,418 clicks in a little under 4 months and I paid a total of $2,250 (the actual cost was $1,875, but since I’m a European citizen, PropellerAds charges me a VAT tax).

That’s on average $0.003 CPC. However keep in mind that I tested many campaigns in many countries, for example in Sweden and Switzerland I was paying a minimum of $0.08 CPC or more, and in countries like the Philippines, I could go with $0.005.

They also had a promotion a while back when their minimum CPC was $0.001, but I only got to take part for like 2-3 weeks, but then they made their minimum CPC $0.005 so I was paying at least $0.005 – $0.007 CPC for countries like India, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Here are some Average CPC prices and also the minimum CPC for some of the countries for Push Notification (this is based on a screenshot I took on 29 December 2018, so it changes daily):

cheap website traffic

So what could I say more about PropellerAds…well if they didn’t have good cheap website traffic, I wouldn’t have bought so much of it.

I’ve tried a bunch of things with Propeller, from dating CPA offers, to content arbitrage, affiliate product sales in different niches like health, finance, casino, etc. Some failed, some made me some really nice money.

I always figure out how to make a profit with all the companies that I’m working with, so I was able to get my money back plus some nice profit.

But to figure out what works and what doesn’t, you will have to test a lot. It all depends on what you’re trying to promote, te to be honest, and how quickly you can scale things up.

PropellerAds Extra Info:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Minimum CPC: $0.001 for banner/native ads and $0.005 for push ads.

11. PPCMate

cheap website traffic

PPCmate – another SSP (self-serve platform) that has good and cheap website traffic. They claim to have an inventory of over 1 Billion unique visitors with global coverage of 98%. Those are some pretty good numbers if I might say so.

The network’s traffic mainly comes from other ad platforms and traffic exchanges such as Mgid, Airpush, Yahoo, mopub, zeropark, and many more.

They have lots of popular ad formats that I like such as Push notifications, Native and Display banners, Pop-unders, and even Video ads.

I have tested PPCmate for a little bit, and I have to say their traffic is real and it converts, as it should be since they buy traffic from such quality ad networks and partners.

Don't know how to get started making money online? One of the best ways is to start a blog. You can easily do that with Bluehost.

I don’t use them anymore but not because they are bad, but because I can’t manage so many networks at once haha.

PPCmate minimum deposit: $25
PPCmate payment methods: Paypal, credit card, crypto, wire transfer, amazon.
PPCmate minimum CPC: $0.0001 for Pop-under traffic,$0.001 for RON direct visits, $0.003 for Push Traffic.

12. AdMaven

cheap website traffic

AdMaven is another Self-serviced awesome source of cheap website traffic that converts at low prices. They claim to have an inventory of over 1 billion users from all around the world.

They only have 2 main ad formats: Push and Pop-unders.

The Pop-under CPV (Cost per view) bid starts at just $0.0002, yes you have read that correctly of course expect to pay a bit more for traffic from top countries like the US, Canada, Australia also their push notification traffic starts at $0.003 for a click.

I also personally tested this ad network a while back, and although I didn’t test it for too long, I mainly tested it for arbitrage but also got in a conversion or two with some CPA offers so it’s a great cheap website traffic source.

AdMaven Minimum Deposit: $50
AdMaven Minimum CPC: $0.0002 for pop-under and $0.003 for push notification traffic
AdMaven Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire, Paxum

13. Taboola

cheap website traffic

This ad network is pretty well known by now, you probably see their ads on most websites that you visit.

Their inventory is very respectable with publishers that include: MSN, Business Insider, CBS, USA Today, and a bunch of other big names.

Taboola only has one ad format: Native display ads that usually appear at the end of someone’s content, occasionally they can be placed in the sidebar or as an exit intent pop-up.

Like I said previously, Taboola traffic is great for arbitrage but it’s also great at driving traffic to whatever you decide you need exposure or conversions.

For example, you could do affiliate marketing, or advertise a blog that you have started that you want to grow and get more social media shares, etc.

If you do decide to do affiliate marketing with them, as with any big advertising network, make sure to follow all their rules and don’t promote any shady or scam offers or products.

Taboola Minimum Deposit: None, you pay at the end of the month, your campaign has to have a budget of $10 per day though.
Taboola Minimum CPC: $0.01

I tried Taboola for arbitrage sites a few years ago, however, these days I prefer other platforms, especially if I want to get cheap website traffic from top countries like the US, Canada, Australia.

Running Native Ads? Spy on Your Competition & Create Winning Campaigns with Anstrex

For other GEOs, Taboola is still pretty cheap at $0.01-$0.03 CPC.

Note: Taboola might just close and suspend your account immediately after signing up, no idea why they do that but it does happen (it happened to me recently and to other readers of this blog) so keep this in mind.

14. Adsterra

affordable website traffic

While their claim of being the “best ad network for advertisers” seems a bit of a far fetch, it’s still a pretty good ad network that has all the nice features that you might want, and low-priced traffic of-course.

Adsterra is another self-serve platform, that’s pretty popular amongst CPA and other affiliate marketers these days.

They have a lot of ad formats that we like including popunder, push notification, social bar, native ads, video ads, and banners.

This SSP has a large number of publishers (18,000 and counting), and they claim to have over 1 billion impressions per day.

Adsterra minimum deposit: $100
Adsterra payment methods: Paxum, WebMoney, cryptocurrency, and credit cards (available on request).
Adsterra minimum bids: $0.007 CPM for display banners, $0.25 CPM for Pop-unders, and $0.001 CPC for native display banners and push traffic.

15. Evadav

cheap website traffic

September 2021 Update: Evadav seems to not be doing so great anymore.

Recently all the campaigns I have tested with them received a ton of bot traffic. And to make sure I wasn’t the only one with this experience, I’ve read other’s reviews and opinions on internet marketing forums as well as review sites such as Trustpilot.

The verdict: Avoid Evadav for now, I’m not saying they have 100% full bot traffic, but a large majority of the traffic is worse than pop. At least in my experience. You can still try them out if you have $100 to burn.

An up-and-coming ad network, Evadav is surely becoming one of the favorite traffic sources for many top marketers out there. And for good reason, they have a large inventory, fast moderation times, and cheap clicks.

They claim to serve over 2 billion impressions every day, which is not bad for a relatively new network. Evadav also has over 30k+ publishers and good payment methods for advertisers.

Evadav traffic is mainly from push notifications, which is awesome if you love push traffic, but they also have native ads and pop-unders.

I still need a bit more time to “play” and test out their traffic so my full verdict and review about this network will come soon.

Here are the important bits:
Evadav minimum deposit: $100
Evadav minimum bid: $0.001 for push and native CPC, $0.005 for push and native CPM, and $0.1 for popunder CPM

Running Native Ads? Spy on Your Competition & Create Winning Campaigns with Anstrex

16. Pushground

cheap website traffic

Another new network joins the list of cheap website traffic, and it’s Pushground. Based in Barcelona Spain, Pushground, as its name suggests, is serving exclusively only push and in-page push notification traffic.

The best part about this ad network is probably their instant ad approvals. No other ad network from this list fully implements this into their system (some do have it available for select traffic methods like popunder).

Instantly creating and running campaigns is a dream come true for many advertisers and marketers out there. You save a lot of time and get to see results as fast as possible so you can focus on optimization.

Their volume is also good, at 1.5 billion impressions per day, a good amount for a newer ad network.

I Haven’t tested them yet, but I read good things and reviews about them on various affiliate forums and some friends of mine. I plan on testing their traffic very soon though and I will post here my review.

Pushground minimum deposit: $100
Pushground minimum CPC: $0.001 (although expect to pay a bit more like $0.005 to get traffic flowing)
Pushground deposit methods: Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer, and WebMoney.


So there you have it…

My list of 16 very good and cheap website traffic platforms that you can use to promote your websites, blogs, affiliate offers, gather email signups, etc.

Sure some of them are a bit harder to master for example the popunder ad networks, and even Facebook ads can be tricky these days, but they are still worth a try, as the quality of traffic you can get from them is amazing.

I recommend all of these networks, otherwise, I wouldn’t have written about them. They all have their differences and of course, they all vary in traffic quality and price.

I tested most of the networks on this list as you can probably see from my screenshots, there are 2 or so newcomers that I still need to test a bit more before I give my official verdict but so far they have performed well too.

I still use almost half of the ad networks on this list.

My favorites ad networks right now:

Microsoft Advertising – For high conversion in pretty much any category and niche.

Popads – When I want to have fun with some popunder ads.

Don't know how to get started making money online? One of the best ways is to start a blog. You can easily do that with Bluehost.

PropellerAds – For CPA affiliate marketing.

Watch out for the bot traffic and invalid clicks from Revcontent and PopAds, and make sure you track everything (even on Bing/Facebook ads you need to track your campaigns and see what keywords convert, etc…).

I really don’t want to sound like a broken record, but trust me you can ask any serious marketer and he/she will tell you that tracking is one of the most important things to do when you pay for traffic.

So yeah, get yourself a tracking software like RedTrack or FunnelFlux and have fun setting up your campaigns.

If you want you can share in the comments your favorite cheap website traffic network and also the costs associated with it. I’m sure others will find it very helpful. Also, like and share this article if it helped you out.

Please keep this in mind though:

The information you see here can always change, these networks can always increase their prices or minimum deposit, or they can start running bad traffic or close down accounts left and right.

So I will try to update this article every time I hear news about some of these changes.

Also, please understand that the results I had here with some of these companies, can be very different from the results you might get.

I spent a lot of time and money learning how these networks work and what kind of offers are converting well, so I generally have an idea on how to at least break even and get my money back.

Basically, you can make some nice sales too using these companies, but I can’t guarantee it πŸ™‚

Ok? Why I can’t guarantee it?

Well because not even these ad networks can guarantee that you will make sales or your money back, so it would be insane for me to promise you that you will be able to do it and make a profit.

This doesn’t mean that you would not be successful if you try them… it’s all about your product/service that you’re promoting and of course the country and your landing page.

So, it’s indeed possible to make money using all of these traffic sources, but these things are not an exact science.

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.

In general, though, it’s not that hard…you just need to learn a few things, burn some money on tests, and pick up it from there πŸ™‚

I hope this article helped you out, if you have any questions let me know down in the comments, I’ll try my best to reply to every one of them.


