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affiliate marketing website without a website

Short, answer? Yeah, you can do affiliate marketing without a website and earn quite a lot of money, even in 2022.

Long answer: It depends, but in general I don’t recommend it…

And here’s why:

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

You don’t build a valuable asset that can grow over time, and you won’t be able to cash out on it later if you decide to sell it and move to something else.

Every time you try and promote an affiliate offer and you send traffic straight to an affiliate product’s website, you lose a ton of value and data.

Instead, you should be sending that traffic to your own landing pages and websites and try and grow a real asset around that niche so that you can have some security if you want to change niches at a future time.

You can quickly sell the website for a big sum of money, and move on with your life…

If you don’t have your own website, you simply lose that opportunity, and if you want to move to something else or if an offer doesn’t work anymore, that’s it, you have to start from 0 again.

Another reason why having your own website is important while doing affiliate marketing is that you can create specific landing pages for the products that you are promoting.

These landing pages (95% of the time) will help increase your conversion rates significantly then if you were just to simply direct link traffic to an affiliate URL.

You can tweak many things on these landing pages to increase the conversion rate, you can also have the opportunity to talk and explain more things about the affiliate product or service that you are promoting. This is also pretty important for visitors, and they will make a more informed decision now if they want to go through with the purchase or not.

Anyway, those are my opinions though, you can choose to follow them or ignore them it’s up to you really, and like I said you can still do affiliate marketing without a website.

So here are 10 ways how you can do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website:

1. Email Newsletter

affiliate marketing without a website - email newsletter

You can start an email list without a website. Simply give away something of value and advertise your email newsletter everywhere you can.

Most email marketing services will have an option to give you a direct link that contains your email form so that people can subscribe to your list (the form will be hosted on your email’s service servers, so that’s why you can do this method without having your own website).

You can now send your email list a lot of good and helpful free information like ebooks, guides, courses, resources, etc… and also promote some affiliate products from time to time.

Don’t overdo it with the affiliate products promotion though, too many promotional emails, and you will be considered as spammy and people will unsubscribe very quickly from your list. So yeah be careful bout that.

In short, email marketing is probably one of the better ways of doing affiliate marketing without a website, and even if you do create a website at some point, having your own email list will still be a very important asset to have in terms of traffic and revenue.

2. PPC Advertising

affiliate marketing without a website - ppc ads

Alright… so this is my bread and butter. This is what I do most of the time when I want to promote affiliate products and offers.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.

I do however use my own landing pages and websites while doing this, but sometimes I also do direct linking (direct linking means when you send your traffic directly to the affiliate product’s URL without having to send it to your website first)

There are many ways of doing PPC advertising, especially in 2022, lately, I prefer the push and native advertising traffic though. But in general, it’s the same concept, with PPC (pay per click), you will have to spend money every time someone clicks on your ads.

You can join many ad networks if you want to do this, such as Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. Check out my cheap website traffic list.

The problem is though, that bigger ad networks such as Google Ads, will not approve your campaigns too frequently if you don’t have your landing page or a website between the ad link and the final affiliate product URL.

Another problem is that with networks such as Google, Bing, and Facebook ads, the landing page is closely related to the CPC (cost per click) of your paid traffic campaigns, so in order to lower that CPC even more (in order to get more profits), you will have to have a stunning and relevant landing page to the product/service you’re promoting.

If you want to do affiliate marketing without a website and you want to create PPC campaigns for easy and fast traffic, I suggest you stay away from the bigger ad networks.

Use ad platforms such as PropellerAds, RevContent,, etc… With these networks, you will be able to do direct linking to affiliate products without too many problems.

You can even try Bing Ads (but you need to have a great affiliate product that has a quality landing page).

3. PPV Advertising

Popads is a great PPV ad network that features popunders and popups PPV traffic.

PPV stands for Pay Per View, so it’s kinda similar to PPC (pay per click), but instead of having to pay when someone clicks on your ads, you will have to pay every time someone sees your ads.

