MegaPush Review & Case Study – Push Notification Traffic from $0.001

MegaPush Review & Case Study – Push Notification Traffic from $0.001

Are you looking to get more traffic for your website or affiliate campaigns? Well look no further… in this article I will talk about push notification traffic and reviewing MegaPush, an ad company that has a huge inventory of push notifications traffic.

But first:

What Are Push Notifications?

What Are Push Notifications

Well, push notifications are those messages that you receive on your phone, from various apps and websites that you subscribed to, they can also appear on desktop computers too.

Basically here is how push notifications work:

You visit a site frequently and you would like to keep up with all the new stuff? Great, the website owner might ask you to subscribe and receive notifications when new things are posted on that site.

Did you download a new app on your phone? Well, you will more than likely get sent push notifications from that app, daily or weekly. These notifications can be about anything really…

If you downloaded a game, you might get notifications about hot deals in the game or for bonuses or extra events. If you have a banking app, you might receive a notification every time you spend or receive money.

But the most common push notifications today are the ones you will receive from messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

Push Notifications As a Traffic Source

Push Notification Example

Now that I’ve explained to you a bit about how they work, do you now realize how powerful push notifications are?

If you don’t, well listen up:

Push notification traffic is INSANE! 

You basically get to send your message across millions of devices and reach people INSTANTLY.

Gone are the days waiting for Google to send you traffic from search optimization, gone are the days where you would struggle to get email sign-ups, who has time to manage a social page on Facebook only to get 5 clicks a day back to your website, and more importantly who even clicks on regular ad banners anymore?

You see, with push notification, the traffic is fast, scalable and cheap.

Imagine, it’s Black Friday, you could create a push notification ad and send people to your blog or shop, offering them great deals and discounts that you know they are looking for.

Is it snowing in New York right now? Awesome,  send out a push notification like this: “Staying inside because it’s snowing? Check out this amazing app.”

It also works for desktop devices too

The possibilities are endless…

This is not really a new concept, push notifications are already a few years old, but you basically had to have your own website or app with people subscribed to you in order to take advantage of this traffic method.

From 2017, things have changed, and we can now get this traffic from multiple sources, without having to actually have our own websites and apps with subscribers.

But where do you get all this push notification traffic from? It’s simple, you buy it, there are many ad networks who now serve push notification traffic and it’s dirt cheap and very high quality. Oh did I forgot to mention that it’s also almost 100% bot free traffic?

You see there aren’t yet any programs and software for sending fake bot traffic with push notifications you need real human interaction to open up and see your ad… this is also very important and another reason why this type of traffic is amazing.


megapush review is one of the biggest push notification networks out there. They are relatively young, but who cares? They have an amazing volume of traffic that converts well and guess what, the CPC (cost per click) starts at… $0.001. 

Before we dive deeper into Megapush and showing you my case study plus review, let’s take a look at some of their stats.

Megapush Stats


These are their stats for today:

  • 106,391,541 – Users
  • 1,427,413,101 – Impressions
  • 19,146,370 – Clicks
  • $0.03 – Average CPC

Their Traffic Demographics:

  • Male – 80%
  • Female – 20%


  • Under 18 years: 17.7%
  • 18 – 24 years: 10.1%
  • 34 – 44 years: 11.7%
  • 45 – 54 years: 32%
  • 55 years and older: 7.5%

The verticals (what type of offer or websites that advertisers are sending traffic from MegaPush)

  • General E-commerce: 17%
  • Dating Offers: 15%
  • Sweepstake Offers: 14%
  • Gambling: 12%
  • Betting: 12%
  • Binary Options: 10%
  • News: 8%

megapush volume

MegaPush Minimum Deposit

The MegaPush minimum deposit is just $100. This is good because it’s not a very high amount and this means that almost anyone can afford to spend $100 and start testing some campaigns and send traffic websites and offers using push notification traffic.

This ad network has plenty of ways for you to fund your account, to be exact: over 26 methods of adding money to your account, which is awesome. These include PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire and more.

megapush deposit

MegaPush Guide (Campaign Setup)

Ok, so by now you’re pretty much excited about using MegaPush to get traffic to your website or your affiliate offers… Here’s how you can get started and how you can set up your first campaign:

  1. Register for an account here.
  2. Fund your account with at least $100

It’s really that simple. After you have an account funded, it’s time to create your first campaign.