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  1. hi i have some quation about ppmate can i use it for web traffic i make some little reserch on it must of the people say is bot traffic sir is true or na lie

    1. Hi there,

      I’ve tried them in 2024, I’ve got mixed results myself, but yes it seems quality deteriorated so I wouldn’t recommend them as of now. Will try them again in the future maybe and update the article.


  2. nice work
    can you keep us updated on the status of each 16-ad network more often?
    are still as cheap as the article says or if I add some money and the minimum bid nothing happens – no traffic?
    also please recheck the minimum deposit, many people do not have 100$ or 250$ to send them for testing – aka to bin ?
    Also there are many more cheap networks claroads , bidvertiser, onclicka and others but i dont have test them to share more info

    an example I can open the URL days now of still exist.

  3. This article provides a cost-effective approach to drive website traffic with a list of budget-friendly sources. It’s a handy guide for website owners seeking affordable ways to boost their online presence without breaking the bank.

    1. I have been looking for cheap that that converts with no luck but I have learned a lot today from this finally. So now it’s time to test again.πŸ˜…πŸ‘

  4. Just wow! How have I never seen or heard about your site before πŸ˜‰
    Really great article.
    I will definitely be checking out your other articles,not to mention taboola.

  5. thanks very much for this article it is worth more than a paid ebook on same subject
    one quick question: is funnelflux a tracking tool or a landing page builder because i just went through funnelflux page there is really nothing there to show its been used for tracking bot traffic
    please always notify me whenever you have a new post

  6. the articles was really complete,I came to know about so many ad company to run advertisement,thank you for this article,I wanted to do adsense arbitrage,are push traffic for adsense arbitrage? hope to get answer,thanks again

    1. Hi Anthony, a bit late to reply due to holidays, but thanks for the comment. To answer the question yeah some push networks can work for arbitrage but lately the quality has been a bit bad and you will have to test a lot to get some winning strategies going with push.

  7. if i had just 100$ what should i do, which network should i prefer and this small budget is enough for promoting a high ticket offer,i mean a high cost product.

    1. Unfortunately no, that’s not enough even for a small commission, there are too many variables to be tested and you just can’t be sure only with $100 unless you find a way to buy 10k+ clicks or more for that money.

  8. Stephen,

    It is nice to have an expert share in-depth information instead of hearing all the BS from suppliers and paid talking heads.

    As a consultant, I am extremely interested in this article. It provides a roadmap.

    Are there any recommended programs available for the insurance market or home improvement market? And are there any programs that provide a geo-target for the US by city?

    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for reading the article, I should probably update it again with even more sources but oh well… no time.

      Anyway, for your questions, I think all the major ad networks will have the option of targeting by City, heck even PopAds has it and it’s a pop ad network lol.

      The push networks might not have it though (propeller, Megapush, etc). But other than that, Google (and YouTube), Bing, Facebook, Taboola, Popads will all have a city targeting option.

      The insurance market is pretty crazy in terms of CPC so expect higher costs if you’re going with the more mainstream networks that I have enlisted above.

      If high CPCs and lower ROI are not an issue then yeah go with the big boys (Google, Bing, FB), otherwise, you can try some alternatives such as the native ad networks or push ones. I’ve seen plenty home improvement and insurance ads running on native so it might work for some, but I have no real experience with the niche so can’t be 100% sure. Still if you go the native paid route you should use a spy tool such as Anstrex (affiliate link) to see what others are promoting and how they do it in your niche.


    2. I never did figure out why this traffic is so cheap, is it because the quality is ridiculously poor? Keep in mind that promoting a product on facebook can be as much as a few dollars or more per click. If these are real traffic, wouldn’t it be easy to make money in various ways? For example, open your own online store, like the platform that starts with s, and then sell products. Instead of limiting yourself to earning commissions from promotional activities. Isn’t the former much more profitable? A click $0.01? I am not convinced. Because it means that if the click rate is 3 percent, then the platform only earns $0.3 for 1000 shows? If there is really if cheap real traffic what is not good? Even if half of the traffic is fake, the real show 1000 times is only $0.6. This is not as valuable as a Facebook click.

      1. It depends on what type of online marketing you want. Some people (me included) hate dealing with orders and customers directly so e-commerce is out of the question, so I prefer arbitrage and affiliate offers. The traffic can be cheap if you can get a good ROI on ads and know how to do your targeting, it’s definitely harder these days on Facebook and Google Ads but still somewhat achievable to get below $0.1 clicks.

  9. Can you tell me if any of these are sensitive to political advertisement? For example, both google and facebook will kick you out on certain topics, like covid, or election fraud, etc.

    Also, which ones provide initial targeting on topic, sites and such?

    1. I think Popads, and push networks generally are less strict than the other big ad networks, so you could try those, but the results obviously won’t be the same since the quality of traffic might be a bit lower than FB/Google/Bing.

      Most of these networks will provide some targeting, but very limited, again it’s certainly not going to be to the scale of Facebook, or Google in terms of options.

      Push networks in general won’t be able to offer you any topic targeting, because they act more like popups. Hope this makes sense?


      1. Just FYI, got rejected on Propeller for political advertising, doesn’t accept it either, MGID is questionable. It seems porn is more acceptable than politics nowadays. Found a few that appear to accept them though., popads and revcontent seem to have policies that allow it.

        1. Oh wow… That’s so strange, I thought it’s easier on Propeller especially with all the shit I’ve seen being advertised over there. I know I’ve run a few dating and riskier ads at some point as well. Probably changed some of their policies.

          I’ve used many years ago so that’s why I couldn’t recommend them since I thought they are also on the stricter side like all native ad networks these days. But I’ve seen my fair share of “Dear patriots” ads on RevContent as well, so it might work. I guess an ad spy tool could be another way to find networks where advertising that kind of content is allowed.

          You could always create accounts on these networks, and create campaigns, wait to see if they get rejected or approved, and only after that you can add funds. I know you can do that on RevContent (or at least you could have done it a while ago), might be the same with others (without forcing you to deposit before you get ads approved/rejected).

          Pop networks like PopAds/Popcash allow pretty much all the stuff that you can imagine, but it’s going to be a bit tougher to convert that traffic (also depends on what you’re advertising).

          Good luck and I’m curious to know which ones actually approve your ads

  10. good you didn’t include zeropark in here haha their traffic sucks totally stay away. Their internal system even shows like 400% CTR.

  11. I love when I find a blog article so complete and valuable, I took 1 hour to read and analyze your 16 suggestions, you really are to be congratulated. Some I already knew, others are new to me like megapush, ppcmate and popads, I’m going to test propellerads in push ads, I hope it works for me as well as it works for you! Thank you!

  12. Hello bro, thanks for this indept article. my question is all this cheap traffic sources has bot traffic, is there any plugins we can use to blog this bot? so that our AdSense account can save, since I don’t like using landing page to promote my blog article

    1. There are some plugins out there that have some option to hide ads from bots, but they are paid and not fully 100% bulletproof. You’re better off trying to optimize the traffic and remove bad traffic from even clicking on your ads, thus you will also save money when buying traffic.

  13. Wonderful Article brother! I was dwelling a lot for the past 6 months for advertising and reaching out to more and more people and getting them registered for a free trial, I now have a good idea of what I should do in order to have them right away!

    A question; Should I post the affiliate link itself on these ads or should I use a landing page on my site as a bridge?

    Following you on Twitter! Would love to stay connected πŸ’―

    1. Hi Mani,

      9 times out of 10 it’s better to use a landing page for the products and services that you’re promoting, this is almost a general rule at this point. However, there are some niches and some traffic sources that work better without a landing page. But yeah in general a landing page will improve conversions so try that first and you can try an ad with a direct link and compare results afterward.


      1. Hello stephen sir,
        I am big fan of your article.
        I have a question sir.I want to use pop ads network for adsense arbitrage work,but I know there is many bot traffic.Can u recommend me any best software to block bot traffic??.

  14. Hi man
    Huge thanks for the content you give here!
    a question: A: A My Funnel is a free ebook I give in exchange for an email address
    Do you think it can work with these sources of traffic?
    (Like push ads And propeller ads)

    1. Hi again,

      Yes, that will work, I’ve even used push to gather some subscribers to this blog (and other niches), so it will definitely work for you as well. But you will have to do some testing of your own and see how the people interact with your landing page and funnel and improve it by running A/B tests.


  15. Hi Stephen, I was really amazed by the amount of high-quality content you have put up. Absolutely great content in my honest opinion.

    Currently, I have a situation and I hope that I can consult you with these questions. Let me give you some background on us, I am the Chief Marketing Officer for a USA Licensed Forex brokerage firm, we are currently doing a giveaway of $100 trading bonus for free without deposits required.

    Anyone who signs up can further refer their friends can get up to $50/pax in trading credits for up to $500 trading bonus. On top of the trading bonus, if they refer a friend who deposited and trades 2 lots, they get paid $100 cash commissions (One-Time Comms).

    The purpose is so that we can give new traders an experience in our trading platform and also they can invest into our Auto Trading platform that helps them trade automatically. We are facing a roadblock in terms of scaling our ads on fb as our accounts got banned before. Youtube ads not really converting and we intend to try other ads format or network.

    So the question is, which network or how should we try to market our offers so that we can scale and achieve the best roi possible.
    Would posting our offers onto CPA network works like Offervault or CPAhouse?
    Or should we focus just on scaling through push ads, banner ads and stuff like that?

    1. Hi Melvin,

      That’s tricky, because of the niche and all the rules against forex and crypto on many ad networks. Sure you can work with CPA networks, that’s a good start, but I would also do a ton of push and pop traffic. While the quality of the traffic is not that great compared to FB ads or Google Ads, at least you are able to run campaigns without the fear of getting a sudden ban all of a sudden and an account suspension.

