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Hi guys, long time no content… so I’ve decided to post this short update to let you guys know what I’m up to, seeing that I still get loads of comments and emails about my most popular articles here.

Anyway, long story short for the past year or so I’ve been busy trying some new things out, particularly in the SEO field. If you know me, you know that in the past I’ve enjoyed doing a ton of AdSense Arbitrage and Affiliate Marketing using Cheap Traffic Sources.

But I got kinda bored and also tired of all the rules of the networks that were becoming more and more difficult to create great ads with cheap clicks, so I’ve said f*ck it, it’s time for a change. So I’ve started dabbling with SEO.

My favorite all-in-one SEO tool is Semrush. It basically has over 40+ SEO tools inside one neat and easy-to-use platform. Check out Semrush via my affiliate link and get a 7-day free trial.

Here are the results for a site that I focused most of my time on during the past year:

Pardon the watermark, but sneaky people love to steal my stuff <3

As you can see, previously the site was getting about 20 or so sessions per day… fast forward to a year and a bit later, and it’s up in the 12k-15k per day range now. And a whopping 2.5+ Million Sessions and close to 3 Million Page Views.

Sure those stats might not be impressive for some of you, but again, it was my first really try at SEO for once, and also the niche is kinda insane, like… if a competitor publishes something now, minutes or hours later there will be countless of articles from other competitor websites writing about the same stuff.

Not going to reveal the exact niche, but it’s in the Arts & Entertainment category, and yeah countless of 80-90 domain authority sites fighting alongside smaller ones like mine… so not ideal. I have bought some links as well but nothing major, and an expired domain name, and that did in fact help me more than the links.

Anyway, I’m still focused on growing that site a bit more and also growing another new one, I’ll probably sell them in the future though because it was more of an experiment, and don’t really like the niche, so I might come back full time to write here on NetHustler…

But for now, I’m thinking of updating a bunch of popular but old articles and dunno, if people are interested maybe I’ll go more in-depth on how I’ve built and grown that site in a separate guide or a course or something… We’ll see.

Thanks for reading, and subscribing, I know I’ve been inactive and for that, I apologize, but yeah kinda difficult managing multiple sites these days… even with the help of AI.

I’ll probably add some ads on the site also since it’s easier to manage than checking all the dead affiliate links all the time.

Hope you have an awesome 2023 and a great summer!




    1. Hi there,

      Not really, because so far no one knows for sure what’s going on, I’ve been monitoring the situation closely on my sites, various blogs, stats, SEO tools and Reddit/r/seo. The general idea is that most AI content sites were hit.

      But then again I have one AI site that’s still not hit and others that were. I’ve also seen big brands “die” and I’m sure they didn’t use AI or not that much anyway, and they had good authority. So it’s pretty chaotic as of now, but remember update is not finished yet.

      Hope it gets better,

  1. Nice to see an update from you! What’s the RPM like for your website though? Entertainment usually isn’t best when it comes to RPMs. Did you sing up on networks like AdThrive/Raptive or Mediavine?

    1. Hi there.

      Yeah RPM is kinda low, so far Q1-Q2 this year has been under $10, it went to around $20 in Q4 last year though so that’s nice for this niche. And yeah I’m with Mediavine so far, dunno if I should switch to Raptive… if it’s worth the hassle for marginally better RPM.

  2. This was a weird thing to receive an email notification while I was going to re-read a couple of your articles.
    Your sh!t is awesome,Sir(no,I’m not from Fiverr)
    More new emails will be great so don”t hesitate!
    Thanks and cheers!

    1. Haha, thanks Alex, weird how we sync’ed huh? If you are from fiverr though, get more buddies to comment and share this sh*t haha.

      Yeah will try to be more active, I think emails is easier than blogging, but will try this “notes” small content format for more basic stuff and updates, and safe the long-form for more important things.


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