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This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through these links I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I personally hand-test everything that I promote, and I only link to services and products that I like.
Best Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a great marketplace that you can use to boost up your online presence. In this article, I’m going to show you the best Fiverr gigs that you can buy for your blog.

It doesn’t matter what type of blog or online business you have, there’s a Fiverr gig out there that will surely help you out even by a tiny bit.


Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

There are also a ton of gigs that you should stay away from because they could do your website more harm than good.

Note: These are affiliate links. If you buy a Fiverr gig through them I get candy. I mean, commissions. At no extra cost to you. I’m a hustler after all ๐Ÿ˜Ž

What is Fiverr?

For the people that don’t know what Fiverr is, here’s a short description:

Fiverr is an online marketplace that features services (also known as gigs) from freelancers.

The platform is very different compared to other freelancer websites because you don’t need to create a project or job as an employer and wait for freelancers (or workers) to show up and bid on it.

Instead on Fiverr, the freelancers have their own profiles with services (gigs) that they offer for a fixed amount of money, it’s usually $5, hence the Fiverr name.

So all you have to do is browse Fiverr and look for gigs that you think might be beneficial for your blog, website, or even personal life.

Keep in mind that while the platform started out only with $5 gigs, there are now gigs that can go as high as into thousands of dollars.

It all depends on what type of gig you want to buy based on the freelancer’s experience, reputation, testimonials, you could find cheaper ones or more expensive ones.

Fiverr completely changed the game, and nowadays everyone is talking about the gig economy and side gigs, or side hustle gigs, you get the idea.

The marketplace has a huge array of services and gigs available for you to order from freelancers all over the world.

From obscure Fiverr gigs like buying postcards from random places in the world to full-on services that can help you and your blog or business grow such as content writing, logo design, and more.

But there are also some Fiverr gigs that you should avoid, particularly the ones involving SEO and link buying gigs.

You can easily screw your SEO rankings if you’re not careful with this and you go out and buy tons of backlinks from Fiverr.

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To make things easier for you, I’ve decided to create this article to show you some of what I think are the best Fiverr gigs that you can buy to improve your online presence.

Top 12 Best Fiverr Gigs

1. Logo Design

A logo design is probably one of the best Fiverr gigs that you could buy.

Especially if you suck at graphic design and have no idea what Illustrator or Photoshop means.

We all know by now that a logo is very important for a brand even if you don’t are a big company like Coca-Cola for example, a simple blog can benefit a lot from a professional logo design.

A clean and professional logo will help set your website and business apart from your competition.

You want people to see your logo and instantly realize what your blog or website or product is all about.

So yeah, logos are important, and that’s why if there’s one single gig that I would highly recommend you buying after reading this list, is this one.

An amateur or poorly designed logo and website can turn your blog visitors or potential customers away.

There’s a reason why companies update their logo all the time throughout history to meet up with the current design trends.

2. Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Whiteboard & explainer videos are also pretty awesome Fiverr gigs that you should consider investing into.

Why? Well… the question should be more like: Why the hell not?

YouTube is huge, video marketing is on the rise, over 90% of marketers say that video marketing is effective to them.

Plus it’s much easier to explain your product, a guide, tutorial, your company, and anything else through an explainer video.

As I’ve said on my about page, my brother runs a whiteboard animated video creation business, and I sometimes do marketing to boost his sales.

The amount of people and companies that are turning to explainer videos is huge. He’s seen an increase in clients from year to year.

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I’m sure that will continue too, as more and more content on the internet is now in video format: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Stories, etc.

Now obviously my bro’s video services are leaning on the expensive side since he has a ton of experience and creates amazing videos for big clients.

But don’t worry, you can get your own whiteboard animations and explainer videos for cheap from Fiverr.

The pricing for explainer video gigs on Fiverr ranges from $5 per 30 seconds all the way up to the thousands of dollars.

It depends on you, your budget, and from what freelancer you decide to purchase the Fiverr gig from, since they all have different prices and charge extra for additional things such as music, commercial rights, etc.

3. Market Research

Need data for an awesome case study to publish on your blog? How about if you want to supercharge your social media marketing with useful insights that might help others in your niche?

Whatever the case, there are tons of Market Research Fiverr gigs that you could buy for around 5 bucks.

You could also use these research gigs to get an in-depth understanding and analysis into:

  • Your competition
  • Products
  • Market size
  • Market trends
  • Target customers
  • Demand
  • Lead generation

There’s a ton more, but those are some of the main reasons, for buying a gig like this.

Hint: Blog posts with a lot of data that includes pie charts, and analysis, rank very well in Google ๐Ÿ˜‰ so use this to your advantage.

4. Voice-overs

If you need a professional voice-over done for cheap, well guess what. Fiverr is a great place to buy them.


Because compared to other marketplaces or freelancing sites that are super expensive, you get access to high-quality voice-over artists that can charge as low as $5 for 100 words (which comes at about 1 minute of a voice recording).

You can use your professional voice over in many ways, either to transform your blog content into audio for a much better experience, or for a commercial, or for a whiteboard animated video, etc.

People also buy these for fun, for birthday parties, pranks, and stuff like that. But since we are focused on the best Fiverr gigs for your blog, then, I guess don’t count.

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Unless… you want to throw a birthday party for your blog (on the date that you registered the domain name) ๐Ÿค”.

That might be weird though, but who am I to judge, right?

5. Online Private Lessons

Do you suck at something and want to get better at it?


Get some private lessons and learn more about the thing that you suck at until the suck turns into awesomeness.

Makes sense right? Yeah it does.

You can buy online private lessons for pretty much anything you can think of. From personal finance to business, to math, to learning a new language, and even cooking.

There’s all kind of things that you can learn and get better at. So go browse the private lessons gigs and see what get’s your interest.