      I’ve only minimally dealt with the forex niche in the past (not for me) so I’m not that familiar with it, but I know for sure that there are many affiliates running forex and crypto offers via push and pop (PropellerAds, PopAds, PopCash, Adsterra, etc.). So give it a go and try out your funnels over there but make sure to use some catchy LPs and ads, check out a spy tool like Anstrex (aff. link) to see what others are doing exactly in the same niche and try to get inspired by them a little πŸ˜‰

      Good luck,

  16. Dear Stephen,
    Congratulations for the wonderful article. I have read it 5 times and still finding something new in it. One thing I want to know here, can I promote my youtube videos through these websites traffic. Like landing traffic on youtube app and opening my video. And what will be the right type of ads format for it.
    Looking forward to read more articles…

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      You won’t be able to run pop traffic directly to youtube videos as far as I know those views won’t count. What you can do is try to use push ads that will open the youtube app when users click on the ads from their phone. Try push networks like PropellerAds or Evadav or Adsterra.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Steve,
        thanks for sharing. I’ve tested PopCash and AdMaven for ADSTERRA Direct Link Arbitrage.. AdMaven yielded good returns, but PopCash was trash, bot traffic that never change converts.
        I’m thinking of trying PushHouse and MegaPush for some offers insurance and loan from Commission Junction.
        I will update you on my progress πŸ™

  17. Hi, do I need to integrate to track conversions across individual ad networks such as Revcontent, Mgid, Adsterra and etc, or is Redtrack software only enough to track them and put them on blacklists?

    1. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, if you’re doing arbitrage, for example, you will only need Google Analytics, any other type of sales like affiliate products or CPA offers you can use Redtrack (or any other good tracker to be honest) that will then easily integrate with all the top networks with just a few clicks.


  18. Thanks man for this great information. I have been looking for a good source to promote my new blog but this content just helped me.

    Pls how to I get my blog approved for adsense monetization.

  19. Stephen
    Great article, I am already using Microsoft Ads, but wanted to set up push ads, so will try out PPCMate as it’s only $25 to get started, I am of course using a tracking tool as other reviews say PPCMate was full of bots, however, the reviews were a few years back, compared to your article.
    I will let you know how I get on with PPCMate.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Yeah for only $25 it’s worth testing them out. I’m going to do some more tests on PPCMate as well in the near future, as I haven’t touched them in a while as well.

      Good luck and happy new year,

  20. Firstly, thanks for this enlightening compilation post, I really enjoyed your breakdown of all these traffic ads network.

    My question is that, which network can you advise for AdSense arbitrage business, I mean network that I can get cheap quality traffic to an AdSense site.

    And second, which network can you recommend for nutra weight lose offer from Clickbank & NutriProfit.


    1. No, not really. That can’t really work from a technical point of view, since you need to install the popunders on your website for them to work. Also it’s best to start a blog or create a website and then try to monetize it with ads such as popunders and banners and send traffic from other networks to your blog. You might also get some free traffic from SEO if you get a bit lucky and do good on-site SEO optimization.


    2. Thanks for the advice? but am looking at where to get lots and lots of traffic from to get views and high cpm on adsterra with low budget to make profit from, do you recommend ppcmate for such. so as to get like 100,000 views for as low as $10 US desktop traffic?

    1. That’s too bad to hear. Did you do anything against their rules and policy? Bing is pretty chill otherwise. Anyway, pretty much any other traffic will work, push, native, etc… you just have to test it out, and maybe stay away from pop traffic.

    1. Ah, that’s a tricky question, they can all work. Except don’t try the pop traffic because it has more bot traffic and you might get your account banned. Also some networks like Bing/Facebook/YouTube might be too expensive to make a profit. Try the push and native ones.

      Good luck,

  21. Really enjoyed the article got a lot out of it I really enjoyed the fact that you actually tested out the sites and explained your experience with them

    1. Honestly speaking, value given for free. This is what people are selling as an ebook. I swear dawn, you are a legend sir. Keep up the good work.. More Grease to your elbow..

      With much Respect and Love.

    1. Hi George,

      It’s going to be tough to find an ad network with a lower minimum than $50. I think PPCmate has a $25 minimum and is at $20. Although I haven’t tested myself. Good luck.

  22. i read your two article, and i found it great, I never used native ads before but now i will surely use it, We always totally depends on google search ads (specially conversion ECPC Bid Strategy). I found that you have a great insight on paid advertising, I request you to some time write content on (who to run google ads for agency to get clients in low budget). As i always use to run google search ads to get clients in very tight budget. What i think this native ads is good for traffic sources but not good such as google ads for conversion.

    1. Hi there, glad you liked the article.

      Regarding your request, I will think about it, for now, you can read my Google Ads Tips and How to Improve Quality Score. These two guides will help you get a lower CPC in Google AdSense.

      I’ve removed your email address and URL from the link because you might get spammed. But if you want to subscribe to my list you can do so using the email form in the footer.


  23. Good information, but needs a table of contents, or at least a recap of all the services you recommend at that bottom with internal page urls linking to those sections.

    1. Hi Brad,

      Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. At the moment I’m mentioning the 3 ad networks I currently work with at the end, but maybe I should add another table again like the one at the top.


  24. Finally google serve me the right article that I was searching for. Not like other articles (optimized for SEO) with no value. Good job man πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  25. Hi Stephen, I must appreciate your good work.
    Please am into content locking CPAgrip to be precise. Which traffic source do you think will work for me, I have a one page website where I promote an e-book I created and lock them.

    1. Hi there, try push and in-page push with either one of these networks: PropellerAds, PPCmate, AdMaven. Depends on how much you have to start really. But all of these have made me money promoting CPA offers. I don’t guarantee that you will make a profit though, that depends entirely on what you promote and how you do it, but the companies have legit traffic.

      Good luck,

      P.S: Took out your link from the comment, I don’t allow direct promotion like that, but I left it in your user URL πŸ˜‰

  26. Hello, how you filter bot traffic, and how you know that the traffic is actually bots ? do you track with google analytics ?

  27. Hello,
    do you send push traffic directly to the article that you want to do arbitrage, or you create a landing page to filter bots. if first, isn’t that bad on the Adsense account sending bots to the article.

    1. Usually, the traffic used shouldn’t have bots at least not that many especially push or native. But I also test it out on affiliate offers etc before sending it to adsense, so that I have a whitelist ready.

  28. Thanks for sharing such a very useful article. Quick question: which one is best for YouTube traffic and getting subscribers (besides YouTube)?

  29. Hi Steve
    1. can I use push traffic for ad-sense?
    2. How do you see Ezoic, can it be used instead of ad-sense?

    Thank you so great

    1. 1. Yes, but carefully and make sure you have a whitelist or black list in place to filter out good and bad traffic.
      2. Yes I tried ezoic with push on a website of mine, it didn’t perform better than AdSense but I think it was because of the niche of the website.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Stephen,

        1-I used to promote with push notifications with propeller, but the ctr really low. Can you advice what to do?
        2- which countries you target
        3- what is your recommend cpm bid?
        4- do you use any soy tools?
        5- my propeller traffic always cause my Adsense ad serving always limit

        Please kindly advice.

        1. Hi,

          1. Test more ads, new creatives, countries, etc.
          2. Depends on the site, niche. Sometimes I go the whole world, sometimes super small ones… but it depends on niche again.
          3. I start out on the low side, like $0.1 or a bit more if it’s a good tier country. For US, UK, CA, expect to start higher
          4. No idea what “Soy” tools are.
          5. Weird, never heard of that before, it shouldn’t really be the traffic source that is causing this, unless you’re doing Propeller POP / Onclick / etc ads, instead of push.

          Hope this helps,

          1. Hi Stephen,

            Thank you for your reply.
            point #4, I mean spy ad tool.
            For the site, niche, what kind of niche should be good for push and get high CRT on the propellerad or megapush?

            My website is viral site, ( something similar to Is it okay with such contents to promote with propellerad or megapush?

            May i have your telegram or whatsapp. I want to ask discuss somthing with you


          2. Hi Tee,

            I used to use spy tools in the past, but not anymore. These days I like to test new things myself, if they fail they fail πŸ™‚

            Every niche is good for push, it’s just like another traffic source, the niche doesn’t matter too much, the offer the geo and the landing page matters more. But if you want me to pick 3 it would be the evergreen niches: money, health, and dating/relationships.

            Yes you can use viral sites with push, but you might need to work more in making a profit because push traffic is not the same as native traffic. Think of it like popups, people don’t really want to receive that push from you, so unless your articles are good and interesting for the majority of people, you will struggle a bit.

            I don’t use telegram or whatsapp. And at the moment I don’t do consulting or mentoring, it’s been requested many times, but maybe in the future when I have a bit of free time I will start doing it πŸ™‚


  30. Hello, could you know which is the cheapest push notification network charged? Could you make a list of the 5 cheapest? There is no information on that.

    1. Hi San,

      The companies that you listed are not traffic sources, they are CPA companies, where you will find offers and products to promote.

      If you were asking which of the traffic sources do I recommend to use to send traffic to MaxBounty, MostCPA and Peerfly, my answer would be: pretty much any ad network except Google Ads and Facebook Ads because those are pretty expensive and restrictive especially to affiliate marketers.

      So In general: Microsoft ads (cheaper than Google & Facebook and affiliates can still use it), Revcontent, PropellerAds, Megapush, etc.

      Hope this helps,

    1. It depends what do you mean by best… Best converting traffic, best price, best volume, etc.. Overall I would recommend the push notification networks such as PropellerAds and Megapush, since they are based on mobile traffic first, they have a ton of traffic at very cheap or affordable prices, compared to the rest.

      If you want volume you can try Facebook (although pricier).


      1. hello,Thankyou so much for this helpful article.i am planning to do paid ads for my ad sense website.which site do you recommend and what type of ads?i just need double earning for example when i use 100$ i get 200$ from ad sense .my website is about webdesign and digital marketing.kindly recommend so i can start .i will appreciate your feedback.

        1. Hey Ronny,

          Pretty much anyone wants to invest $100 and get $200 back, that’s the dream right there. All I can say is that you need to focus on your niche (search for high paying CPC keywords and write articles on those topics), use cheap and quality traffic from sources on this page (maybe avoid Facebook and Bing at first since they are more expensive than others), and just TEST TEST TEST.

          There’s no easy way about it, read my AdSense arbitrage guide to learn more tips about this business model.