First, go to the left side of the screen and in the menu click on Push and then on New Campaign.

After that, you will see all the options and things you need in order to launch a push notification campaign on the MegaPush ad network.

Most of these things are pretty self-explanatory and easy to understand:

Campaign Name: Add the name of your campaign

Link: The link to your offer or to your website (you could also use tracking tokens, more on that later)

Title: This is the first line of text from the push notification and the most important one. You’re only allowed 30 characters, so make it count!

Message: This can be a bigger description of your offer or website, you’re limited to 45 characters only. Oh, and you could also use emojis 😉

Image: This is the main image of your campaign. The sizes are 492 x 328 pixels. You can have text in your ad and pretty much anything that’s clean, be careful not to have ads that are too revealing, like nude women or people having sex, see-through clothing, etc…

Icon: Also important is the icon, this is the little image that’s on the left of the push notification, the sizes for this image are: 192 x 192 pixels. This should be something that grabs users attention, think about: chat icons, exclamation point, dollar sign etc.

Select Country: Pretty much self-explanatory, you chose the country you wish to advertise in.

CPC: This is the cost per click that you will pay depending on the country you selected previously. It starts at $0.001 which is amazing, but some tier 1 countries have their minimum bid at least $0.01 or $0.02, so keep that in mind. Also, they have a weird way of displaying their CPC, if you see 1 it actually means 1 cent or $0.01, so 1 is not $1 per click, it’s actually $0.01. So for example: 2.3 is $0.023, 0.4 is $0.004, etc.

megapush cpc

ISP: If you want to target specific ISP (internet service providers) for your mobile campaigns, you can do that here. (Not Important usually just leave it empty like that)

Device: Here you can select the platform you want your traffic from if you want to advertise on mobile, desktop, or all of them combined. The minimum CPC will change here depending on the device you select.

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, or Android. (Not really important, you can leave it default)

Start & Stop Time: If you want to schedule your campaigns, this is the place to do it.

IP Range: If you only want to target a select group of IPs. (You don’t really need this, so you can leave it empty)

Feeds Main: These are all the sources that you will receive your push traffic from. The feeds that are highlighted with bold don’t have any push traffic.

megapush guide

When you first start a new campaign you should leave them all enabled, and basically don’t touch them, because you don’t know yet which feed will be profitable for you, so you need to have them all enabled at first.

After that you can just track each feed via your campaign link that uses a token and a tracker setup, to see which feed is profitable and which feed you need to disable.

It’s important to know that you will need a tracker if you plan on promoting affiliate CPA offers. If you don’t track your campaigns, you will more than likely struggle to make a profit, especially if you are paying a high CPC. But like I said this only matters if you are heavily into CPA and other affiliate offers.

If you simply want more people to visit your website and to sign up to your email newsletter or read your articles you can just use Google Analytics. But I still recommend you to grab a tracker like RedTrack.

Because anytime you spend money on advertising, you want to get back data…without data your money is spent without a control, some feeds can send you thousands of traffic and never convert, so it’s only logical to disable them and leave only the feeds that make you money enabled, in order to make a nice profit.

Long story short, grab a tracker if you plan on making serious money. I recommend RedTrack (One of the cheapest trackers you can find, it’s also very good and you get a free 14 days trial).

Feeds Social: Here you can select if you want male or female traffic (or you could leave both of them enabled)

More Options: Enter a budget limit if you want for example if you add 20, your campaign limit will be $20, so your total amount of clicks and traffic will depend on that budget.

You could also limit your campaign by the number of clicks, or by ROI or Profit. Usually,  I just limit it by budget, like $20 or $30, and raise it accordingly.

Postback: This is the postback URL that contains MegaPush tracking tokens. Basically, you can copy this URL to your affiliate network’s dashboard or offer (if it has that option) and you will be able to send data about your traffic back to your affiliate network and see which feed id brought you a lead or a sale, and how much you paid for it etc. Then your network can send that information back to Megapush and you will be able to also see the conversions inside Megapush dashboard for each campaign.

This is only useful if you are sending traffic to affiliate CPA offers and want to have everything tracked inside MegaPush as well.