6. WordPress

Starting a blog on WordPress is not that difficult, my guide shows you how to do that in 15 minutes or so.

So then, why buy WordPress gigs from Fiverr then?

Well, you might want to consider improving your WordPress blog security, or fixing bugs, or adding extra functionality or customization to your website that you might need.

Oh, and to speed it up if you’ve added a ton of plugins and bloated the damn thing making it slow as heck for visitors to load your pages.

Website speed is pretty important these days, and it’s confirmed by Google that it’s a ranking factor. So you definitely don’t want to have a slow site.

7. Content Writing

Even if I’ve shown you a few tips on how to write blog posts fast, sometimes you might not be in the mood for it or you get busy with other real life things.

Or you simply want to supercharge your blog or website with more content than you can possibly write on your own.

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When that happens, you should consider some content writing gigs from Fiverr.

Sure, you might not get award quality content, but if you browse for a bit and check out testimonials and samples of gig sellers, then you might find some quality freelance writers.

You can also use these Fiverr gigs to buy copywriting for your landing page or homepage, and even for writing eBooks, and guest posts.

Some gig sellers will also specialize in writing SEO content, sometimes though they keyword stuff the damn thing too much and it becomes a piece of content for a machine more than for an actual reader, so I don’t suggest you get those.

8. Proofreading & Editing

Similar to content writing, you might also need to consider buying proofreading & editing gigs.

This makes even more sense if you’re not a native English speaker trying to write in English: eBooks and books, product descriptions, landing page info, etc.

I know my writing could need a little bit of polishing from time to time, so when I write eBooks and reports I always hire a proofreader. For regular blog posts, I use Grammarly, which also helps a lot.

9. Infographic Design

Need a cool infographic designed for a blog article or tutorial or anything else that you might have in mind?

There are tons of creative and skillful freelancers on Fiverr that can create some awesome infographics for you.

Do you know why infographics are hot?

Because, they attract a lot of backlinks, and shares on social media. Everyone loves them, especially when they are professionally designed.

They help drive home the point much easier or explain things in easier terms.

10. Book & eBook Cover Design

Book cover design gigs are also pretty awesome, especially if you plan on writing and publishing some books soon, whether digitally or physically.

I’ve written a couple of eBooks throughout my internet marketing journey, and I always designed them myself, because well… I’d like to think that I’m quite good at least at creating some basic cover designs.

But I also know that it’s a pain in the ass to get them right, and I can easily waste a lot of hours fixating over all the little things and how to make the design better.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

So that’s one of the reasons why I outsource this process nowadays, because it takes too much time.

Not to mention that if you don’t know anything about graphic design, then you will more than likely need a graphic designer for your book’s cover.

11. Podcast Marketing

There’s two ways that you can use podcast marketing Fiverr gigs:

  1. To advertise your blog, website, or business
  2. To boost and grow your own podcast (if you have one).

You might have realized by now that I haven’t included any actual marketing gigs on this list, and for good reason.

As I’ve said before, the majority of the: SEO, backlinks, social media, website traffic, etc. Fiverr gigs, oftentimes do more harm to your blog than good.

They are spammy in nature, and people use bots and all kinds of software and weird shit that you definitely don’t want to associate with.


If I had to choose a marketing gig, podcast marketing would be my safest bet. If you have a podcast, you could get some freelancers to do promotion to boost your downloads, and outreach.

But if you don’t have a podcast, you could easily promote your blog or business on someone’s else podcast at very cheap rates.

Example strategy: Go and buy a voice-over gig for $5 or so, and create a commercial for your business (usually 30-60 seconds).

With the voice-over done, you go and get an ad on a podcast that’s suited for your niche. Sit back and profit, now that ad will stay in that podcast episode forever, (or at least until the podcast disappears from the internet).

You know I’m a fan of cheap website traffic, well it doesn’t always have to be from ad networks, sometimes you could use some other tricks ๐Ÿ˜‰

People and companies advertise on podcasts for ages now, and they pay a lot of money too, plus podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days, there’s a reason why Joe Rogan got $100 million to move his YouTube podcast to Spotify.

12. Press Releases

Alright, so this would be the second marketing gig in this list, and the final of the best Fiverr gigs that you can buy for your blog, website or business.

Press release gigs allow you to pay a few bucks and instantly have your website and business appear on thousands of big news sites and even Google News-approved websites.

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Personally, I’m not really a fan, because of the same reasons as I’ve explained countless of times already in this article.

With that being said though…

Press releases work, and they are a good way to get the word out for a new product that you’re launching or a new feature, or even a comprehensive case study.

Don’t think about this as a link building strategy, because from that perspective it kinda sucks, most links will be no-follow, and Google doesn’t really count PR links.


The buzz and marketing surrounding your website and business for a few days will surely give you a boost in terms of traffic and even SEO if other sites will start linking to your site naturally after coming across your press release.

Best Fiverr Gigs: Final Words

Are you sad that the article is over? Did you want more gigs? Well go on to Fiverr and pick some interesting ones for yourself…

In any case, a couple of things to keep in mind when buying Fiverr gigs:

  • Always check review rating and testimonials
  • Adjust your budget in the filter accordingly
  • Send the seller a message before buying the gig, if you need extra info.
  • Don’t be afraid to cancel the gig, if the seller takes too long.
  • Leave accurate reviews to help other marketers make better choices
  • Build relationships with freelancers
  • Give new sellers a chance too, they will be eager to do a good job.

Leave a comment below and let me know which Fiverr gigs you like to buy.

P.S: You could also become a freelancer on Fiverr and sell your own services if you’re looking for legit ways of making money online.

Stay hustlin’


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    i would like to add PPC ads management to this list.
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