          Good luck,

    1. Push and pop traffic networks have the cheapest traffic. Although I’m not sure if their traffic counts as views for YouTube since they changed their algorithm on how views are counted a few years ago…

  31. Hallo Stephen,
    thanks very much for your aricel. i have 2 site:
    – the first site is for travel, Affiliate offer, i tryed FB Ads, but it was not working, so now i hat Facebook.
    – the 2 site is Arbitrage site
    the both site is in german. which Kind of traffic cann you recomend me for the 2 sites?

    1. Hi,

      Try maybe push and native traffic for both sites, it should be good. Some good networks you could try are Revcontent, PropellerAds, MGID, Taboola.

      Good luck,

  32. The article was really insightful and valuable to read. Thanks for sharing.

    I had few questions

    1. Have you noticed any difference in click quality bought at $0.01 vs 0.1$ (native traffic). You can assume similar example with push.

    2. Which has less bot traffic push or native?

    1. Hi,

      1. No, the difference I see on any networks re between different publisher and site ID’s or GEOs. Also, the same traffic can respond positively to an offer and negative to another.

      2. I think push has less bot traffic than native or banner ads, simply because it’s a “newer” technology and a bit hard to fake push visits. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far. For example, I could try native ads from a company and do horribly but when I switch to push I do good. So that can happen, it’s all about testing and tracking really.

      Good luck,

  33. i use two push notification site propellerads and plugrush
    if use push for adsense is safe also i want to get traffic from my site and i post some cpa wall offer is good or not thanks for share u experience

    1. You want to add a CPA wall offer on your site? I mean that can work with push traffic, but I’m not sure why you would like to do that while also having adsense on the site. I would separate the two, and send traffic to each.

  34. Hi Have you tried building an email list from these traffic sources? If so which one works best (besides bing)?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

      1. OH wow, thanks.

        Hope you don’t mind me asking…
        For Propeller Ads, did you use the PUSH notification only or did you try something else like CPM, Banner etc that you mentioned?

        What niche did you try with?

          1. It should be yeah, but to be honest with you I havent used megapush in a while now, and I’ve heard that things have changed a bit. I would recommend PropellerAds, Mgid and RevContent if you want native/push traffic.

    1. Everyone can work for CPA offers except maybe Facebook and Youtube are a bit more tricky due to the rules and higher CPC. I know it’s not the answer you wanted, but I had results with all of them, so it’s up to you, and also up to the offer and GEO you will be targeting.

  35. Thank you so much for such a great post. I have a quick question here: Did you ever try netotraffic? If so how’s the quality of the traffic it delivered?(this site claims to deliver real traffic each with a unique up)
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Nope, and I also don’t think they offer any real traffic, after taking a look on their website and checking out some stats, for example, their site barely has any traffic.

      I would advise anyone to stick to the more renown and known traffic sources that I’ve mentioned in this blog post.

  36. Hello, thanks for a nice post. Am new to affiliate marketing and i want to promote health offers from maxbounty, using push traffic. But according to your experience, do they convert with push traffic? Thanks bro.

    1. Hi there,

      Yeah, push traffic works with a bunch of CPA networks or offers, it just depends more on the offer you chose and the GEO, the price of the product/offer, the purchasing power of that country, the cost of the push traffic, etc…

      The CPA network, in this case, Maxbounty is not really that important, since you can pretty much promote anything with Push.

      You can always test it out for like $100 and see if you get any conversions πŸ™‚

      Good luck,

  37. Hi, I wanted help on cheap ad sites for running 18+ websites like casino and others. There ones I have used are too expensive from a $25 daily min bid. Do you know some that cost $1 daily like adsense? But runs adult websites like gambling. Thanks

        1. Hi Andres,

          Redtrack is one of the cheapest trackers available on the market today. The reason you’re seeing $250 a month is that on the pricing page there are 2 pricing plans, for individuals and for teams. The $250/month price is for teams. Click on individual plans and you’ll see pricing that starts from $49 which is super cheap compared to other trackers.

          Good luck,

  38. Thanks so much for putting together this article, it has been super helpful.
    I’d like to purchase PropellerAds push notification traffic too use with ad arbitrage. I’ve read that their other traffic types have lots of bots, but I know you say that their push notification traffic quality is good – would you say it’s pretty much bot free?

    1. I use propeller push notification traffic for arbitrage and for other offers, so I don’t think they have any bot traffic, but their other ad types, like native ads,banners etc…I feel that there is some bot traffic involved.

      Nevertheless, you always need to monitor your traffic when you buy it because people invent new things every day in order to trick the system, and so they create bots in order to earn a quick buck.

      Good luck

    1. Hi Ruben,

      From my experience, having ran Megapush for adsense arbitrage, I can tell you that yes it was safe to run their traffic for AdSense, however as always you need to carefully monitor the traffic that you’re buying, and quickly be able to make changes such as blocking bad feed IDs, or stopping a campaign all together if you sense that something is wrong (for example you get too high CTR on your AdSense ads, and a lot of invalid clicks).

      I don’t do AdSense arbitrage on megapush these days, I just use them to promote other offers though.

  39. Hi Stephen,
    Great article you got here, speaking of adsense arbitrage between mgid and contentad which of these networks have less bots. Speaking of bots is it advisable for Adsense to be on the site while blocking bad ID

    1. Hi Joe,

      In theory, no you shouldn’t really risk having AdSense on a site while still testing for traffic… but I never actually done it that way… albeit it was risky, but thats just how I did it…

      For sure it is better to test the traffic without AdSense, for example only with ads on your site from other companies like native ads or affiliate offers…

      But what I always did was to monitor the traffic closely when it went live, and so I was able to immediately create black lists of bad IDs to block.

      Best of luck,

    1. I have used it in the past like 2 years ago, and it worked ok. The problem was the bot/invalid traffic because they do have some publishers that will send fake traffic in order to increase their revenue. So like I said if you can afford to lose some money in order to test it out and create black lists etc, then it can be good.

      Obviously since I haven’t used it in 2 years now, I don’t know for sure how it works right now and if they are better or worse than before, but almost any ad network has bot and invalid traffic that will eat your budget, that’s why tracking and creating black lists is so important (this applies to all ad networks not only adnow).

      Like I said previously if you are not prepared to lose some money in the process, then I’m afraid arbitrage is not a good option for you right now, simply because there are so many things that can go wrong and you end up losing money.

        1. It depends on many things, and unfortunately, I can’t give you the right answer to your question. It can be the country you’re advertising in, the niche, the product itself, the landing page, the ad text, etc… that’s why you need to use a tracker in order to see what’s performing and what isn’t, and then scale from there. Good luck.

          1. True, however in my experience it’s a lot less than other sources. No traffic is 100% perfect, but what matters to me is how much of good traffic a network has. In terms of Google’s display network, that’s a lot.


  40. Please can you show me how to create campaign on adnow because am afraid of losing money in vine just show me I will sign up through your link

    1. I don’t have an AdNow affiliate link so you can sign up with any normal link as you want.

      There isn’t anything different to adnow campaign creations than with other networks, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. The only important piece is to make sure you track your campaigns at least with google UTM tags, in order to create a list of bad IDs that you can after that block in AdNow. So basically you will spend some money for example $50 and maybe make back $10 only, but now you have a big list of IDs in your Google Analytics reports that shows you which IDs are not clicking on your Ads (make sure to link AdSense with Analytics for this).

      You then take all those IDs that didn’t click or that have 100% bounce rate and 0 seconds spent on time and create a blacklist in AdNow, (On the left menu Go to Tools and create a blacklist) Copy/paste all those IDs that you want to block in there and click save, after that simply update your campaign to use that blacklist and give it another go and see if the earnings improve.

      I’m afraid there isn’t really any other option, so you might lose money without making any profits with this method. That’s why even though anyone can start doing arbitrage, it’s better if you could afford to lose a few hundred dollars at first and know that you might possibly never see them back, in order to get started and test things out.

      Good luck,

    1. Hi,

      It depends, it should be safe in general, since many publishers are using it but they do have some bot traffic so make sure you track everything and create a blacklist with bad IDs.

      You also need to know that the content is also important so if you don’t have unique content on your site then that’s another reason to get your AdSense account closed.

      At the end of the day it’s up to Google and their policies to determine if they like the traffic or not and they can always change their rules, so I can’t give you a 100% clear answer, I’m afraid.

        1. NO.

          Don’t use any pop advertising network to do adsense arbitrage. The traffic is pretty bad for that and there are many bots… Google will most definitely close your account. So again, don’t do that.

  41. Hi Stephen,
    Great Article
    In you article you only made mention of push and native ads campaign if i may ask is propeller Interstitial Advertising format also safe for adsense arbitrage

    1. I’ve tried it but only for a limited time since I didn’t like how it performed… but to be honest with you I really don’t know if it’s safer or worse than the other traffic methods…

      It’s up to you I guess if you’re feeling brave enough to risk it πŸ™‚ I mean like I said I did run it for a couple of days and earned some revenue in AdSense but stopped since it didn’t convert well enough for me… about the safety I’m afraid I can’t really give you a clear answer… so better be cautious.


  42. please can you show us how to create a compaign on propeller ads banner or native ad compaign

    1. Hi there,

      It’s pretty straight forward and easy to create campaigns with Propeller, but I will create a more indepth guide about it when I have a bit of free time πŸ™‚

      Good luck,

  43. Hi Stephen
    which the best fb ads or megapush , i’m really want to start adsense
    arbitrage , how much a need to start and which platforme i have to use first megapush or fb ads,
    thank you

    1. If I had to choose just between those 2 networks for arbitrage, I would choose MegaPush simply because it’s way cheaper and less annoying than facebook with all their rules.

      I’ve heard some people got their facebook ads denied because they had too many adsense ads on their website, which of course is a total joke coming from facebook. So yeah between those 2 I will choose MegaPush for arbitrage…but I won’t target US traffic because it’s too expensive πŸ™‚


  44. You said adnow budget 30 $? I see some articles about adnow review said 100 dollar like taboola

  45. Stephen – awesome article with some really great info. Thank you very very much! I feel hope of traffic returning to my mind. I’m exited to test these out. Quick question for you. Do you send traffic from these sources to a landing page/ sales funnel or could you send it directly to your sales pages? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Alana,

      It depends on what things you are promoting, but 95% of the time I suggest you to use a landing page as it simply converts better across almost all niches. You could experiment though, once you get a bit more experience with a certain traffic source, and you can do an A/B split test, and send traffic to landing page vs direct sales page and see what happens.