Link: This is an example of how your campaign link should look like using the MegaPush tracking tokens. So like I said before if you are doing CPA offers you will have to set this up correctly if you want to track your leads and optimize your campaigns properly.

You can use these tokens, for example, {feedid} and {bid} with a tracking software like Redtrack, and accurately track every conversion that you make, how much you spent on it, from what device and how much it costs.

If you don’t promote affiliate offers, and you simply want to promote your blog or website, you could just use Google Analytics and use the MegaPush tokens inside the UTM tags of Google Analytics, or just ignore it.

But like I said, tracking is vital in online marketing, it can break or make your campaign.

Preview and the submit buttons: One lets you preview your campaign before it’s ready to be launched, the other will submit your campaign to be reviewed by the MegaPush staff in order to approve it.

That’s literally all you need to know about creating a campaign in MegaPush.

Kinda too much info right?

Well, you’re right, but you see I didn’t want to skimp on anything, just in case a beginner marketer will read this blog post and not know what some of these terms really mean.

For me, the most important ones are really the device that I’m targeting and also the feeds. I don’t really care about the other things, I usually leave them all on default, just select my CPC accordingly select a country and a device and that’s it.

Short MegaPush Case Studies

Ok, well now that we got all of that covered, here are a few case studies of mine. Basically, I ran a few campaigns for various CPA offers in different countries and categories. You might be wondering, why I chose CPA offers and why these niches?

Well, you see… I test a lot of things and I have fun running CPA campaigns, some people play video games to relax, I run CPA offers, weird I know… anyway I will post here some of the results I got from a few hours of playing around with different setups.


Some of my daily tests of various offers in MegaPush, most of these were profitable for me, the others I just stopped them and didn’t care to optimize more.

I test many campaigns every day, all of them randomly in different countries and niches… but for now I just want to show you 2 campaigns that were not that difficult to get them to be profitable, the other campaigns that you see above eh… some failed most of them were profitable though.

I didn’t want to optimize the failed campaigns more, because I didn’t believe that they would make it eventually… so I just stopped them and moved on.

But these 2 campaigns took me just a few hours to set them up, optimize them and get a few sales and leads. So not bad for a few hours of work. They can scale up pretty nicely if you just get creative and start testing different ad types, devices, countries etc…

Also, keep in mind that these results vary, and this doesn’t mean that you will also have a profitable campaign from the start, you need to track and optimize your campaigns if you want to really bring in a nice profit.

I don’t know what campaigns you will run and what you will target, so I can’t promise you anything, cool? 🙂

Ok, let’s go:

1st Case Study: Dating CPA – Ireland

Dating CPA Ireland
This is not the actual image/model that I used in my campaign. Just a stock photo from Pixabay for this example 🙂

From time to time I like to play around with dating CPA offers, I enjoy coming up with different ad types, creatives, and ideas… because there are so many possibilities and angles that you can run within this niche.

For some people this will be categorized as “hard work”, but for me, it’s pure joy.

So, I used LosPollos, a CPA company that’s a bit different from all the other CPA networks. Basically, they just give you 1 single offer link, also called a smartlink that can be used in all the countries in the world, and that link will have a different prelanding page, landing page, and offer, all depending on the user’s device, location and browser settings.

They rotate the offers on that smartlink every time with some of their best performing and tested dating CPA offers around, in order to make it possible for you to have a nice profit, without having to guess all the time if an offer is good or not.

Now LosPollos is not that easy to get in, from what I’ve heard recently, they want more experienced affiliate marketers on board, you can apply and see how it goes, but if you don’t get in, you could also just sign up for AdCombo or Peerfly (I think they have a smartlink option too now) or Maxbounty.

Ok, back to my case study. I grabbed my dating smartlink from LosPollos, and I created a campaign on MegaPush in a random country, I chose Ireland at that time… I created 2 campaigns for Ireland, one for desktop and one for mobile traffic.

I don’t like to create campaigns where both devices are enabled, because it complicates things a bit and I would just like to stop each of them at a certain point without affecting the other.

For example, if desktop traffic isn’t converting, I could just stop that desktop campaign, without having to stop my mobile campaign that is profitable and without having to create a new one again just for mobile.