Usually, the PPV formats are pop-ups, pop-unders, and interstitials.

Depending on the affiliate products that you’re promoting, sometimes PPV can be even a better way of paying for traffic than PPC. Especially if you want to promote affiliate offers from the Casino and Adult niches, which are generally banned from every major PPC ad network out there.

In theory, you can do affiliate marketing without a website and sending PPV traffic directly to your affiliate product’s link.

But because of the nature of PPV traffic, it’s a bit harder to get conversions if you don’t use a landing page though, but it can still be done for example if you direct link to a dating CPA smartlink that has its own pre-landers.

4. Social Media

social media traffic

Alright, this one is an easy method to do affiliate marketing without a website. You simply try your best to get a lot of real followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

You can do that by creating and posting constantly, great content related to the topic and niche of your affiliate products and services that you want to promote.

Don't want to spend too much money on SEO tools such as Semrush but still want something to track your SEO data? Try Mangools.

Don’t create social media pages that are not specific to a niche.

You want to create for example a Facebook Page only for healthy tips (and you can promote health-related affiliate products), or an Instagram page for dogs where you post amazing dog photos every day and then you can promote some dog affiliate products.

Once you get a few hundreds or thousands of followers to your social media pages, you can then start and add affiliate product links into the mix, and promote some of these affiliate products and services regularly, in between other quality posts.

5. Forums, Blogs & Communities

affiliate marketing without a website - forums and communities

Sign up and register on the most popular forums, blogs, communities, and groups that you can find all around the web for the niche and topic you’re affiliate products are in.

Again, with this method of doing affiliate marketing without a website, you will need to only join specific niche forums and communities and not general ones.

The goal here is simple…

You sign up on these websites and you start engaging with the community.

Most of the time you will be able to have a forum signature (where you can add your affiliate links), or you can post your affiliate links in a Facebook group, or you can use your affiliate link as your website when you write a comment on someone’s blog.

For example, if you want to promote an affiliate product like “How to train your dog”, you will go ahead and search all the major forums, blogs, and groups that you can find, and sign up and engage with all of them, while dropping your affiliate link here and there from time to time, without spamming and causing too much disruption to the normal flow of conversation.

Find Reddit subreddits, Quora questions, Facebook Groups, large forums, and blogs, etc.

6. Offline Ads &  Flyers

offline marketing

This method might be a bit more unconventional especially in this digital age, but it can still work if done correctly.

Get your affiliate links ready and shorten them up using a service like for example, and then you can create ads in local newspapers (that are really cheap), or share some flyers, or put up a few posters.

This can be very profitable if you target specific products and services that work well offline, for example, car auctions, cruise ships, mattresses, plumbing services, etc… (you need to get a creative here).

You can also design and have a few business cards that you can use to promote specific products at local trade shows.

7. Solo Ads

affiliate marketing without a website - solo ads

If you don’t have your own email newsletter, you can just go and buy clicks and traffic from other people who already have an email list in the niche of your affiliate products.

Running Native Ads? Spy on Your Competition & Create Winning Campaigns with Anstrex

For example, you can go to a website like (not to be confused with Udemy – the platform for online courses), and search for marketers that have email lists in the category of your affiliate offer.

If you want to promote a losing weight product, you can go ahead and select your niche (health), and check out all the sellers that can send you email traffic for health-related products.

affiliate marketing without a website - solo ads
I blacked the faces and names of the sellers for privacy reasons

The price you see is what you will have to pay for each visitor that the solo ad seller is sending to your affiliate URLs.

You don’t have the hassle of having to get your campaigns approved without a landing page (like you would encounter with big PPC ad networks), so this is a great method to do affiliate marketing without a website.

I recommend you to try and start an email list with this method and redirecting visitors to the affiliate URL immediately after they sign up to your email list.

8. YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel acts just like a website in some way. You provide your subscribers with free content all the time, and then you can add affiliate products and offers inside your video description or all through your videos.

Creating your own videos for your YouTube channel is probably the next best thing that you can do if you decide to do affiliate marketing without a website.

For example, the most subscribed YouTubers in the world don’t make the most amount of money on the platform. Did you know that? If you thought PewdiePie was the richest youtube just because of his large amount of subscribers then you will be wrong.

Sure he makes a lot of money, but in general, the people who make the most money on youtube are the ones who are reviewing products.

An eight-year-old kid reviewing toys was YouTube’s highest earner in 2019. 

Crazy right?

Even so, there is a ton of competition on Youtube nowadays, and in order to make it work, you will have to create and upload regular videos and try and build your own following. It can definitely still be done, even in 2022, but it will require a little more hustle and work.

Extra tip: You can go and share your videos on other popular video platforms like and Vimeo.

9. Classified Ads

classified ads

I’ve talked about this a bit in the offline method above, but you can also post classified ads on top online websites and include your affiliate links inside those ads.

Craigslist is not the only popular classified ads website, there are numerous more, and you can also go ahead and use coupon sites too.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.

There are affiliate programs that have unique coupons for their affiliates to use, and when someone uses that coupon the affiliates get credited with the sale and get a commission.

I don’t know if people still do this, but many years back, affiliates would go on Craigslist for example, and post an ad for let’s say a used XBOX, and asking for a very low price, for example even $100 off sometimes.

People would, of course, be interested and contact them by email immediately, the affiliate would then tell them: “Unfortunately, I already sold the XBOX, but I won it for free from this site -INSERT AFFILIATE LINK-, and you can try and win one too if you want”.

That’s one creative way that you can do affiliate marketing without a website using classified ads and coupon sites.

There’s really not that much to talk about this method, it’s easy, simple, and effective, but you have to be careful not to get flagged as a spammer on different classified ad sites.

10. Free eBooks

Give away a free ebook

You can create an eBook, and talk briefly about the general topic that is related to your affiliate products.

All you have to do is to add your affiliate links inside the ebook.

You now add the book and give it away for free on sites like Amazon, and tons of other ebook and giveaway and freebies websites.

Every time someone will download your free ebook and read it, they will also see all your affiliate links inside, now when someone clicks on them they go straight to the affiliate product’s website to order, and you get credited with the sale.

Put some effort into the ebook though, give it a sleek design and some valuable content.

For example, if you want to promote some pets insurance CPA offer, you can create an ebook related to dogs and dog injuries, and how to prevent them. Or general health topics about pets.

Now you can add your pet insurance CPA link everywhere inside that ebook, and you will be able to make some nice money if you get a ton of downloads on your free ebook and if it gets shared a lot on Facebook or other social media sites.

This is a great way to do affiliate marketing without a website, and it’s pretty easy to pull off actually since people want FREE SH*T all the time 🙂

Check out a more in-depth guide of What is CPA affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: Doing Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Like I said at the start of this article, while I don’t recommend you to do affiliate marketing without a website, it can for sure be done.

Other than the articles on this blog, I rarely write my own content. Why? It's simple: I hate it. That's why I outsource it from places such as Fiverr.

I’ve done it many times in different niches and for some products that I knew would convert more by sending traffic directly to the affiliate URL instead of sending it through a landing page of mine.

But to figure out if it’s better to send traffic through your landing page or if to direct link to the affiliate URL, you will have to use a tracker like RedTrack or FunnelFlux in order to test out your traffic between the two options.

For me, using a landing page increases my conversions every time, and also I can lower costs a lot easier and also get my campaigns approved faster if I’m doing paid advertising (which is what I’m doing 100% of the time lol).

Alright, that’s been it for this post, let me know down in the comments if this was helpful to you, and also if you like doing affiliate marketing without a website or if you prefer using at least a landing page.

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