      1. Hi Stephen,

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I have a few landing pages set up and have begun testing.

        You’re a lifesaver. I was starting to wonder if I should give up on my goal to make serious money online.

        I used Bing before with great conversions but the CPC was too high for me as a beginner. I read through your article again just now and will start testing with non US countries.

        I also just launched a Reddit campaign so I will see how that goes.

        I really appreciate your honestly in sharing this information. A lot of IMers refuse to tell us little people what really works.

        Take care and all the best to you!


        1. Hello Stephen and Alana,

          Please i want to use bings for sales and leads i dont have landing page yet, please where can i get the landing page or how can i create it. The bing campaign i started for leads have just 13 impression and 0 conversion, please can you tell me full details on how to start the bings for more conversion and sales, my geo are usa,uk,france,germ and aust. but choosing btw search and native bing ads is complicated on which one will give real conversion as well other section in geo like Work, Job, etc

          1. Hey there,

            You need to create a landing page if you want to achieve success with Bing Ads, I will create a tutorial about Bing ads soon, at the moment I can’t create any content for the blog due to some real life things that I need to take care off.

            In short, it seems that you are promoting CPA offers on bing? Or affiliate products? IF so then you definitely need to create a landing page. I don’t have a blog post about landing pages specifically but you can take a look at my guide on how to create a website in 15 minutes, and then you can just use that or a page on that website as a landing page while promoting an offer, and use it in Bing. It will help you lower CPC costs, and also help get more conversions IF you do it correctly.

            Understand that Bing ads is still a Tier 1 ad network in the same category as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, it can be expensive and is more strict. So a landing page is almost a must to have.

            Also don’t try and go after TIER 1 Geos like the US, UK, France, try lesser-known and advertised GEOs to get cheaper traffic at first.

            You could also try the other options if you’re new, like native or push with Propellerads or MegaPush

            Cheers and good luck,

      2. Hi Stephen promoting an ecommerce store for a niche product like graphics tablet what ad type makes sense .

        Also I have tried a company called (redacted) before I paid 25 USD for an ecommerce store for lingerie I saw many clicks and impressions on the result page but not even 1 sale after before and after my 25 dollars was used up,could this be about the bot click you have been talking about,going forward can I use this redtrack tool for tracking bots? And then tracking isn’t enough ,would I be able to report to the (redacted) advertising company for compensation.Thanksn

        1. Yeah, you probably bought fake traffic. That’s not a really trusted website that can provide you with quality traffic from the looks of it. Also, I Redacted the name of the company, I don’t want other people to get lose their money also.

          Yeah, redtrack can help you out or any other tracking tool, but I don’t think you will get your money back from that company though. It’s best to stick to more trusted and reputable ad companies as I talked in this article.


  46. Hello Stephen,

    My question is regards Revcontent. You’ve wrote above that some publishers use bots, and that why needed to create a list of bad website IDs or a whitelist (a list that has only the good IDs that you want to target)… for Optimization. My question is what to do with such a list, especially for Revcontent?

    Is there any option to integrate white list IP’s or block Black lists IP’s? I can’t find this option on Revcontent. Or I just need to contact support to block bad ID’s ?

    As I see, there are just only black/white list for Widgets and for Targeted groups, but not for the bad IP’s. What can you advise?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Dmitri,

      I don’t believe RevContent has the option to block by IP only by widget ID. Basically if you’re using a tracker such as Redtrack or FunnelFlux and set up your campaigns via that tracker and using the RevContent macros, you will get to see details about the traffic you receive from RevContent inside your tracking software.

      So if you see lots of clicks from widget ID’s and they don’t convert you simply copy and paste those IDs into your revcontent’s campaign… there should be an option for widget targeting, and just copy/paste those there to create a blacklist. Also check out their support and help pages they will explain better probably.

      Best of luck,

  47. Very nice article thank you so much than I want to know about bing ads compaign is it a compaign on search engines or banner compaign like native ads network (taboola ,,,,) I mean picture and headline like a post in website

    1. It depends on what you want to do, but in general I do search campaigns on bing and do my native campaigns on actual native networks like Taboola, Revcontent etc… You can try it though, if you have a more general offer/website and if you can get more volume at a cheaper price in that way…


  48. I have 2 websites and what kind of traffic would you recommend ? both websites have few visits per day only and with my adsense I do not do anything almost this time . Its better in autumn and winter I have better conversion . Thank’s a lot

    1. Hi Denis,

      It depends on many things… specially if you want to do adsense arbitrage or if you just want conversions for your Amazon affiliate products.

      However, in general, I would recommend you to try some of the native ads or push notification traffic networks that I mentioned in this article, as these are much cheaper and it’s easier to screw up and not care versus YouTube and Facebook where you need a better conversion funnel and very good ads in order to have profitable campaigns. Some of them do have some sort of bot traffic specially RevContent, so make sure you use a tracker or at least set up some UTM tags for your links and check them out via analytics and carefully monitor everything.

      Hope this helps,

  49. hi Stephen Montagne
    Thank u so much for this Article, i have been having issues on setting my cpc rates on different traffic sources which made me almost giving up because of losing money and seeing no results or conversions but am so grateful with one of your ideas i have in practice of reading more and doing reviews on different traffic sources. kindly, am requesting you to advise me on which kind of traffic i should use for Biz Opp, Dating, Email submits, Sweepstakes, financial, health and E-commerce, thank you. God bless you

    1. Hi Julius,

      That’s a very broad and difficult question to answer you, because pretty much any traffic source that I’ve mentioned in this article can work for all of those types of offers… it depends more on how you set up your landing pages, and what GEO’s you want to target.

      I’ve done almost all of those CPA offers you mentioned with all the traffic sources mentioned here, other than YouTube ads, and nowdays less Facebook Ads because they kinda hate affiliates and affiliate offers so it’s a bit trickier to get approved now and get good ROI. However the other networks on this list definetly work for all of those niches, the only thing you can screw up is your targeting, GEO, not understanding how to market to certain countries, the ads, the landing pages, etc… so basically it’s more on you than it is on the networks.

      Make sure you have great landing pages in place, never direct link, use a tracker, and constantly test everything. Also don’t start campaigns in different traffic sources all at once… try just one network, and try to make it work on that one for a while after you do that you can expand to other networks.


  50. Hi Stephen,

    A very concise and truthful content worth to read. Infact, I already bookmarked it in computer for a review.

    Any suggestions from this list on which are the following traffic sources preferably good in promoting binary/crypto offers?

    Bing, native or push traffic. Which traffic sources you think are more profitable one.

    Please I really need your advice.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I don’t really promote binary offers, but I did try it once with PropellerAds and I got a few signups and a deposit, obviously the offer, region, targeting etc has to be perfect but yeah it’s possible. I would recommend push and then native ads. Bing is too expensive and not sure if they allow binary offers now.

      Go with PropellerAds, Megapush and any of the native ad networks such as revcontent (although there’s a lot more bot traffic with native specially revcontent so be careful and track everything).

      Good luck,

  51. Great article! Very helpful! I subbed to your list. Just been ‘bleeding’ in Google Ads campaign, averaging $2.21 per click, to give away free stuff to boot!.

    1. Yeah I know the struggle with Google Ads… thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way as you can see from my lists, there are many places to get cheap quality traffic these days… πŸ™‚

  52. Hi !

    I signed up uto BingAds using ur link, but when i try to redeem code it says:
    We’re sorry, but this promotional offer has expired and cannot be redeemed.

    1. Hi Tom,

      I’m sorry to hear that it doesn’t work for you. It’s weird the offer shouldn’t expire yet, so I will have to send them a message and see what happened, but I guess I will hear back from them next week or so since it’s Saturday now.

      All the best,

  53. Hello Stephen. First, allow me to thank you for such a honest and easy to understand way of reviewing ads network. Then, if you dont mind and have some time to enlighten and help me. I would like to ask for your kind explaination and help here. I’m trying to make some earning by using smartlink (direct link to send traffic without using any website). Currently using propeller ads and adcash smartlink for now. What i ask is, where should i get low cost but converting traffic for these smartlink?
    Since as you know smartlink method kinda different than regular ads method (banner,etc) so where should i buy traffic from (low cost and converting one) can you please give me some suggestion..
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Graven,

      I’m glad that you liked my post.

      To answer your question, to be honest the only smartlinks that I promote are dating ones, and I know that I can earn a lot by doing that, I don’t think your smartlink will generate that much money for every conversion that you get, so finding cheap traffic for that is difficult, maybe try Popads?

      But in all honesty it all depends on the smartlink, and what kind of smartlink you’re promothing, like if it’s just a general smartlink with tons of different offers it makes no sense to advertise on push or any other network like native ads etc… so you need to do popups or popunders.

      If you’re promoting a push smartlink (meaning to get subscribers to a push service like propeller), then it’s obvious that if you try another push network like MegaPush you won’t get too much money since the profit will be very tight or maybe not even possible to profit.

      I would suggest you try a more niche-specific smartlink like a dating smartlink, a crypto/business smartlink, etc… in this way you will know how to create an ad (because if the smartlink is too generic, you won’t know what to add to an ad title or ad description), and you will have way more options to advertise on.

      Hope this makes sense?

  54. Hi, this is very useful for me please suggest if I want to run clickbank product which traffic source will be better for highly conversion.

    1. Hi,

      Well it depends on what type of products you want to promote and also what countries, but in general push traffic since it’s much cheaper than Bing and FB, etc…should give you a lot more options to convert users.

      But that said, I will be honest with you here and tell you that I haven’t promoted clickbank products in years, because I think they are not good enough and mostly they are just scammy… but I did use Push traffic to get conversions for CPA offers such as supplements, creams, accessories etc… so if it’s possible with CPA I think it should be the same with Clickbank too.

      In general, Clickbank has lower conversions though because of the nature of the products there (ebooks, are meh), and long “scary” video landing pages that just puts customers off.