As you can see I spent a total of $7,48 and received 503 clicks (desktop & mobile combined) not that bad right? Compare that to your cost per click on Google Adwords or Facebook (not that they would let you run dating CPA offers anyway) and you can see why Megapush is so awesome and affordable.

Ok, can you guess if I made any money out of that and how much?

No? Well ok then, fine… I will tell you: $38.85 – keep in mind though that the payout was dynamic, meaning different payout depending on the device a user signed up or depending on the offer that was in rotation at that time.

Screenshot from my LosPollos dashboard for Ireland. I blurred the other countries because well… some things are a secret 🙂

It’s not a big sum of course, but it only took me a few hours to set that campaign up and run it, and I only spent a total of $7.48 which gave me a profitable ROI of 419.39%

Not that bad 🙂

And I would go a step further and give you an example of how the campaign looked, not that many marketers will reveal their successful campaigns you know…

This was the exact title and icon that I used, I just had a different girl in the bigger picture (a bit more “naughty”), you can find your own images on sites like PixaBay, etc… just make sure you don’t infringe on any copyright laws and that you have permission to use those photos.

But keep in mind that Megapush won’t allow you to use nudity in your images, so you need to be a bit creative… 😎

2nd Case Study: Health Product – Portugal

Now, I’m still playing around and testing with this particular offer, so I won’t be revealing the exact niche/product that I promoted… but still, this was the first campaign I ever tested on MegaPush for Portugal traffic, and to my surprise, I got 2 sales in just a few hours.

It was a health product from the AdCombo network for Portugal, and it was also COD (cash on delivery).

Here are the campaign stats from MegaPush:

As you can see, I spent a total of $21.20 for 1704 clicks.

I targeted both desktop and mobile, and I had received 2 holds in a few hours. In AdCombo holds are basically placed orders that customers have left on the landing page of the product. Usually, it’s their name, phone number, and address, without any payment information or having to pull out a credit card etc. It’s all done by phone.

This being a COD product (cash on delivery), they will have to be called back by an operator, (AdCombo does this for you), and confirm with them that they want to actually order the product. If the customers agree, then the hold will transform into a sale.

AdCombo will instantly credit your account with the amount for the sale, and you don’t need to wait for the product to actually get delivered in order to get your money. Pretty cool huh? Especially since some older people might not be good with ordering online with PayPal or with a credit card.

Anyway, back to my case study, so those 2 holds transformed into 2 sales by the next day when the operators called the customers to confirm their order, and I had made $32 ($16 for each sale).

So I spent $22.20 and I’ve made back $32. Not that amazing really, because this is only an ROI of just 44.20%. But this was before I really started to optimize the campaign. For example, all the sales came from just 1 Feed ID (this is the default MegaPush main ID) as you can see below.

Basically, all I have to do now is just block the other in converting feed IDs and I would be able to bring in an even bigger profit and ROI.

But keep in mind, this offer is more aimed at females of a specific age group, and it’s also a product sale, not that easy to convert like the dating CPA from above where users just had to sign up to a dating site… People had to pay real money for this and be on the phone with an operator and exchange information etc… so it was a bit more difficult. Still profitable though, any profit made is good for a day of testing.

MegaPush Review – Verdict

What are you looking for anymore? It’s a YES from me. Seriously CPCs starting at $0.001? Awesome. Being able to send my message instantly with thousands or even millions of people at the push of a button? Amazing. Traffic that converts well? Extra Super Duper Impressed with MegaPush 🤩, and I’m not just saying that because I have my affiliate link posted all over this post…

It is one of my favorite ad networks that I work with and I do use them daily for testing various CPA offers that work well on Push Traffic.

So yeah go ahead and try it out, you only need $100 to start, and who knows, maybe you will love it so much that it will be the only source of traffic that you will use for a long time.

Go ahead give a try… sign up here. 

Also, check out RedTracker if you need a performant tracker that is also very affordable and AdCombo if you need a new CPA network.

Yes yes…I know affiliate links…but what do you think? That I would write this post of 3600+ words for nothing? I need to hustle and get that paper son…

But joking aside, I only receive a small commission if you sign up with them through my link, you can choose not too, and that’s ok 🙂

Good luck, and let me know in the comments if you used Megapush and how it worked out for you.




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