  55. hello stephen
    what is best pop up advertising site to To make money in google adsense
    choose from these ( pop ads – exoclick – popmyads – Adsterra – ClickAdu – Ad Maven – Adcash )
    i know that pop up not safe to adsense account

    1. Hi,

      I really don’t recommend you to use any pop ads to advertise an adsense website. The RPM will be bad and you more than likely will get your account suspended. It’s not worth to take that risk. Why would you want to use pop anyway?


    1. Both worked well for me but I’m using more PropellerAds these days, since I like their platform a bit more and they have a few extra ad formats such as popups, CPM, CPA etc…

  56. hello steven..
    pls i had a question to ask.. out of site you have been mentioned since.. u nevee talk about popads… pls i want to ask., how safe it is… kindly enlight me on it..,

    1. Popads is safe, but NOT for AdSense.

      Also PopAds can have quite a lot of bot traffic, so make sure you use a tracker to make a list of all the bot traffic sources.
      After you use a tracker and filter out the bad traffic websites, PopAds can become a good and cheap traffic source.


  57. Hi Stephen

    Your Article, is the best article I ever read, will you please guide me for
    I hate Facebook Ads, I tried to promote health and fitness product FAT LOSS FAST but they disabled my account more then 20 times.. I finally left them forever now.

    PeerFly Offers.. CPA is good, I think, can you please answer me that –
    Bing Ads means = search,
    and PPV, POP means PopAds, PopCash, Popeller
    For Banner Ads, I think : BuySellAds is nice. ??

    I like BING Ad very much, please say if I can run Ads here for CPA peerfly and JVZoo & Warriorplus Affiliate Products here too??


    1. Yes, you’re right, bing is search the others are ppv/pop and banner ads I don’t do anymore but yeah BuySellAds or even propellerads they have a banner option if I remember correctly.

      Yes, you can promote CPA and affiliate products with bing, but you need to have a landing page first, and don’t promote things that are too far fetched or that others that sound too “scammy”.

      Good luck,

  58. Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your useful and informative written article about the cheap website traffic and your top reliable sources to get more traffic for a website.

  59. Hi
    Stephen Montagne

    Your information is very true and honest here. I are a very true guy to give such description here..!
    Im from from. A YouTuber, My channel is a year old and Monetized with youtube new policy 2018. It has 2500+ Subscribers and 2 Lac views.. But my question is that earning is very very slow and much minimum even though there are everyday views.. why is so??
    where should I promote videos ??
    Second question I’m Affiliate of various network, no doubt, your information is 100% true here for Advertisers. I’ve lost money with Adword and other paid services.. They gives results but there was not a single conversion for my Affiliate Products.
    It seems Adword is too fraud. It gave my video 44000 views in 7 Days only. There was my affiliate link in description.. people were super hungry for that. It was Alex Software Affiliate Link.. for Amazon Marketing.. but there was not a single sale — in clickbank chart..

    Pl. tell me, which traffic method will be good for my jvzoo and clickbank and warriorplus products..???
    I hate Google Adword and Facebook Ads..
    Channel – “VPNGOR”

    1. Hi VG,

      I will be honest here I don’t do a lot of YouTube stuff, so I can’t really advise you well on this one. My best bet would be for you to try and grow your YouTube channel organically without any paid traffic.

      I also don’t think that traffic sources like Popads will be registered as YouTube views (not sure on this one).

      You might want to try and advertise your affiliate products directly by using a landing page and then a traffic source from this list, instead of YouTube. You can also add a YouTube video of yours to that landing page so that visitors could play it if they are interested in.

      I’m sorry I can’t give you too much advice on this one, but yeah, I don’t do any YouTube at all.

      Best of luck,

    1. Hi there,

      I had that happen to me too in the past with them. I quickly solved it by opening up a support ticket or talked with them on the chat, and they fixed it for me. No idea why that happens. They told me that it was automatically rejected or something and they had to manually review it. So maybe try and talk with them and see what happens.

      Good luck,

  60. I use bing ads, but my cpc’s are all in the $1 range or more, anything less then I get *very* little traffic since the ads fall to position 5 or lower.

    How do you get so much volume so cheap? If the kw’s are too broad then wouldn’t it affect quality score and thereby reduce volume? I am surprised by your screenshot, the minimum bid for Bing seems to be 0.05 cpc, but you somehow got it down to 0.04?!

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Your ads and landing page need to be very good with Bing in order to lower your CPC and still have plenty of traffic. It all depends on your niche, keywords, ad context and website.

      Make your ad copy to resemble your website as much as possible. Also I was targeting multiple countries and not only US, so that might have been another reason why the CPC was lower, and my ad score and landing page/keywords quality where over 8 all the time… so that helps to lower the CPC.

      Keep in mind that I did those tests last year and Bing might have changed some things since then, I guess you can’t manually bid under $0.05 anymore from what I’m seeing right now, they pretty much update and change things almost daily, so it is possible that now the minimum is $0.05. I’m mostly doing push and native traffic these days so I haven’t used Bing for myself in a while and did not notice this until now… but I will have to update the article with this new information regarding Bing.

      Most of my keywords even though they were very broad were still related very closely to what I was advertising, so I had no problems with that. Funny enough the only time the keywords gave me a problem was when I used Bing’s stupid campaign optimization tips and added a bunch of keywords that they recommended for my campaign… and guess what? Those f*cking keywords took my whole campaign down because somehow I wasn’t allowed to run them and got denied after an automatic review by them… had to be on the phone with them for 30 minutes to fix that shit that they caused…but other than that I had no real problems with the KWs.

      But still even $0.05 or $0.1 from Bing search ads is very good compared to Adwords, and you can still make it profitable, so don’t give up… try up different ad groups and make sure your landing page and ads match and are high quality. Also with some niches/keywords it might be simply impossible to go under a certain bid without losing traffic since there might be a lot of competition involved…

      Check out SemRush (free trial) and see the ads of your competitors, you will get to see how much an ad has been running, that means it’s profitable for them and you can “get inspired” from it for yourself πŸ˜‰

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Stephen, thank you for your detailed reply, it was very helpful. I think this post is very eye opening because just knowing low cpc’s are still possible opens up a bunch of new ideas to test.

        Affiliates I know (I am not an affiliate) usually say high cpc’s mean people are making money, but I think before competing with hyper optimized 0.80 cpc campaigns on outbrain or dollar and up clicks on Google, it makes sense to optimize it cheaper before swimming with the sharks.

        1. Hi Ivan,

          Yeah that’s true about high CPC = people make money. But to be honest I feel that I have more freedom when I’m paying lower for a click, I can test so many things and screw up a bunch of times and just not care, because the CPC is so low.

          So that’s why these days I’m mostly using traffic sources that are $0.1 or lower per click. Because if I screw something up, or a test fails, at least the hole isn’t so big to actually care too much. But when that same thing happened with AdWords, boy… you would really feel the screw-up, especially with their insanely high prices.

          I haven’t used Google Adwords in a very long while now, I’m buying my traffic from a few of the sources I’ve listed in this article at a much cheaper price than Google and Outbrain and yeah it works just fine for me.

          Good luck,

  61. Hi can you suggest me which site for me best to get convert adult traffic ?
    I used plugrush spent $10 , popcash .net spent $15 , traficjunky spent $25 but I don’t get any conversion

    Please suggest me a good site your help can make me a great
    I am waiting for your response
    Thank you very much .
    my skype id is live:saif123ark

    1. Hi,

      I don’t do adult traffic or offers, but you could try popads. Last time I ran offers with them they converted… but I never tried adult offers with them so I don’t know. Adult offers are tougher to convert than regular offers nowdays.

      Good luck

      1. Hi Stephen

        When you could say you are dealing with bot traffic in popads? 100 clicks and no convertion? 1,000 clicks, how much traffic you tolerate without convertions to declare that source a bot?

        1. I base it around the payout of the offer. If a CPA offer pays $30 I would at least spend $30 to try and get a conversion, sometimes I go double that amount. But I start to create white/black lists pretty fast after the campaign start.

  62. ???? Hello Stephen,

    This is Dipranil from india, I really loved your truthful post. I just opened a clickbank account and I was searching for cheap ads site list, and I found you. And from bottom of my heart i want to say it’s inspired me for some of points. Have you ever tested these companies ads on any clickbank product? What you think which ad company will be good for clickbank affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Dipranil,

      I’m glad you liked my post.

      I haven’t promoted Clickbank products in a very long time, simply because I don’t think that most of them are any good and of high quality. Almost all of them seem like a scam, with 1 hour long videos on the landing page trying to sell you some bullsh*t ebook that’s been sold before. Most of them have a high refund rate and I simply don’t want to try and scam people into thinking that buying an ebook from Clickbank will give them their “vision back” or “reverse their diabetes”.

      This is just my personal opinion I’m not saying there aren’t any good products in Clickbank but I simply prefer promoting other things than clickbank products. For example if I promote a CPA product like a cream or some pills, at least that’s a real product, people will interact with it, most of them even see good results. So yeah sorry I can’t really answer your question. I see marketers promoting clickbank products with native ad networks like MGID and RevContent, so you could try those (careful with some of the bot traffic, use a tracker).


      1. Thanks ???? Stephen for your truthful answer, I have also doubts on clickbank product. As I’m newbie so I don’t what type of company there are affiliate marketing.

  63. Thank you for sharing your useful experience,
    I am from Morocco, I had Adsense closed and I want to open another US Adsense account, Do you recommend opening it with US Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)? What is the best site to sell RDP for you?
    Thank you Stephen

    1. Hi Adam,

      Unfortunately, if you got banned by AdSense is very difficult or maybe impossible to get another new account. Because you will need a new name, new address, new payment method etc… Google verifies the address and the bank account as you know before you can get paid, and if the same information was used before on a suspended account, they will figure it out.

      Maybe you can get a new account if you create a business adsense account, meaning that you will sign up as a company and use a company name, address and payment method. I think that might work but I’m not 100% sure.

      I really don’t know what you can do as I’ve never been in this position myself so sorry to say but I can’t help you with this. Maybe try and find some AdSense alternatives? I will have to write a blog post about the top AdSense alternatives that exist out there.

      Best regards,

      1. I open it with my brother’s information in the United States, but the problem is I’m in Morocco. do you recommend opening it with US Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) when you use it?

        thanks Stephen

        1. Hi Adam,

          I think the best option would be for your brother to open the account for you directly from his computer in the United States, if that’s not an option then I guess you have no other choice but to try remote desktop, I think a good program is TeamViewer it’s free last time I tried.

          But can your brother verify the adsense account to his US address? You know that Google will send him a letter to that address with a PIN that needs to be verified and added to your account. So if you’re brother is already in the US and he can wait for the PIN, can’t he open the account for you from the US?

          Like I said previously I really don’t know too much about this problem because I was never in this position, so I’m sorry if I can’t be too much of help.

  64. Hi Stephen as always,

    Just wanted to know about push notification traffic. When we are promoting an article that is monetized with Adsense ads then do we need tracker for that. Is it necessary because we only want clicks and there is no way around to find whether that click converted or not but the clicks will be legit. While promoting affiliate products then tracker is a must because we are looking for return. Also how to keep our Adsense account safe when it comes to bot traffic or in general.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      No, you don’t need a tracker for adsense. You just need to integrate your analytics account with your adsense account, and after that just use UTM tags inside the link you are promoting on the push notification networks.

      For example if your article link is: then you will have to use UTM tags inside this link when you add it to your ad network for example:{campaignid}&utm_medium={zoneid}

      Keep in mind that the {campaignid} and {zoneid} is specific to the ad network you’re working with, these are the settings for PropellerAds, for Megapush it will be: {feedid} and {camp_id} and whatever else they give you when you create a campaign, usually the networks will show you their tracking tags, so you can use those for your links for adsense articles.

      About keeping AdSense safe, well there is no real way to do that, other than using good traffic sources (don’t use popups for adsense), and carefully examining your adsense account.

      For example if you see the Ad CTR is too high, or if you are getting invalid clicks (if you had earned $10 and the next time you refresh your adsense reports you see that you now have $6, that means Google took out $4 that were invalid clicks, you can also see that when a payment is made, google will keep some money out of your earnings for invalid cliks etc…), then you should probably stop sending traffic from that source.

      There are also some adsense plugins and services out there that can work to protect your ads from bot clicks, but I never used them, but you can check them out if you want.

      I’m writing a few guides about AdSense right now, in fact, I’m finishing the main more general AdSense guide in a few minutes actually… and I plan on writing a few more about arbitrage and other things, so make sure you stay subscribed to check those out when they are ready.


  65. Hello Stephen,

    Wonderful article, congratulations!

    I am Brazilian, can you tell me what kind of ads did you had the better results for Brazil using push ads?

    CPA, Affiliate or Adsense?

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for the nice words.

      About your question, well I will be honest with you… I tried a few things for Brazil, nothing really worked well … no idea why… Tried Dating & survey CPA offers without any success, with over 3k clicks to each offer = 0 conversions with multiple landing pages etc. It’s weird, I get conversions from Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Peru etc… but nothing in Brazil after 3k clicks. I also tried Adsense and I got only my money back or maybe just a little bit of profit like if I invested $10 I would get back either $9-10 or $11-$12 in adsense, and that is with all the advertisement done in Portuguese and the content of the site was in Portuguese also. So not that good of an experience for me with Brazil, I’ve talked with another marketer friend about this and he also struggles a bit on Brazil, he told me that it’s all about the way you’re selling things over there and you need to understand the culture etc… Not really sure what that means but at least I wasn’t the only one who failed lol.

      I would sure love to do more stuff for Brazil in the future, as I believe there’s a lot of opportunity with the amount of traffic there is in every ad network for Brazil, but for now, I’m sticking to other countries.

      I hope you have better luck than me πŸ™‚

  66. Very Useful content and your website theme is so Nice and Pleasent to read as well. Keep up the Good Work… I have registered with like you suggested. Since i am getting really cheap clicks from them.. Thank you for the Awesome Post…

  67. Hi Stephen once again,

    As you mentioned that you are trying push notification traffic to Adsense site. Can you mention ROI. I mean how much you are spending and how much you are making in return in general. It can be a bit difficult to spend money in a country like US,UK,Canada and make a profit where CPC is a bit higher compared to Asian and European countries like India, Argentina,Sri Lanka etc. What are your thoughts on that where CPC is low and have better chance to make a profit with push notification traffic to Adsense site.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I didn’t mention ROI because it’s not something exact at the moment. For example, I had quite a few campaigns in countries and with websites that ended up with negative ROI and others with a positive ROI, so overall it’s about even I say… But lately you are right, I stopped doing US, Canada traffic on push because the clicks are indeed a bit too expensive. The thing is that I often paid even $0.05 or $0.10 for a click with arbitrage no native ad networks, but those were able to still make me a nice profit in adsense because the clicks from native ads were always more engaged with my content, and the bounce rate was lower and time on site longer. So now even though the CPC is $0.02-$0.03 on US on push, I still can’t get it to be profitable simply because it’s not the same as with native traffic.

      So yes, I’ve tried other countries as you said, and with some of them indeed I had a positive ROI, for example, I even did some countries in Africa and was able to get double the money I invested, so pretty good. But then I lost a lot when I did a bunch of tests in other countries like the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, etc…

      The thing is that it’s also about the niche of your website. For example, a website in the health or finance niche will bring a bit more per click than a site that’s in entertainment, and viral stories…

      Overall yeah, push can work for arbitrage, because there are no bots, but the traffic is just not the same in engagement wise and time spent on site etc (this also counts towards a higher CPC). So for some countries I even had 100-200% ROI for others I had 0-10%, others were negative like -70% or so. It depends on the site niche, country, method of push (CPM vs CPC), device, and simply if the user is interested in your content…

      Hope this helps, good luck,

  68. Hi Stephen !
    Thank you so much for your reply, i really appreciate it man, and your reply in itself deserve to be an article for start up newbies, i just want to let you know that i will make a niche website and try to get an audiance from the social networks first, like you said it’s a slow process & painful, but it DOES work, better than investing in media buying with such a small capital, thanks for making my head straight on this one !

    1. Hi Omar,
      I’m glad that it helped you. Honestly, I was in the same spot chasing after quick bucks until I realized I need to get serious and think long term. The bad part was that for me I had to waste a few thousand dollars before I realized that I need to just focus on one thing and make that thing successful, because every week/month I was just trying a different thing in a different niche, and it just never worked. So after I was able to focus on just one website and after it started to bring me income on a daily basis, I was then able to diversify and start “playing” and doing various things properly like CPA, Adsense Arbitrage, Create my own eBooks/Courses, etc.

      So I wish you all the best and good luck,

  69. Hello Stephen, first of all: GREAT article man !

    i have a question about MegaPush:

    i have only 100$ to invest and the last thing i want is to be scammed, they seem a little new on the market and i’m afraid that they will take my funds for whatever reason.

    i’m from the third world (Morocco) and this is my FINAL chance to earn money online and break free from almost 7 LONG YEARS of depression & poverty, all what i need to know is: can i trust those guys with my money or they just gonna take my funds & ban me for whatever reason and literally kill me (seriously, the 100$ it’s not even my own money, it’s as serious as it gets here man, my LIFE depends on what i will do with that 100$)

    i’m gonna be promoting CPA offers, and i know almost all the basics, anyway, i’ll be waiting for your feedback, and i promise you that i will share how my first campaign went with you & your awesome readers !

    1. Hi Omar,

      I’m glad that you like the article. And sorry to hear about your situation, trust me I know how it feels, being in this business for 12+ years, the first 3 years were a pain for me too.

      Now about MegaPush and your situation, to be honest with you, from what you said I would advise you not to invest that money into MegaPush or any other ad network.

      Here’s why:

      MegaPush is good and it does work for many people in different things, but they can ban or take your account away if you mess up with their rules etc…and this is true for any network.

      But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that there’s always the possibility that you could lose your money simply because you targeted the wrong things or your CPA offer sucked… You can’t know all those things without a lot of testing. A lot of testing needs some money to be invested in order to know what works and what doesn’t.

      So again I will say, I would suggest you not to look at MegaPush or almost any paid traffic source at this point. Simply because the stakes are too high for you with only $100 that is not even yours.

      Here’s what I would do instead with that $100:
      Create a website in a niche that you have good affiliate offers for.
      -Write quality content
      -Promote that blog and articles for free via social media/seo/forums
      -And if you have left like $30-$50 or so, you can then pay for some traffic to that blog to help boost the SEO (google knows that you’re getting traffic and they will boost your rankings a bit)

      In this way, even if you blow the $30-$50 you have left on paid traffic and it doesn’t work and doesn’t bring you any conversions, you still have left a good website that can receive traffic from SEO or you can even sell it on Flippa etc, even if it doesn’t make you any money. People are still buying websites that are starter websites and don’t make money, simply because they don’t know how to make one or don’t know how to write quality content.

      So you see, at least you’re not gambling all the $100 in one place… rather you are trying to build an asset and if it doesn’t work you can always get free traffic to it or sell it in the future.

      I know this might not be what you wanted to hear since it sounds like hard work and it will take some time, but it’s the truth… I can’t honestly feel good about myself if I were to tell you: “Yeah go ahead and spend your last $100 on this traffic source” and then not work out…

      There are some ad networks where the deposit is lower than $100, so at $30 or so you could try out some things… now I’m not saying they are good or better than the ones on this list, but there are some of them out there like: (I think it’s $30 minimum deposit via Credit card and $1000 minimum deposit via PayPal) or even Bing where if you spend $25 they will give you $100 for free, not sure if this offer is available in Morocco though.

      I spent a few thousand on Adnow in the past, but not doing it anymore, because they have some bot traffic especially in the US… and also their traffic volume has decreased over the last year or so… they also have the majority of the traffic in countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, etc… so it’s not good if you’re trying to promote something for US, CA, AU etc… you could still give it a go I guess and just try $30 with them, but only if you know what you’re doing and have faith in your offer/targeting… but be warned they do have bot traffic… so don’t say I never warned you πŸ™‚

      Trust me, when I started out I tried so many damn things that you won’t even believe me, none of them worked well.. you know why? Because I was always after “quick money” and I was never thinking about long term, and building assets like multiple websites, with original content, SEO etc… Sure I still do CPA nowadays direct linking even, but that’s because I know that if something doesn’t work well, and lose some money, I can always rely on my other sites for revenue.

      So yeah my advice, save the money and invest it in building assets like websites with quality content and try and get free traffic to them. You can even build multiple websites with that $100, but I recommend you focus on just 1 website in the beginning.

      People think that SEO is too hard and complicated, and it sometimes is…but really all you need is good content and the ability to do some basic on-site/off-site SEO stuff, like building natural links and having a proper website optimized for SEO. Do you see this reply to you? It’s over 800+ words long, this is a good number for an SEO article, but instead, people chose to just copy/paste stuff from other sites or use Autoblog plugins and then they wonder why they don’t have any search engine traffic. It’s not easy but also not that hard.

      If you really need money fast, you should do gigs on Fiverr or better yet go straight to Upwork and Freelancer and start doing some work for people and earn some quick $ that way, while simultaneously working on your website.

      Hope this helps, and best of luck,

  70. Hi Stephen,

    Can we use push notification traffic on adsense site instead of using native ads traffic because it does not involve any bot traffic whatsoever. Can we make money through it. Have you tried. Look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Yes you are right they don’t have any bots and I did in fact tested this, and I’m still testing it right now. Basically it’s good because there are no bots and its cheap, and the clicks in adsense are legit (never had a problem with my account in the past 2-3 months since I started testing with push for adsense sites). The only problem is that the engagement on the website and session time + bounce rate is very very bad for push traffic on adsense sites. I’ve tested multiple push ad networks like megapush and propellerads etc… they are very good and I got a lot of visitors from all over the world to CPA offer, affiliate sites, adsense sites etc… However I’ve noticed that they stay about 10 seconds or less and 90% bounce on my adsense sites. This is unusual because the same articles/sites with adsense get about 50% bounce rate and 2+ minutes of average time reading and sessions when I use native ad traffic or other sources of traffic compared with push traffic.

      So while push is great for selling something or giving them a great offer fast, like: Sign up to this casino right now and get $200 bonus, it doesn’t work the same with making them read a bunch of pages of content or 600+ words content that they had no interest in. Keep in mind with native traffic they are already in a “reading mode” they browse other news and content sites, they see your native ad and decide to click on it and read it because they are interested in what you’re advertising, with push traffic they never chose to receive that push notification they have no interest in it all the time and they are not in a “reading mode”.

      Sure I made profit with push and adsense and still do a little but yea it’s not the same by a mile… I just wish the native ad services would get better without bots and all that crap and restrictions etc…

      You could give it a try but clicks for US/CA/AU traffic in push are already a few cents like 0.03-0.05 or so, and at that point they are the same as on native ad networks. Push notification traffic is awesome when you buy it cheaper in countries like Israel, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil etc… where you can pay $0.001-0.005 a click which is nice.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Hi Boko,

      No one can guarantee 100% Adsense safe traffic. I personally tested RevContent, and Mgid, and never had a problem with AdSense so far…but, of course, that can always change, you never really know what kind of traffic you will get. That’s why I recommend you to use a tracker and filter out the bad sites/id’s from every traffic source you test, after you filtered out the bad sites and bots, you are left with a nice clean white list of only good quality IDs that you can then use for your AdSense sites and hopefully you won’t get into trouble with Google. This tactic works well with the native companies I mentioned before: RevContent,, Mgid, Taboola, and Outbrain. Good luck and make sure you don’t do anything stupid on your Adsense site πŸ™‚

  71. HI Stephen,

    Congrat on making profits with MGID. As for me, I’m still struggling to make a sale with MGID. When you advertise health products on MGID, do you use direct linking to offers or are you using a landing page? And which countries do you usually target?

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry to hear that you’re struggling to make a sale with MGID. It all depends on what you’re promoting and to what countries. The thing with MGID, Revcontent and is that you don’t have many targeting options…so you need to promote offers that are good for everyone. For example: lose weight products can be bought by young and old women or men… so you see, you target all of them by advertising a product like that. Now don’t get me wrong, “Lose weight products” are kinda oversaturated, but here’s a hint: It’s a new year, many people have made a new year resolution to lose weight, so maybe you can have success for a month or two by promoting such products.

      Me? Well, I promote many things and offers, and I always test different ideas and countries. That example from Mgid was for a varicose cream in France and in Romania. I used Adcombo for those 2 offers, and in Adcombo your offers will automatically come with a prelander + landing pages, so I didn’t have to make my own landing page. But yes I used a prelander who then redirected users to the final landing page where they had the option to buy the product.

      Hope this helps,
      Good luck

  72. Hmmmm, I have been able to finish reading .hurray! Lol.Quite a stuff,thanks for sharing but am working on reviews site ( Which traffic would you recommend.For now I was not given the chance to be part of AdSense and so am Afraid I will just be lossing my money with Paid Ads.
    Please advice.Thanks.

    1. Hi Roland,

      Well, it seems you first have a problem with monetization then, and second with traffic. So in order to really focus on getting traffic paid or free, you first need to figure out how you will make money from your site. If you did not get approved for AdSense, buying traffic for your site will more than likely not make any money back simply because you need a good system to make money from paid traffic.

      I see you have some review posts, so I guess if the products you review pay you a good commission you could try and buy traffic only for those review posts. Other than that, as I said, fix the monetization part first. For cheap quality traffic I would stick with the native ad companies that I suggested, depending on the location you will advertise in, you can get clicks as cheap as $0.01 from and

      Hope This Helps,

  73. Thanks for the article, have you tried some of the “cheaper” companies you mentioned here, and if so what was your conversion rate? I see you show impressions and clicks, but did any of those clicks convert into money?


    1. Hi Beven, Good questions. I used all these networks, otherwise, I wouldn’t write about them or recommend them on my blog. I believe that all these networks are good at providing you with conversions, it just depends on your product/service/etc and what your goals are. For example, let’s say you would want to advertise your digital startup agency, you could very well have great success in advertising it on Bing and Facebook, and get some nice leads that might convert into sales later on, but if you would try and advertise the same agency on Popads for example, you won’t see that much success I’m afraid. It’s all about the offer and what you’re promoting and what you’re goals are. Like in the example above, Popads might not work for your digital agency, but it can work for someone that is doing dating cpa offers, betting, casino, make money online, etc… So all of these companies have their uses.

      Now if you want more details about my conversions, as you can see for example on the Revcontent account screenshot, I spent at least $850 in just a few days, with them, but do you think I would spend more than $100 without seeing any results? Hell no. It’s just that I didn’t set up their tracking pixel on my landing pages, and instead used a tracker like RedTrack So the conversions only showed in my tracking dashboard. From that campaign that I ran on revcontent I managed to bring back I think $1500 or so. Which was almost double the money that I spent. However I did my due diligence, and I promoted an offer I knew it was hot at that time, and also placed my ads only on relevant websites. For example health offer only on health/nutrition sites. Plus I also had a good whitelist from other tests, so not that much bot traffic. All in all was a successful campaign for me.

      I also used Revcontent and to do ad arbitrage. Meaning I bought cheap clicks/traffic and then I had adsense and other ads on my site that earned me more money that I spent on ads. That was almost 100% of times bulletproof and almost always made a nice profit.

      Anyway, with almost all of these companies I have made money. Some in forms of direct product sales (ebooks, pills, courses, etc) others with leads (such as dating, casino, paid survey offers), and with some I just created an email list for my businesses.

      To be honest with you, the only network I had trouble to make a great profit was Facebook, I think that barely broke even, but in reality, my offers probably sucked anyway and were not meant for social traffic and more for search traffic (user intent willing to buy etc). I still use facebook to promote each of my posts for all my blogs whenever I post a new article, just to create some buzz.

      Hope this helps,

  74. Hi, Stephen,
    My website is primary products focused and not content. Could I possibly, be able to use any of your 7 good and cheap website traffic that you wrote about here?

    What would you recommend as my best approach to getting cheap and good traffic to my website, if your 7 good and cheap website traffic source is not good for my type of products?

    Your article is impressive and content latent that is worth emulation. Thanks

    1. Hi Matthew,

      You could try Bing and Facebook ads for products website. But make sure your targeting is on point in order to lower the costs. I will have to write tutorials on that in the future. Good luck πŸ™‚

  75. Hello Stephen,

    I read somewhere that doing business without advertising is like standing in the dark and winking at a lady. You know what you’re doing but she doesn’t.

    I have tried almost those websites you’ve tried as well with the exception of BingAds and I quickly decided to give them a try but my account was banned instantly.

    That wouldn’t stop me though from giving them a try once more though. Facebook and Adwords have now become my main sources of traffic now but I do think it’s about I give a try once more.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi Kabie,

      I’m glad that the post was helpful to you. I plan on adding a few more secret traffic sources in the following weeks, at the moment really busy with life stuff.

      Anyway, where did you get banned instantly on Bing Ads? That’s weird they shouldn’t ban you like that unless you used a fraudulent payment method or some coupon that you bought on fiverr/affiliate forums etc…

      You could try depending on what you’re selling/promoting you might get a nice ROI. I would also suggest you take a look at MGID, similar to revcontent and but a bit cheaper and more beginner friendly.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

  76. Thank you Stephen, for sharing your insightful and wonderfully written article about the cheap website traffic and your top reliable sources to attract more traffic to a website!

  77. Awesome Stephen, thanks for sharing your insightful and wonderfully written article about the cheap website traffic and your top reliable sources to attract more traffic to a website!

      1. That depends entirely on what keywords you’re targeting and a bunch of other stuff too like landing page optimization, the niche you’re in, how much money you make when someone buys or completes an offer, etc…

        Usually, it’s a bit more than $0.10 because there’s a lot of competition these days for Bing US traffic, but you can still manage to get cheap clicks if you have good landing pages and keywords that will increase the Ad CTR and thus lower the over all CPC.

      2. Hi Stephen

        Please which of these traffic sources would you recommend for crakrevenue affiliate links

        1. Well that’s not really a clear question,

          Since that’s a CPA copmany they pretty much have offers and links in many different niches, and also some offers won’t allow you to send Push traffic or POP traffic etc… so it really depends on what you want to promote. In general though, the native ad companies and push ad networks will be good for CPA offers.


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